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People of God, Emmanuel! (God with us -Matthew 1:23) If God is with us… People of God, my name is Obioha Chubuikem. I am from Olo in Imo State. The woman beside me is the woman God used to connect me, it was the woman that came here and brought me the Morning Water. The next woman beside her is my mother. And the old man sitting? And the man sitting down is my uncle.
– And the other brother standing? And the last one is my cousin brother because my dad is late. Now share with us your testimony. In the year 2011 I was a student of Ebonyi State University in the Department of Medicine and Surgery. When I was there, there was a boy in the school who was also a microbiology student – so the boy was a cultist and was trying to lure me into cultism, which I refused. He tried to persuade me to join cultism – I refused. He tried in several ways to make sure that I concurred but I refused. Then the boy said that as long as I refuse to join him to be cultist, he was going to deal with me – as long as I was in Ebonyi State University, precisely Abakaliki. So there was an issue that arose in the school. There was a fight that arose in the school and someone was murdered. And the person that was murdered is like an adopted son to the Vice Chancellor of Ebonyi State University. So when the incident took place, the boy went to the Vice Chancellor of Ebonyi State and told the man that I am the one responsible for the deceased, what led to the deceased’s death. So when the incident happened, I was in my hostel. The police came to the hostel and arrested me, and arrested some other hostel inmates. So then, I was taken to the police divisional station; from police station I was transferred to the state CID which is in Abakaliki Metropoly. So there I was. Then, after some investigation, some other seven people were later released based on no case submission. So there I was, until they now took my matter to the magistrate court. The chief magistrate court said that the matter is a capital offence, that it was beyond magistrate court and therefore, he remanded me to prison. And the matter was to be taken to high court for further hearing. So then, I was taken to Abakaliki Prison. That was were I was since 2011. I was in Abakaliki Prison since 2011, 2012, 2013. I was going for trial. Each and every day I had a court date, the black vehicle would come to the gate, I would enter black vehicle, cuffed hands and legs. And I would be taken to the high court. Because the person trying my case was the chief justice of Ebonyi state. November 28, 2014 was the day of the judgement. So the day of the judgement they came to the prison and took me to the court. Then the judge said that based on the evidence surrounding this my case, he hereby found me guilty of this offence. And by the power conferred on him as a chief justice of Ebonyi State he hereby sentenced me to death, to die by hanging. So from there, they took me to prison, where I could get some of my belongings. Then they handcuffed me and I entered into the black vehicle. They took me from Abakaliki medium prison, and now transferred me to Enugu maximum prison because that is where they used to keep those that are being condemned to death. There I was in Enugu maximum prison, awaiting for the day of execution. Then, there I lost hope. I had no one. Because since I was facing trial in Abakaliki, I have lost everything. My dad is late. My uncle – they have spent so much money, millions of naira, to make sure that I was discharged and set free from the high court. But at the end of the day, all of their efforts seemed to be aborted. All their efforts were only in vain. After I have been sentenced to death and I transferred to the maximun prison waiting for execusion, they all lost hope that I would ever come out; it was as if I was already gone forever. So there I was; I had nothing to do, I was just crying saying: “God, how could this happen to me? I am innocent of this matter, I never committed any crime. Just that someone wants me to suffer because he feels that every power belongs to him.” So there I was in Enugu maximum prison. So there was a day I was in the cells, then they opened the cell door, they called me out. There was prison chapel inside the prison yard. So I went to church. When I got inside the church, I looked at the screen, I saw Emmanuel Television. When I saw Emmanuel Televison, I started watching Emmanuel Television seeing what they were doing and I was seeing some prisoners outside, they came here to testify how they with the help of the Morning Water were set free from the prison. Then I said that if the man of God could do this for other people abroad, then me here in Nigeria – I believed, the man of God would also do it for me. So after I had meditated this within my mind, they took me back to the cell where I was. In my cell, I was still praying telling God of Prophet T.B. Joshua: “Help me.” But the problem was – who would come here to plead my case here? I had nobody; my own mother could not afford 50 naira to enter transport, talk less of going there. So I was wondering what to do: “God, how am I going to reach Emmanuel TV or Prophet T.B. Joshua?” This woman beside me is an evangelist. She is into prison ministry. She comes to prisons; she goes to where prisoners sentenced to death are being kept. She ministers the Word of God to them, tells them to repent and give their life to Christ before their execution. So there I was, when this woman came, she met me. She asked me