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Evolution of Music ( 1680 AD – 2017)

Evolution of Music ( 1680 AD – 2017)

Pachelbel–Canon in D. 1680 Bach–Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. 1704 Vivaldi–Spring. 1723 Handel–Hallelujah. 1750 Luigi Boccherini–Minuet. 1770 Mozart–Alla Turca. 1783 Beethoven–Sonata №1. 1795 Haydn–Emperor’s Hymn. 1797 Beethoven–Für Elise. 1810 Schubert–Military March. 1822 Chopin–Tristesse. 1832 Schumann–Träumerei. 1838 Franz Liszt–Hungarian Rhapsody №2. 1847 Brahms–Op. 44 №4. 1868 Tchaikovsky–Piano Conerto №1. 1875 Satie–Gymnopédie №1. 1888 Korsakov–Flight of the bumblebee. 1900 Scott Joplin–The entertainer. 1902 Debussy–Clair de Lune. 1905 Prokofiev–Dance of the Knights. 1935 Glenn Miller–In the mood. 1939 Glenn Miller–Kalamazoo. 1942 Eddie Cochram–Summertime Blues. 1958 Beatles–Yellow Submarine. 1969 The Tramps–Disco Inferno. 1976 Eurythmics–Sweet Dreams. 1983 Madonna–Like A Virgin. 1984 Harold Faltermeyer–Axel F. 1985 Iron Maiden–Fear of the Dark. 1992 Aqua–Barbie Girl. 1997 Eiffel 65–Blue (Da Ba Dee) 1999 Gigi D’agostino–L’amour Toujours. 2000 (Love Always) Beyonce–Halo. 2008 Lady Gaga–Telephone. 2009 David Guetta–When Love Takes Over. 2009 Avicii–Levels. 2011 Swedish House Mafia–Don’t Worry Child. 2012 Kygo–Firestone. 2014 Luis Fonsi–Despacito. 2017 (Shakes Cylinder) Subscribe to this channel! Now! ♪Outro Music–Heroic Polonaise♫

Reader Comments

  1. Today’s music is proof that people are getting dumb and dumber compared to those who lived 300-400 years ago who appreciated music by geniuses like Bach, Vivaldi, and Schubert.

  2. In highschool we were taught evolution does not always means to take a step up. It was hard to accept it then. Now I do😂

  3. Эволюция совсем не чувствуется.
    Как хороша она была в 16том так же прекрасна она и в 21вом.

  4. Американское музло – полный отстой. Рыбников и Пахмутова – это гении 20го века…

  5. Какой-то звук мешает. А потом понял это от нажатия клавиш. Звук слабый очень. Ближе концу слышно больше. 🤣

  6. I wonder what would 17th century people think of 20th-21st century tune on the piano. It seems more simple with less embellishment.

  7. So basically as music evolves you play less what you do play is simpler and you always use the same octave bass just think how quiet it'll be by 2368?

  8. Maravilhoso nunca fui de apreciar piano, mais esse cara fez eu curti kkkk
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho meu brother !!

  9. 10 songs of foreboding. Prelude in C, that funeral song (composer alludes me right now), volga boatman, funeral for a friend (Elton John) I am sure there are 6 other dark compositions I would love to hear you play.

  10. @Vinheteiro , meu caro, já tocaste algo do Ernesto Nazaret? Eu os acho, tanto o Ernesto quanto a ti, fantásticos. Maravilhoso trabalho. BRAVO, BRAVO!!!😊😇🤗✝📿👼👏👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐💐💐

  11. So, what you are saying is that after 5 and a half billion years of evolution, where close to 98 to 98.5% of all type of all life vanished into extinction, we as humans can say the following of ourselves. We were doing fine up to the 1930´s, then within the space of a single lifetime, we f*cked it all away, to a level where most humans have the same development level as the soil of the earth?

  12. looking at the camera without interuption when playing "flight of the bumblebee"… but Aquas's "I'm a barbie girl".. proves to be too difficult to do that.. :p

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