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[Engsub] My Neighbor Can’t Sleep| 我的鄰居睡不著 – Cut Ep 5 – Chinese Drama

[Engsub] My Neighbor Can’t Sleep| 我的鄰居睡不著 – Cut Ep 5 – Chinese Drama

Why are you here? This is my house Sorry, my mistake Hey Nothing If you have something sad Then wait until you wake up and tell me So she is really good Now maybe she is very sad She hopes to have someone drink with her Cry with her But I did not say a comfort word to her I even blame her badly Why do I have to want to be right or wrong in this? Obviously this is not important The most important thing is to have her What am i? I can’t do anything I am not anything Who’s that? What do you do here? I live here I forgot to bring the key, so I’m waiting for my parents You live here? I have been working here for 3 years Why have I never seen you? I really live here I just moved here last week What is the name of the villa owner? This villa is my aunt’s
So I think the name of this villa owner is probably my uncle’s name What are you talking about? Do you bring your identification card? No Okay. Follow me Where do we go? I have to be here waiting for my parents You don’t need to care about this I don’t need to care about this? Little girl, it is late, why don’t you go to sleep but stay here, eat the cake and cry Do you think whether you do this will scare people? You seem suspicious Listen, my responsibility is to protect this area Hope you cooperate Go, go Go Little girl, if you still do things like this, I’ll hit you Hurry up | I don’t want to go Go Hands off Hey Why did you throw my cake? Go to the trash and pick it up You like to eat spilled food Why do you know? That boy is your boyfriend? No He is Xia Mi’s boyfriend Ex-lover She struggled one morning to make a cake Just because she wanted to celebrate his birthday But, he… Wash your face, then come up here Don’t dirty my house

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