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Event review 23: Bayonet Military Model Club, Model Competition and swap meet 2015

Event review 23: Bayonet Military Model Club, Model Competition and swap meet 2015

hello and welcome to another modeling video this is Allen from the maken Amman at YouTube with a nother local model event this weekend me and the guys from the mecca workshop as well as the ghosts of Zeon attended the bayonet military model show hosted by the NEP military model club on the 14th of November 2015 at the Liberator hangar where would be Melbourne Australia this is an old following a party world war two hanger and it's got a large world war to liberate a bomber that's are being slowly restored to flying condition to be remained on the land in a museum in tribute to the Second World War as well as a new toy at the Museum a frame of a boomerang as a club we've been attending this event for a very long time as an individual I've been there since the first show it's a pretty much had what it usually has a large secondhand area our tables are masked around the bomber itself so you can look at all the tools and parts and the work-in-progress that it is it's it's like a giant model being built around us and we're seeing our progress every year a series of second-hand models a lot of arm old blokes standing around socializing picked up quite a few bargains a few guys weren't there a few new guys and particularly an interesting fella that's literally making garage kits out of his garage as no internet connection doesn't really go out into the hobby swap and sell and community meets too much so his work was lovely and I was really happy to buy a heap of resin kits often very unusual subjects that he scratch-built as well as I bought a couple of old matchbox kits a couple of not re-released 76 Airfix armor a couple of 48 scales stuff for Mecca Masumi builds a bit of resin a bit of metal so quite happy we had a secondhand stall Gundams and my figures all sorts of stuff made a little money in that as well as a bill table for the club to just sit around chill and build a few things a lot of fun sausage sizzle a few club displays one gentleman selling future froth Fleur acrylic which is very hard to come by in Australia and in the far corner the competition itself the competition had the same categories as always figures fantasy miscellaneous master class which is models at won first place in other competitions and categories as well as aircraft armored cars in both add a box and modified in small and large scales as always some of these models are new some of these models we seen at model Expo everything at an extremely high quality you had your serious modelling enthusiasts all they're all chatty very good to hang out with as well as just some great work on display not really various of our quality some amazing some okay some entry-level but everyone more or less was accepted as you can see in the slide show these are the majority of the models I like but pretty much enough work was on display to make your way to come out and have a look as well as just have a chat with everyone ghost of Zeon entered a few kids in the fantasy category and claimed a best of show with his example our builders at World Cup Zaku diorama I was the only other one in our group that entered I won third in figures with my resin anime figure mummy and my's okok a newly built model kit in fantasy fantasy had a lot of kids Gundam science fiction anything that didn't quite fit in any other category so it was extremely competitive but with those results can't complain too much and to the tank and a few other Gundam kids in the end they're volunteers of the venue had to move all of their tools and equipment aside to make space on the floor for this event and it was a charity event quite a bit of money was raised for construction of the Liberator and other projects the museum is undertaking that was quite successful and it seemed the organization looking after the Liberator we're very happy as well as a series of artifacts are the same as always and every year scattered around the place of bits and pieces from the Second World War some bits and pieces showing parts of aircrafts and models of aircrafts little dioramas documents medals uniform and equipment pieces behind glass plus an amazing gift store we could buy all sorts of parts including sheet metal from the original plane itself which is are being scrapped and replaced so you can act for $10 you can own a piece of history which I've done numerous occasions over the years and probably amassed a little too much of the Liberator at my house all and all had an absolute wonderful day with my friends and seeing some other faces only see once or twice a year very worthwhile event it's am a true atmosphere and experience of what a small local competition does have to offer this one is extremely special in its location of being in a historical a hangar in the midst of some real bits of history the downside is as usual the lighting of the venue is a bit poor and it's a bit hard to photograph and look at the models but it is a sacrifice I think everyone at the show endures as well as you guys are watching is more than willing to accept besides that there's not really any bad or negative points to bring up there was no incidences no controversies judging seems very fam everyone just walked away quite happy and for the next few weeks socializing at some hobby shops of what happened and what didn't happen as a big breakthrough for a Gundam kit specially ghost Uzi on to win best of show it's really showing the influence our end of the hobby has and spreading across the Australian and Melbourne modeling community and that we're going to keep documenting and have fun at these local communities and events thank you very much for watching and as always until next time stay tuned for more tutorials videos reviews and content on this channel catch you guys next time

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