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Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife, 3rd Pattern Review and Test

Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife, 3rd Pattern Review and Test

hello everyone I have a very interesting replica nice to show you today it's a fair burn Sykes or fair Buy in Sykes however it's now fighting knife oh it's more of an actual fattens knife really it was a British commando knife from World War two and it was designed for basically shoving into necks and sort of bellies and other bits for very quick silent kills sort of a messy blade but it's obviously did its job very well it's very famous knife and you can get different companies making reproductions of these but this one I've got which is a sheffield ones had very mixed reviews some people say neither brilliant some people say either out of crap so I thought it's just about 50 pounds I thought I'll get one of these and I'll see how good it is it's obviously built like a standard fare my own Sykes knife you've got the blade here with the handguard you've got obviously the grip here then at the back you've got like your little nut if you under screwed that you can take it all apart and you'll obviously have the Tang going through the grip there so it should have some makers marks on it so I'll just get those visible for you there's one lot of maker's marks and arrow and another symbol and there should be here if you can read that something else Suns lighting is not brilliant for getting that expose you can see the Sheffield England bit cameras in a blur photon zoom anymore I guess that's Jane and Sons Sheffield England yeah Fabian Sikes my very famous there Boeing Sykes my very famous there's a correct way of holding that which I think something like that where you use its it braces into your hand against the handguard but this was designed totally for stabbing a lot of people have misconceptions when they do reviews these knives where they say this knife isn't very good because it's sharp it's like a bayonet basically you could use that as a cutting edge and some people did sharpen needs to be cutting edges but it was mainly designed obviously to have a very impressive tip on it and as you can see that's a very very sort of needle-like point so as you see it's just gone into the wood like that it's designed purely for stabbing into things stabbing into people and it did its job like that very well it's very famous knife the Americans had the K bar and we would – is there sort of general utility and fighting knife this was not a utility like this is purely for silent sort of killings of sentries and things like that so what I'm going to do now is it does seem good so far I haven't found any obvious faults of it because this is about 50 quid not you know 150 to 200 pounds you pay for a really genuine fair buying Sykes but well I'm going to do now is take it outside this is a third pan because it's got the ring grip these are the cheapest to buy and I'm just going to try stabbing it through a bottle nothing fancy but we'll see how easily it goes through it's pretty brutally effective you're not actually meant to stab with mine standing them at the portal wait the ring for the person you're going to run through it onto the blade but still this thing goes through so easily is fairly well okay all in all very effective don't know why he's got bad reviews is very very good there'll be a link in the description for it if you're interested in one you

Reader Comments

  1. It doubles as a letter opener, while the Ka-Bar helps with cutting the steak, the M51 E-Tool can also be used as a fly swatter

  2. I have this model/pattern. It got a bit scabby in my fishing basket so I've completely stripped it down. I intended to blue the blade and repaint the handle straight away, but it looks quite cool in shiny steel. Also I ditched the " boy scout" scabbard and bought a decent WW2 one. It's on my wall with my collection of swords, it always gets a comment.

  3. Whats the difference between this one and the one from Sheffield cutlery and the one soldier of fortune sell. Are they the same? There's a £35 difference between them in price but all look identical and i presume are all made by the same factory. I know j nowill & sons make them all.

  4. In all honesty, the only reason this knife has stood the test of time in my mind was that of Escape from Castle Wolfenstein, funny enough since B.J. is an American and not British, so while yes the Ka-Bar would be best suited for him, this knife really stands out in its ability to be concealed, akin to boot knife,
    Pretty much a dagger,

  5. Would you say the 2nd pattern lies better in the hand than the 3rd pattern? Does the 3rd pattern lie good in the hand or does it move/rotate? Especially when wet. THanks for your time.

  6. That is a genuine FS knife. You think the MoD pay £150 for a knife? You could use the knife for slashing, but you don't need razor sharpness for that, because "Gutter fighting" would be extremely brutal as two men would be fighting to the death. It doesn't bear thinking about. I get my FS out every Rememberance.

