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EPA Boots Scientists To Make Room For Corporate Hacks

EPA Boots Scientists To Make Room For Corporate Hacks

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection
Agency, once again, kicked out a few more scientists from its top advisory panel and
decided to replace them with industry insiders. These aren’t just regular people from the
chemical and fossil fuel and other industries out there that stand to benefit from no environmental
regulation, these are some of the worst of the worst. These are people who once lobbied on behalf
of the tobacco industry to let us know that, hey, there’s nothing dangerous about smoking
cigarettes. Specifically, they told us there was no absolutely
no harm in second-hand smoke. Some of the people from the industry that
are now serving on the EPA’s advisory panel have told us in the past that air pollution
isn’t bad. Some of them have even gone as far as to say,
you know what? A little air pollution is actually good for
your body. That is the kind of idiocy that we are currently
dealing with here in the United States. Scientists, people who have spent their whole
lives studying this catastrophe, people who understand cause and effect, people who understand
basic science, have literally been kicked out of the EPA and replaced with people who’ve
made money basically killing other people by telling us that second-hand smoke doesn’t
kill, by lobbying on behalf of the tobacco industry to prevent things like warning labels
from appearing on packs of cigarettes. That’s what we’re up against. This is not just an outright assault on science. This is an assault on the American public. Every single person in this country, rich,
poor, black, white, Hispanic, Christian, Muslim, we will all suffer as a result of Donald Trump’s
denial of climate change and his EPA director Scott Pruitt’s decision to purge his agency
of people who believe in science, of people who understand science. This is a national security issue. As long as we continue to ignore the problem
of climate change, things are going to get worse. Climate refugees from all over the planet
are going to try to find a new place to live. We know that Donald Trump wants to close off
our borders. What happens when you’ve got a million people
standing on the border, demanding to be let it because their homes are underwater? What’s going to happen when you have millions
of American citizens whose homes go underwater because you did nothing? What happens when we run out of clean drinking
water because you let your advisory panel allow corporations to dump all their toxins
into it? This story doesn’t end well for anyone. There’s going to come a time when it’s not
going to matter how much money you have or how much money you don’t have. We’re all going to be fighting against one
another to get the few remaining resources that we have left in this country, because
Donald Trump and the Republican Party decided to put industry heads above science in the
United States.

Reader Comments

  1. These are all people that the Republicans want out of government agencies. This is not a Donald Trump only policy it is a Republican policy.

  2. This country isn't too far away from becoming the most powerful banana republic ever! I'm not American, but I feel like one for almost 11 months. I want to see these crooks go to jail. One after another. I wanna see Trump being put in jail, together with these assholes of sons and his crooked and reckless bimbo of a daughter. I want them to be busted for the rest of their miserable, bloodsucking lives. They should get older very slowly and very painfully.

  3. frankly im not sure how im supposed to respond to these revelations anymore. I am far beyond pissed off.It one of those things where every time I hear something i like this i just want to take a few shots.

  4. I keep waiting for rod serling to walk out from behind a tree and explain this whole trump fiasco to be an episode of the twilight zone.

  5. Will people please stop saying "cause and effect"! It doesn't exist as a rule. We know of things that exist without a cause, and we know of effects that precede their cause. There is NO law of cause and effect!

  6. It seems like from the religious right to climate change and etc. all logic seems to have been tossed out the window. And for what? Money? Power? Agenda? Who cares about the casualties. What a vicious, and immoral administration.

  7. Scott Pruitt is another person who needs to be removed from his post. Hopefully he has had some indiscretions in his past that will soon come to be facts and he will have to resign.

  8. Why not close down the EPA since it is not working for protection? The "P" stands for protection, but this agency is working for the opposite. America has been stolen of fascist science deniers supported by uneducated people, many of them evil so called christians and creationists. America is going backwards while most other countries go forward, even China and India.