what was my name and what was I doing here. I told her that I am Obioha Chikuikem and what brought me here. She asked me, if I had committed. I said I did not do anything, I was just here for the sake that I had no one to help me out. The woman said that it was ridiculous. She said there was no problem. She prayed for me so that I should not worry, that one day I would go out of prison. I said ‘amen’. Then I called her saying: “Mama, please, there is something I want you to help me to do. Please I don’t know. Can you do that for me?” She said: “What is that? I said: “What I want you to do for me – do you know of Prophet T.B. Joshua? Synagogue? She said she knows about it, she has been there once. I said: “Please, madam, I want you to go to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Go there, tell Prophet T.B. Joshua that there is someone here who has been sentenced to death to die by hanging. I am just waiting for execution, I don’t know when the day is going to be. That I want him to pray for me, so that I will get out of this place because I did nothing to deserve to die unnecessarily.” So the woman said that if that was I want she is going to do it for me. So the woman asked me where am I coming from, because she is from Enugu state. I didn’t know her before. I have not come in contact before. That was my first time of seeing her while I was in death row. So then I told her where I am coming from – I am from Olo in Imo State. She said that I should give her my address. I directed her my address. She travelled from Enugu and went to my place and met my mother. When she went to my place, she saw my mother. She told my mother who she was, then she asked my mother to give her some of my pictures and other things – that she wanted to take them somewhere. Then my mother concurred and at the end of the day she came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Some weeks later she brought this Morning Water and this booklet and this. Then when she brought this, she advised me on how to be ministering it every morning when I wake up. I said: “Ok, thank you very much.” I believed that with these I would be set free and go out of this place based on the power of God in Prophet T.B.Joshua. I would be delivered, as far I was innocent of this offense unless I was guilt of this offense. But if I was innocent of this offense I must surely go out of this place. And we can see how emotional the brother is right now. He is telling us his ordeals. How he was on the death row as a result of a case against him that he murdered someone while he was in school. And while in death row, he want to share with us what his experience was, before God Almighty intervened and brought him out and he is here today sharing what God has done. So now tell us, what happened after you ministered the Morning Water and used the faith bracelet? So when I started ministering the Morning Water every morning when I woke up, I would pray saying: “God of of Prophet T.B Joshua, I have been seeing what you are doing to other people, I know that my own will not be a different case. You will still do the same just like You are doing for others. I believe that You will set me free.” I would spray it in my mouth and on my body. Then I would wear this thing. When I wanted to pray, I would put it on my tongue, I would do it like this. So that’s how I have been doing it. Death row is not an ordinary place, you are restricted to one place. That is where I was for over seven years. My medical career has been lost and shuttered. So then I was saying: “God, what kind of life is this?” Even sometimes I would get annoyed saying what kind of life was this. Sometimes I said I wished I was the guy that died. It was better than staying alive seeing my death. Because prison death row is hell on earth. That is when I came to know that there is something like hell. If that could as tormenting as that – how much more hell? One day, I was sleeping. In my sleep I was going somewhere. I heard people singing and praising. When I looked, I saw the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua. Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony Were you dreaming then or it was physically? That was in the dream. I was dreaming then. In my dream, I was passing by; when I looked, I saw a very big mighty cathedral. The man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua was wearing white garment, preaching and ministering. And there was music at the background, songs and praises at the background. I said: “This is the man that I wanted to see, let me go, let me use this opportunity to see the man of God.” So when I was going, some men blocked me at the gate saying that I couldn’t see the man of God, that who am I. I said they should allow me, this was the man I have been looking to see since all this while. This was an opportunity for me to see him. They should allow me please. They said they couldn’t allow me, that was not how they did it here. I said: “Listen, I am a gospel singer, I can sing very well. I want to go right in there and sing with them.” They asked, if I was sure that I could sing – I told them I sing very well. They agreed. The man just did his hand like this and mic just appeared. He said: “Look at this mic, take and sing.” Then I started singing.They said: “Ok, he can sing!” When I started singing then, man of God said: “Who is that person singing over there?” They said it was the person that wanted to see him. So, the man of God said: “Please, allow him”. I passed them and met the man of God. I said: “Man of God, see, I want you to deliver me out of prison. I am innocent, I did not do anything to deserve this. For over seven years I am in death row waiting for execution.” The man of God asked what I wanted him to do. I said I wanted him to deliver me, I wanted to be free. The man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua now said: “You are already free, are you not the one coming to church? And you are telling me to deliver you, you already a free person.” Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony That’s what man of God said. So when he said I was no more in the prison, then I got excited. When I looked around, I woke up. So when I woke up, I looked around – I was in the prison. I said: “Well, I believe that this is a sign that one day I am going to come out of this place.” After that incident, two weeks laret I was on death row meditating within myself. A warder came and called: “Obioha Chibeikem!” I said: “Sir!” He said I should come out. I was wondering where were they taking me to. Then they took me to the prison welfare inside the prison yard. So when I got there, I saw one man – a huge man who was wearing black suit. The man asked if I was Obioha Chibuikem, and I said ‘yes’. He said that he was here for me, that he was here to set me free out of death row. Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony So I said: “You are here to set me free out of death row.” Because I entered death row, I met some elderly men who were 60 years and older. So when I asked them: “Daddy, when did you come to this place?” They would tell me that they’d been here since1981 or 1985. They had been here since before I was born. So I was wondering: “Is this how I am going to spend my whole life?” Then I said: “They sent you to come and deliver me out of death row?” He said: “Yes”. I said: “Sent by who?” The barrister said: “By nobody.” The spirit of God just directed him to come for me. Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony Now based on what I heard from the fellow death row inmates I was in the same cell with, some had gone to the appeals court, where they told them they were going to Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Supreme Court of Nigeria failed them. They said that before a barrister would take your matter from death row to appeals court to appeal your case, you would pay at least 2 or 2.5 million naira. So when they said that, I concluded that this was how I was gone. I said that no one was going to provide. Even if they would sell our houses, they could not afford that kind of money. Nobody could bring that kind of money. My mum could not. Look at the woman here. It’s because of this case that she is like this because she tried all her possible ways and they even forgotten me, thinking that I was gone. They saw me as dead and burried me and they have even forgotten about me since I have been pronounced I was sentenced to death. So I said: “You said you are here to set me free, to take my matter to appeals court and you said that nobody sent you.” Then I said that this thing is very very suspicious. Maybe Ebonyi State Government has sent this man to come and say that he wanted to deliver me just to sign my death warrant indirectly. I said: “Please, sir, I am not going to sign this thing. I don’t know you. Before I sign, I should know the source, who sent you.” The man said: “Why are you saying all this? See I am Senior Advocate. Before people contact me, they spend millions of naira and I don’t even listen to many cases. I don’t know why I am interested in your case. Well, why I am interested in your case because I knew you are innocent of this matter, and that’s why I came to pull you out of prison. And you are telling me that you are not going to sign. Do you want to remain in prison?” My friend, you should sign this and let me pull you out of this prison.” I said: “Sir, who sent you? Tell me, who sent you, I will sign.” He said he was sent by the Spirit of God which directed him. Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony On death row there were over 300 death row inmates in Enugu maximum prison. Among all of us, it’s only me that he said that he wanted to save. I said: “Ok, barrister, you can go, let me make some investigations before I can sign.” The man now left, then I now sent for this evangelist to come to the prison. So when she came to the prison, I said: “Look at what is happening. One man came and said the Spirit of God directed him to my case. He said he is interested in my case, he wanted to pull me out of this place.” And the woman asked how much did the man say that he was going to collect. I said that I asked him: “How much do you want to collect now?” The man said that he was not going to collect a dime from me, he didn’t need any money from me. He just wanted to do a Godly work and humanitarian work. So, the evangelist – the person beside me, sister Edith Amaka – said I should flash back – have I forgotten that I sent her to come to Prophet T.B. Joshua because of this very case. I said I remembered. She now asked, how did I think God was going to save me. Would God come down from Heaven and bring me out? It’s through human being. That is the physical manifestation of His coming to this place. That I should call that man back and endorse and sign that thing – it was for good, that she so much believed in it. I agreed.Then I asked her to help me call the man because the man was now annoyed with me. So she later called. When she called the man, the man said he was no longer coming