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EXPLORING TORONTO | Shopping at Black Market!

EXPLORING TORONTO | Shopping at Black Market!

hey guys it's me Jessica I'm here in their City and we're gonna find an outfit for a way home or go to the black market on Queen Street so let's see if we can find some cute outfits okay I only have $20 to spend so let's see what I can do with $20 like this but open and then a bikini I'm like what do you think like super Kendall Jenner but Lady vibe you know like Madison beer don't know you know I'm kind of feeling this this with cropped Panti yeah and there have been Dan across the mat not sure what is the one piece I said it for of course Frank Ocean I know he's gonna be amazing and maybe launched well okay I'm actually I saw him like a while ago oh she egga and he was amazing a perfect bag it is definitely comfortable for sure you know because I can't find the whole bridge oh I found the whole foot arms like I was so good because I was like wait where does the left arm go but it actually goes in the face but this is something in short with that like that thank you I can't been done wrong again okay all right so the final outfit is these sunglasses okay and then this bandana I've been gonna be like cool like Coachella wanna be here like that my hair and then this dress well cute denim dress but then I'm gonna get a hem it like four inches so then I can be like fun flirty and thriving you know and it's all under $20 but less than five dollars a bandana is three dollars and then this dress is $10 all right guys I'm going to my home so excited now that I finally have an outfit I can take some few pictures and I'll keep you posted okay see you guys

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