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Fake Soldier Gets Called Out By Army Veteran

Fake Soldier Gets Called Out By Army Veteran

dude I just saw this stolen valor guy again just right now I'm at the top restaurant right here in Pasadena California and his dude is straight and just man you know what I'm gonna do you know the right thing to do my question is dude right now there he goes what's up here oh let me go hit this dude up hey hey yo yo yo soldier you're army guy what's up man I just want to I just want to thank you I just want to thank you for your service man yeah man what's up man what are you doing here in passing coucher yeah do four shut just one okay dude I'm just curious man like I was in the service too oh yeah but like I was just wondering um what's up with those shoes man like the only way but MOS than I am these are actually issued to us because of the missions that we go on we're required to be faster than I'm just wondering like is like only way you wear shoes like that with the ACE uses if you're on profile I'm low profile our MOS they they they don't want us to really tell people what we do what's your MLS what some I can't share it's something I can't share but hey every boy leads away right I'll see you hey dude no no seriously seriously like to do the phone I can't I can't have me being I'll blow your face look I'll blur your face when look it I can blur it I have the absolute I won't post this or nothing hi this is for me this for my records man okay thanks gif for sure cuz I respect you but I just want to know man like I was in the service too yeah I just want to know like um I'm coming at you peacefully right yeah but why the hell do you have an American flag right on the center of your freaking chest man why I do it differently our unit does with the flag being on the side the enemy can't tell it's America we're coming out so we put it on the front of us to let them know that America is on their way that's the that's the biggest crock Oh who's a what what is this does your arm a service ribbon this is the NATO ribbon yeah um with what unit what unit are you in I told you I cannot tell you that and I don't put my name here because when my time comes I don't want to be remembered for who I am I only remember probably accomplishments I did and it's allowed in our unit the haircut I got a say you got the right haircut but what about the beard I mean when I shave I get bumps and usually we're hiding in the jungle and everything so are we're allowed we're allowed I don't know man I think I don't know okay yeah exactly sorry I just don't people see me well I got big guy rock yeah yeah I'm being filled right now and I feel bad Barack Obama right yeah it's Barry huh what's up man tot dude what's up with you man why doing this man why are you doing this man do you want to talk to him why doing this why why you talk to him yo who is this dude you taking off okay you gotta know I gotta say you got a really good accent you got a really really really good you do a really good impersonation hello no how do you know that information dude who is this President Obama yo dude who the fuck are you man dude thanks for your service man I'm not one of those guys who's your phone back man I apologize for even bothering my man you have a great day sir that was a great day meeting a great hero

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  1. I kinda get madd at people who call out "Stolen Valor" this guy is mentally challenged and if he feels good walking around like that let him be.. its not hurting anyone and it shows he is very proud of are military forces.

    BUT! if he is trying to get benifits from wearing the uniform that's where i draw the Line.

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