again, that he had come two times and I had refused to sign. So the evangelist now plead with the man, asking him not to blame me, that based on what happened to me I was afraid that I didn’t know who is who. So he should please reconsider and go back hence he was doing the work of God. And he said it was the Spirit of God that directed him to set me free out of death row where I was sentenced to die in prison. So, the barrister agreed based on her apology, what he was going to do is was to send one of his boys to bring the court proceedings to appeals court for me in the prison so that I could endorse and sign. So within two days a young barrister came again. bringing the same documents. Then asked me to sign. I signed it, everywhere they asked me to sign, I signed. The man left. But there is one funny thing about this man. This man said that he was not going to collect money and he never told me where he was coming from up till now. Since then he left and I have not heard from him again. Because if you are awaiting trial in high court; when you want to go to court, they will take you to the court. But once you have been sentenced to death to die in prison, then you can not go to court. Even if your matter is being taken to the appeals court, then your matter will be going on in the appeals court while you will be left in the prison. You can’t appear in the court, because they have seen you as a condemned criminal who is dangerous and can do anything to make sure he escapes. That is why they don’t take condemned inmates to court. Instead, they will be in the prison, while their matter is going on in their absence. This happened March in 2016. The matter went to the appeals court in March 2016. That’s when I informed the evangelist that the appeals court has finalised everything, that the judgement was coming out on the 31st of January, 2017 in appeals court. So we should be praying that God would grant me justice and deliver me from death row. I said the information came to me while I was in prison. I claimed and said amen. Then on the 31st of January, 2017, I was still on death row praying. I said: “God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, You are the God that’s been doing all these miracles that I have been seeing on television here. If You can do all these things to other people outside, then I know that me that is here – I am going to be a partaker. As I have come to the Synagogue in the dream, I will also come to this place physically to testify the goodness of God of Prophet T.B. Joshua.” Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony So I prayed throughout that day. Then I was hearing, trying to see the evangelist. I was expecting visit from the evangelist to tell me the outcome of the judgement. I didn’t see her that very day. The next day, the evangelist came to the prison – because when you want to come to the prison and see somebody, you apply for visit. They go and bring that person to see the person. When she came to Enugu maximum prison and applied to see me, they came to my cell, opened the cell, brought me out and took me to the visit room. So there she told me: “Congratulations, young man, you have been discharged and acquitted by the appeals court Of Nigeria.” Mr Obioha Chibuikem & Family
Morning Water Testimony So when she told me that I have been discharged from the appeals court Of Nigeria, then I just fell down, not knowing what to do. I asked her: “What are you telling me? Are you sure that I am now a free person again? Is it in this life or in the dream?” She said that she was telling me truth. She was not here to play tricks on me. I said that I hoped that this was not a joke, please. If this was a joke, I wouldn’t survive it . She said that I have been discharged and acquitted by the appeals court. When she said that, I said there was no problem. After that I remained there because once you have been discharged by the appeals court, the prison authorities can’t allow you to go until an order from the appeals court ordering the prison to allow you to go, that you have been discharged and acquitted. So that was what was keeping me in the prison. After two weeks, they brought the court order. So when the deputy controller of Enugu maximum prison checked it, there was an error in the court dates. Then the man said that based on this error, the court would recall it for them to correct the error. The appeals court doesn’t sit everyday. They sit once or twice in a month. From the 31st of January, 2017, I had to stay again till March 5th for them to correct the court order. They corrected the error – that typographical error that was in the discharge order – and returned it back. So when they returned it back, they came just to my cell and said: “Obiha Achibike!” I said: “Sir!” He said: “Pack your load and go.” Then I was said: “Wait”. They said: “Come and go. So now you are causing a problem. They have discharged and acquitted you. Come and go.” I said: “Ok, sir.” I packed my things, then I came out. When I came out, then in fact, I wasn’t with myself because when I came out, I couldn’t walk very well. When I was walking, it would look as I want to fall because I didn’t walk. I don’t know where to start. Since I came out, I was looking for this barrister that did this work. I have not set my eyes on this barrister since then. I don’t know his home; I don’t know his whereabouts up till now. So I am also using this medium of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the SCOAN to say: “Barrister Oneye Onyechi, you are really a Messiah in my life. God used you through the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua to send you to Enugu maximum prison while I was waiting for execution, to die by hanging; you came and delivered me. Since you don’t want me to see you to show appreciation, wherever you are, I am using this avenue to thank you. May God bless you. May the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua barrister Onyechi Oneye – bless him abundantly.” Mr Obiha Achibike & Family