  7. Id like to point out that yes it was primarily a stabbing weapon and a damn good one at that, but it was intended for cutting as well as depicted in all in fighting written by fairbairn on Page 95 figure 113.
    Heres a link to the book if youre interested

  8. What do you think of that belt sheath? What's it like to wear?

    I have a Ka-bar that I've worn a lot, thinking about getting one of these for some variety.

  9. Thank you for the review. I just purchased the she007 model for U.S. $59. and I hope it is as nice as I have heard. In the early 1980s I was an infantryman in the army anr I purchased a Gerber Guardian Mk II … If you get a chance to get your hands on one I guarantee you will like it if commando style bladed weapons are your passion. In my opinion a 6-8" double edged, sharp dagger of a hi carbon steel, full tang constructed, at least a quarter inch thick, having a reasonable handguard, matt finished & sporting micarta grip panels, is my perfect combat knife. The closest thing I could get was the Gerber Mk II back in Georgia back in 1982.

  10. I got this knife two months ago.
    I now have a pair of 300-600 grit and 1000-4000 grit sharpening stones and I've managed to get it shaving-sharp. I can pierce and essentially flay a box from side to side with one single smooth motion. It is deadly, so your assailant will most likely lose his life if you happen to use the knife against him.
    But it's true, the edge doesn't last very long and the fittings and finishes could be a little better.

  11. Just to clarify a point. Novell and Sons are an authorized manufacturer of the Pattern 3 Fairbairn Sykes, so the knife is NOT a reproduction, it's simply a modern manufacture. These are ACTUAL Fairbairn Sykes Pattern 3 knives.

  12. Thanks for the review. The following factors make the knife a great killing tool: (1). The design. Mr. Fairburn (pronounced as you would expect 'Fair – burn') and Mr. Sykes had long experience working with the Shanghai police. Shanghai was then the most dangerous waterfront in the world. They wanted a stiletto- type knife that you could wield like a foil (or artists paint brush). This is what they designed to fulfill that end based on their extensive experience of bar brawls. Hence the handle, for its easy manoeuvreabilty in the hand, is just as important as the blade. (2). The material: It is made of carbon steel and not stainless steel. Carbon steel, though it rusts more easily, will always be – if properly maintained – sharper than stainless steel. If you cut through vein and tear it, is will heal more easily. You can walk away. However, if you make a clean slice with a sharp blade (ie keen carbon steel) the enemy will simply bleed out. When that happens you can declare "game over."

    It is these two factors which make the F-S the world's best killing blade. Good enough for the Commandos, good enough for the OSS, good enough for anybody today.

  13. Sheffield sounds like the Cold steel of the U.K . I'm starting to see that name brand more often on our shelves in America. That knife is like a needle, very cool.

  14. good video buddy, people dont realise how hard these videos are to do Im gonna start reviewing my stuff soon, to help people buy

  15. Looks decent to me mate, very nice, like the sheath too, i got a repro of the old style and didn't really like it, that modern style sheath is much better.
    Great review and tests!

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  17. "One thing I know for sure is that a six inch blade never loses its reception"-Mike"Thatcher"Baker, 22nd SAS/Team Rainbow

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  19. Good video.

    Story time – in the 1950s, my uncle served in the Suez conflict, and on the base he was in, there were a number of German WW2 vehicles, armoured cars etc that had been dragged in from the desert. Being an inquisitive chap, my uncle had a look inside them.
    He found some K98 bayonets, a K98 dress bayonet and for some reason, a British FS fighting knife.

    On the boat back to England, the FS knife got swapped for something (he cant remember what), and about ten years ago he gave me the K98 dress dagger.

    I ought to do a video on it sometime its a really nice Solingen blade with a mirror finish.

    Anyway thanks for uploading, cheers.

  20. awesome thanks for doing knife videos I was going to order one of these but I bought a k-bar instead for my bug out kit

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