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Ex-Bank Robber Attempts A Heist In Grand Theft Auto V • Professionals Play

Ex-Bank Robber Attempts A Heist In Grand Theft Auto V • Professionals Play

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  1. I like this guy. I really hope that his life goes right from here. He only wanted to provide for his family😩

  2. Even he robbed the bank, i mean he did it for his family cuz they gonna have a new baby. I think this is a matter of some moral stuff. Which is more important? Family or other people's money. Lets admit, no one's gonna do charity to help you out immediately.

  3. Him being a criminal was half his fault but more so, the systems fault in which we live in, like he said, wall Street got bailed out, but your average working class person didn't, he like everyone else had to to struggle, and resorted to crime in an effort to negate that struggle

  4. I wouldn't mind if I created something what wouldn't hit bestseller, it is actually not my motivation (more like small secret desire), but then I would probably rely on bank robbery to make a living, just because I wasn't lucky to make fortune of that.

  5. Imagine one of his daughters getting a boyfriend and the boyfriend meets him and he says "you know I used to rob a bank".

  6. This just shows the media that gta 5 really isn’t that realistic and doesn’t make everyone that plays it becomes more violent.

  7. Respect to that guy and especially his wife. I wish all the good to his kids and hope they don't get bullied for this.

  8. !!!WHAT IS THIS!!!

    He is playing on PS 4


    The Controls Are Of Xbox like a=select b=back

    Get it see it when he was picking players for heist
    !!!WHAT IS THIS!!!

  9. 3:59 "Note: The financial system recieved a $700 billion bailout from the US government."
    "Recieved"? Come on, Buzzfeed, you should know better that it's received.

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