Morning Water Testimony Prison death row was very very horrible. When I came out, I wasn’t like this. It was outside that I now recovered. I would have come here since all this while but I didn’t have transport money to come here and I was waiting to recover a bit because I was very very haggard and tattered. We know, he that feels it knows it. So how do you feel now, that you are set free from this death row you have been for seven years? In fact, it’s really really wonderful miraculous deed in my life. Since I was born, I haven’t experienced this kind of miracle. You know, sometimes, even if I had this problem, I didn’t really believe that maybe thing is real. But today I am a testimony myself. I am a testimony. I am a partaker, I experienced it. In fact, it was really really tremendous in my life. We also join you to say “Thank you, Jesus” for what He has done. And then, when you were explaining yourself and testifying of the goodness of God, you said there was a particular document that had to be rectified before you could be completely let out of that death row. Are you with that document? Yes, I am with the documents. Ok, can you show us the document? Children of God, as you can see, this is the discharge order ordering the prison authority, Nigerian prison authority to set me free from death row because I am innocent of the offence that I am being alleged of. So as you can see, it’s being stated in the court of the appeals court, Enugu Judiciary Division Holden At Enugu Suit No HAB/15C/2013. Appeal No CA/E/27C/2016 Appeal against the judgement of the Ebonyi State High Court of Justice sitting at Abakaliki, delivered by Hon Justcice A. N. Nwankwo Chief Judge of the High Court of Ebonyi State on 28/11/2014. Between Obiora Chibuike, the appellant and the state, respondent on the Tuesday the 31st Day of January 2017. Upon reading the record of the appeals court herein and briefs of argument filed by both parties and after hearing Onyechi Onenye, Esq. of counsel for the Appellant on pro bono basis G.A.Elon Assistant Chief State Counsel Ebonyi State Ministry of Justice for the respondent, H.M.Ogunwumiju Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal It is hereby ordered as follows; number 1 – the appeal is allowed. secondly, the judgement in charge No HAB/15C/2013 delivered by the Ebonyi State High Court on 28/11/14 convicting the Appellant and sentencing him to death by hanging is hereby set aside. Instead, an Order of discharge and acquittal is hereby made. As God pleases. Mr Obiora Chibuike & Family
Morning Water Testimony So for the benefit of those listening to us; what you have read is the rectified discharge certificate? Discharge certificate. So all the charges against you has been set aside. It’s been nullified and set aside. I am innocent. Glory be to God. Shall we put our hands together for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is telling us, he is a completely free human being not to be on the death row any longer. We are still going to come back to you, to hear more from you concerning this wonderful miracle the Lord has done in your life. But let us listen to the lady evangelist. We want to hear from her what she has to say concerning what the Lord has used her to do. Mr Obiora Chibuike & Family
Morning Water Testimony Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) By the grace of God, I am Evangelist Edith Uzoamaka Udeh. Actually, I am overwhelmed, I am so grateful to God, I am so happy. Tell us what was your encounter like with the brother beside you. And what was the conversation between you and him? So, actually, I started the ministry, I usually go to prisons. I pay more attention to the condemned criminals, those that are sentenced to die because I just have that passion that these people are going to die some day – let me pray for them, let them repent at least before they will die. So that day I met him; he was trying to explain his problem to me. But the thing that struck me seriously was that he was sentenced to death and they were not able to move the case to appeal. At least, when you are sentenced to death, you have appeals court. You have Supreme Court to appeal your case and see, if God will have mercy on you there. But due to lack and want in the family, they were not able to take this case to appeal. So when he narrated, I felt bad. He now begged me to go to Lagos on his behalf. So I told him I usually come to the Synagogue, that I would come. So I went. He gave me his address, I went to the family. I went to the mother. I got his picture, I came. Actually, other times, when I came to the Synagogue, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet the man of God. But on that particular incident that I came on his behalf I was privileged to meet the man of God, and he gave me the bracelet. Evangelist Edith Uzoamaka Udeh & Mr Obiora Chibuike