  9. When will trump supporters wake up to this madness? When will they see the Republican Party doesn't care about them?

    Edit: What's really disturbing about all of this is that now, right now, renewable energy from wind and solar is cheaper (and cleaner) than anything else !! It's no longer a question of the environment, it's pure economics… but the oil and gas industry wants to hold on as long as possible so they'll frell everyone for an extra decade or two of profit.

  10. There won't be a fight over resources. The rich will hire their private armies to shoot and kill any one coming close to 'their' resource. but hey everyone will get clean water, only 50 dollars a pint.

  11. hopefully when some smart politicians tale over the power they'll already know exactly where all the bad apples are located. they can just gut and squash all the bad apples and get people that do care about the environment.

  12. WHOW – STOP – The climate refugees wont be knocking on Americas doors – YOU Americans will be the climate refugees!!! 80% of this shit is hitting the US – thats why the rest of the world is pissing its self watching you – your SO wrapped up in being nationalistic and America first, whining about your boarders that you cant see it will be YOU who are fleeing, YOU who will be looking for somewhere safe to live! And how do you think the rest of the world is going to welcome you then??? Hehehehe Karma's a bitch. Lets put it this way – 100% there will be the question "In the 2016 Election, did you vote for Trump?" – Sorry but the rest of the world will hold yo accountable for that one!

  13. I've looked into moving to Canada. It's not as eazy as I thought. You need to be a professional like a lawyer, doctor, carpenter, contractor and a nice big bank account helps. So I would tell anyone to look deeper into it. If this keeps going maybe other countries will build a wall to keep Americans out! I wouldn't blame them. It's shameful!

  14. Let’s take these naysayers to a toxic waste site for a few months and let them try to survive. If they do maybe they will change their tune. These people need to be held accountable for their actions.

  15. Clearly the purpose of the Trump presidency is to line the pockets of billionaires with a total disregard for the harm done to the American people.

  16. I suppose America doesn't really do science, it's all Gods' doing that they receive power down the electricity lines anyway.

  17. One of the reasons Trump is pushing this pro-pollution business is because he doesn't want to admit he's wrong. He could declare one day that the sky was orange with bright green polka dots and his base would back him up. He'd never say otherwise.

  18. The Republican Agenda at its finest…. traitorously criminal. And there are lots of idiots that will keep on voting them into office.

  19. Oh how I wished for the day's of acid rain, leaded gas, and smog thicker than they are currently having in part's of china. Yeah just look up a little history on L.A. It's still smoggier than crap TODAY!

  20. As the country burns to the ground, their profits remain stable…. when the revolution comes, they better move to Saudi Arabia.

  21. Sounds about right for this shit-show of a government. America has become a fucking laughing stock to the rest of the world but it's still sad to see the decent Americans being fucked over by greedy corporate bastards while Donald J Dotard sits and tweets moronic shit all day and night. Must be a fucking nightmare living in the USA these days.

  22. Just to say. Eire is very understanding about giving ppl from a Irish background a passport. It has highest average earnings in West and you will have full freedom of movement in EU

  23. The Democrats should start impeachment proceedings against Pruitt at the first opportunity for his criminal negligence in office. How many people have to die from poisoning/pollution before he is brought to account?

  24. Remind me again what we need the EPA for with Trump in office? Why wont Trump just save some USA money and just give the Big polluting Companies the EPA's budget and divide it among themselves.. Wow in a few years can't drink the water or breathe the air.. Glad trumps friends are getting rich.. Moving to Mexico

  25. I'm moving to Canada and taking my animation company with me. When the american people wise up and grow some balls, they will break out the old guillotines and oil them up, and then lead these rich cocksuckers, one by one, to justice. Just hope it happens soon, or there won't be any people left on earth.

  26. As if we needed any more proof that the mutant love child of Satan and a Ferengi only cares about his own wealth and power. He doesn't even give a damn about his own children, thinking, "So what if I'm destroying the world? I'll be dead long before everything really hits the fan! I'll let the brats worry about cleaning up my mess!"

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