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"Eve's Glory" Art movie, Women dressed in military uniforms project

"Eve's Glory" Art movie, Women dressed in military uniforms project

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  1. Very well done and even better said. Women in uniform has always been a favorite topic of mine and I'm constantly seeking inspiration on the subject for my own little projects, wherever it can be found. But once you exclude Jone of Arc, pirate girls, Xena–(and the like) and the occasional Amazon warrior imagery, there really is not that much out there, especially in the time of history you've chosen too deal with. I would love to see more images of this type, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much interest in the subject, i.e., the lack of comments here.
    I'm sure you've seen this: starting at the 06:13 part of the clip.
    This is also impressive, Marie Antoinette shown on a horse, and what is so special about the painting is that she is ridding straddle and not sidesaddle. Say what you will about this woman but you've got to hand it to her, everything she did was innovative. perhaps not the first woman to ever straddle a horse but possibly the first Queen to do so…

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