Morning Water Testimony And the Morning Water. So as soon as I got back, I had to visit him and give him the bracelet and the Morning Water and I encouraged him to believe that God would not come from Heaven but it’ was through the prayer of the man of God and all these here – God would work and deliver him. So when the lawyer now started coming, he went to a warder to inform me what happened. So I had to tell him that, for me, as long as you have come to the Synagogue – I didn’t believe that God could disappoint us and we would now have a problem. I only believed that we were coming out of the problem. So he should not be afraid of that man that came and said he should sign. It was only God that could do that. So by God’s grace, I called the man, and pleaded with the man. He came back and he signed. And at the end of the day, in 9 months precisely he was discharged and acquitted. It’s a great thing. I shout, it’s so wonderful. Evangelist Edith Uzoamaka Udeh & Mr Obiora Chibuike
Morning Water Testimony So we want to just hear this from you: What actually inspired you, when he told you or informed you that he wanted you to go to the Synagogue on his behalf and you came? And all what you were given – you didn’t take it to yourself, you actually took it back to him. What was behind that action? Just like I was trying to explain initially. So when I saw his own problem, I saw his own problem bigger than my own. So somebody to be on death row, expecting to die any day… Me – I’m still alive, I’m still able to go around, preach in the prison yard. So I didn’t see my problem big any more, I just saw his own as more bigger. So when I got that bracelet and the Morning Water, I quickly gave it to him to use it for himself. Well, we thank Almighty. Shall we put our hands together for the Lord Jesus Christ. And we know, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is a problem Solver. And all believers are. Remember, you can allow God to use you as God has used this woman to solve this brother’s problem and remove him discharged and acquitted him from the prison row. So we still want to hear from other members of his family. Let us hear from our elderly father, who is on the seat there. I am very very happy to be here. I am grateful to be here today to testify the goodness of God. My names are Felix Ingichukwu Obioha. And the brother – who is he to you, sir? He is a son to my late brother. I am an uncle to him. It happened that in our family nobody was a graduate. And he came out with a good brain. He has a very nice brain. So when he gained admission from Ebonyi University, then I was told that Chibuike gained admission at some place. I looked at myself, I said we have about 3 – 4 other ones going to various secondary schools. But as it is like this, let’s see what we can do. Then we rallied around him. I am the head of the family for now. Just like a father to all of them there in the Obioha family. So I realised that I was not able to raise the money immediately. I used a parcel of my land to lease money from one of our community member. Then after one year, we kept managing to make the payments for his school fees and the other things. Then after one year, I was just at one garage, I received a call. They said: “Brother, Chibuike has a problem.” I said: “What happened?” Then the guy narrated the story to me. I was shocked. Then I moved back to my yard. When I got home, I told my wife. I said: “See what I have heard about Chibuike.” My wife was surprised. She said that based on that I was supposed to go home and hear from family members in the village. I travelled home and I confirmed the story was true. Then I said: “Which type of problem is this? Where do we start to face murder case? And see all efforts we have made to make sure this boy gain at least a good education.” It has been like this. Then I tried to contact people who know a good lawyer that could take care of the case. Then they could be able to direct us to a barrister that could take care of the case. I sold again a parcel of my land to make sure I free the life of this boy. But all effort was abortive; we could not achieve anything by spending all those money. At every sitting they would tell us to bring this or that. We were transporting from the village and the barrister himself was collecting his own quota. Then at the end of the day, I heard that finally they have passed death… Mr Obioha Chibuike & Family
Morning Water Testimony We know it is indeed an emotional time for our father, hearing that news that the son, is having a murder case against him and he has sold all he has as the head of a family to send him to school and also to get him out of this murder case, all to no avail. Obviously, anyone would become depressed and distressed in such circumstances. And even now that the brother is set free, baba can still think back. Our father can still think back and see all what he has passed through as an elderly man and he burst into tears. So sir, just tell us more, how did it feel like then, and how do you feel now – that your son is saying he has been discharged completely from this murder case and is no longer on the death row? I thank God that he is now free. That is the most important thing. But on the other hand, we lost so many of our assets because of this boy’s case. And for now he is out, he is not doing anything. I particularly even sold the vehicle I was using. But my happiness to be here today is to give thanks to Almighty God and give thanks to the God of T.B. Joshua who made it possible and Evangelist Amaka who was the mediator. Left for me, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what was even going on after the judgement there of condemning my son. I didn’t hear any other news. Because that day was just a black out in the family. I can say that for the past week or two we just cried and mourned him not knowing that God would still bring him back to us. So I thank God. I thank my God. Mr Obioha Chibuike & Family
