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Exclusive With New President Donald Trump Assault Accuser | The Last Word | MSNBC

Exclusive With New President Donald Trump Assault Accuser | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. President Trump sue this crazy old bat and CNN and MSNBC. How bizarre to interject, I’ll show you my age if you show me your tax return, oh that’s not anti trump! In her first interview she said the color of the body suit was lilac, here it’s gray, LIER.

  2. Even in her younger days, who in the world would attack this woman? She is just trying to sale a book, nothing more. What about the woman that was attacked by "Corey Booker" (Democrat), where is the outrage about that?

  3. Everyone watch a Law & Order episode search 4 Bergdorf Goodman's and you'll see the same thing happened in Law and Order

  4. For the women around the world " it would disrespectful to bring charges against Trump'"

  5. She’s a liar she’s a storyteller that’s her job a billionaire man buys Jems jewelry gold diamonds jewelry for a girlfriend not a stupid pocketbook or a hat or a lingerie come on this is ridiculous

  6. Whats wrong with you people??? Can’t you see she’s just trying to sell her new book??? Give her a break, believe what she say, buy her book and make her rich. I beg of every stupid democrats.

  7. She was 49 when the incident happened.Why now anyway?
    Trump then could be going for sexier women prolly younger than 49,
    considering his billions. I simply find it hard to believe this story.

  8. Imagine being wrong on literally everything? You don’t have to…just ask you Republican neighbor for the answer to any question…

  9. Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell for having E. Jean Carroll on to tell her story. I love her attitude about taking something so horrible and turn it around. She might not want to file charges, and I don't blame her, but she can always e excise her Constitutional right and write about it.

  10. Here you go with the E. Jean Carroll allegation!! Try not to laugh!

  11. Amazing, alleges assault in 1990, then comes out 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! years later and that's supposed to be credible? I've seen more credible inmates on death row, ok?

  12. I'm laughing. This is a totally fake story. Her demeanor is just very odd. She can still report it but she chooses not to? Who does this? My take on this is that she was in love with Trump and made sexual advances at him but he refused and he doesn't even remember her, lol. That is what really hurts.

  13. A new low for even MSNBC just to provide more fodder for their moronic sheeple followers. Pathetic to the nth power.

  14. I truly wish the main stream media would vet people better. The only thing they continue to do is destroy their creditably.

  15. Instead of falsely accusing the President. Maybe run a better candidate? Then again after watching Democratic debates maybe go with the false accusation.

  16. Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy did escapades with women that were legendary. The media always gave them a free pass.

  17. If she is that gullible at her age then hey you put yourself in that position and then you giggled It Off like it was nothing like it was normal and didn't realize until 25 years later that Trump violated you, how silly and doofus a person can be, you even explain it like a silly silly little girl, it's kind of hard to believe then again some of you women do act that gullible so be it.

  18. She should get the dress tested anyway just to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt you don't have to press charges if you don't want to but just get it tested anyway. She probably wouldn't even do that.

  19. This is terrible! I'm no Trump fan but this is obviously humiliating a mentally ill woman because you dislike the president so much.

  20. OK people (yeah, I’m talking to you)… NOW is the time to let your VOTE be heard.  DO NOT be persuaded by any BS.  Have you not had enough?  Do you want 4 more years of Trump’s nastiness, bellowing, and BS????  If not (and I’m counting on you), you gotta VOTE VOTE VOTE your conscious.  If you don’t… it’s SSDD… Same Stuff–Different Day.  True, “I am the oppressor of the person I condemn”, but this is a not how we want to portray our beloved United States of  America in 2020!!!!

  21. This is the problem, women won't bring charges against #45, I'm absolutely positive that trump has done this to many other women who are afraid to come forward to file charges against him, ladies this the opportune moment to come forward with the me to movement era and all, you may not ever get the chance to do it again….

  22. Its amazing how desperate these people are to put a crazy old women on air with this ridiculous story.

  23. Colluding with dictators sexual asult nepitisum and racism and still no impeachment mane they are letting him pave the way for these horrible things so when he is out of there this can be the norm so in my eyes they are contribu ting to the problem

  24. We are in trouble as a society when this is what passes for main stream news . They are interviewing a person who is clearly mentally unbalanced. And then trying (very poorly ) to persent it ….as late breaking news . Yes it is dark times ……this is the so called news today .

  25. Nothing that the failing lying MSNBC or CNN says I would ever believe & this lying disgusting looking liberal (CAROL) & the rest of the liberal lyers need to do the right thing jump back into the trash dumpsters where they all belong…

  26. One lunatic interviewing another. All these irrelevant and laughable President Trump haters always lose and GET LEFT BEHIND!!!

  27. Listen, I'm a full blown, full throated, anti-MAGAt, Burn-down-the-GOP liberal and something…something just don't feel right here.

  28. Face it. No one cares. America elected a President, not a Pope. If Carrol has a complaint, take it to the Police. There is no statute of limitations on human rights violations. We'll wait. In the meantime, Trump will be re-elected because it's all about the eco0nomy, Stupid (not about morality or virtue-signalling). The Democrats created a Post-Christian Culture. If they wanted morality to be supreme, they should have promoted Christianity, instead of killing it. Darn it, where is that Inquisition when you need it to fight Trump?

  29. How come dems always look shifty and stupid and sound unintelligent? Like look at Lawrence he looks like a big oaf in a movie he looks and sounds so sneaky and dumb .

  30. I do believe trump is an animal and is capable…but I dont believe this woman. Too much story telling(painting a vivid pic). She new the exact time 6:37 but didnt know the year. 94 or 95

  31. Thias is so obviously rubbish it is sickening. The woman (accuser) appears mentally ill and the intro of this is disgusting, I hope the anchors ex's crawl out of the woodwork and expose all his supposed/claimed peccadillioes. Stop this stupid reporting it makes you all look so riduclous worldwide. Fight on ploicy issues not personalities, grow up or shut up and let the adults get on with the real work

  32. 1) he lied about knowing her. We’ve already established that.. 2) she gets his DNA 🧬 off of her clothing
    3) She does nothing to indict him whatsoever
    I say you take picture of the item have it DNA checked . Hide the outfit safely and walk away and be done.

  33. Yeeeah…No um no don't buy it. At least the fake news folks have learned from the Kavanaugh hoax, and lined up some phony witnesses ahead of time.

  34. Notice how the news media just sort of.. forgot about this story because it made them look really really bad? huh.. makes you wonder.

  35. trump aint that hard up, i bet even back then he could even afford the highest class hookers, if he chose too, why would he sexually assault someone, shes a 12 packer maybe a full case of beer anyway, she wasnt that hot in the 1990s , if she looks like that way now

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