Morning Water Testimony Shall we put our hands together for the Lord Jesus Christ. So before you go, sir – what word of advise do you have for people listening to you? Emmanuel! (God with us- Matthew 1:23). My advise to people that are listening to me is to believe in God. Believe that with God all things are possible. Because of the case of this my son and because of the faith of man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua – it is his faith that is doing all these miracles. My advise to people is to have faith in God and know that with God all things are possible. I would like people to listen to the SCOAN and listen to his preaching – his preaching goes for humanity, not for finances. So I just paid attention, that’s why I made an effort to be here and to see by myself, to step my feet into this Synagogue. As I stepped my feet into this place, I believe that as his problems were solved, all problems should be solved. Emmanuel! Mr Obioha Chibuike & Family
Morning Water Testimony We give glory to God. We know, Jesus Christ is the solution to all fundamental issues of life and with Him alone all things are possible. And our father is advising all and sundry that we should trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and put our hope, our faith in Him. And let us quickly listen to our brother. What word of advise do you have for people listening to you? Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23). If God is with us… My general advise to viewers in Nigeria and in the world at large is that both young and old ones should be very careful about the kind of people they associate with, the kind of places they go to and to be very very prayerful because sometimes, even if you don’t look for problems, problems may come. But when you know God and start praying, God will remove those problems on His own because we don’t have strength. The youth should abstain from crime. They should abstain from crime because the only thing crime will do for you is to hurt you, put you in prison. Prison is not good; prison is a place of torment. And I must use the opportunity to tell you that prison is hell. Hell fire on earth. When you die in the spirit, they have other hell fire, but presently hell fire is prison. That is how I understood it because for the seven years I’ve been in prison, it’s all about torture and torment. Ok, we thank God Almighty and we also want to let you know that the power that set you free and delivered you and brought you out can also restore all that has to do with you. So it’s never too late. Our adversity can be so undesirable and so painful but remember, people of God, that our adversity is there to strengthen our faith and our desire to follow God. So we want to encourage you to continue to serve God in spirit and in truth, and make His word the standard for your life. And we pray God Almighty will grant you the inner grace to do so in Jesus’ name. And once again, shall we put our hands together for the miracle working Jesus. TT Monica Asefa 05/09/18
RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 15/12/2018

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  1. God you are toooooooooo much. Indeed God is your strength my brother. May the name of God be praise forever.


  3. I really thank God for ur life and may God bless d woman and barrister that God used to helped him.And i pray may d same God locate my cousin brother oliha kelvin😭😭😭

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  5. The family is so supportive, May the Lord bless even the mother and the uncle. All things are possible in God. Indeed, we need to be prayerful and be careful to those people we are associated with.

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  12. i was touched when i heard the story of this young man, may GOD changed impossibilities into possible may he not pass me by when he bless his children

  13. Many people in Nigerian prison are actually innocent. Real criminals are walking free because they are connected to criminal politicians. This is why My Fr left Police Force to become Catechist. Bad country.

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  17. The devil is a liar
    He would have been a graduate
    thank you Jesus for giving him opportunity to start life again

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    Is there no avenue for him to seek redress for wrongful sentence?

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  20. I couldn't imagine what this young guy and his family felt and went through, but thank the Lord Almighty for his servant prophet TB Joshua and the evangelist lady for her efforts in helping this innocent young man to trying released him from prison. All this also because of his faitfullnes and endless praying on his side to our Lord Jesus. I believe God has a big plant for his life to see if he will stay with Him and trust Him always even in bad situation. I think you have pass the test son and only waiting for Him to turn and return everything you and your family lost because of this matter. I am a mother myself and can't imagine what your mother and uncle felt. God Bless you son and prophett TB Joshua and Emmanuel scoan. You are always my favourite prophet. Amin

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