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[ENG/VIET/INDO SUB] BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video Shooting Sketch EPISODE

[ENG/VIET/INDO SUB] BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video Shooting Sketch EPISODE

Make sure to subscribe ~ RM: Yeah! JM: Yeah! RM: Make some noise!! (Dream like mood at the filming set) SG: We are filming a video for the collaboration with UNICEF. SG: It’s a video produced with our song ‘Answer’. SG: It’s a video filmed with great intention, so it will come out well. (Actor Jung: J-hope’s solo shot) JH: Winning with looks in the eyes. Actor Jung. JIN: Actor Jung, are you done?
JH: Not yet. JH: His hand is like this for applying henna wrong. JM: It’s not because of henna. JM: After applying henna, I had to erase them with a remover, JM: I have a quick temper, so I tried to erase it with my hand and the skin was peeled off. JIN/JH: Oh no… (aigo)
JM: It hurts. (V looking into the lake) RM: The lake is really pretty. RM: We are filming at an emotional space. RM: As we are doing LOVE MYSELF campaign together, RM: we are also donating certain amount now. JM: It’s such an honor that these things keep happening to us. JM: This is very different from our usual MV filming. JM: When we film MVs, it’s always very active/dynamic stuff. JM: This time, I feel that it’s more about the big meaning of filming instead of the outcome. JM: We will film it well. JH: I think it’s a beautiful scene. JH: There will be many things inside this lake. (BTS becomes playful with only props) JK: I’m not sure what the water means JK: but I think it contains an important message. RM: Hey, I’m protecting it. (It’s a scene where they put their hands on the glass speaker) JH: 3, 2, 2. Who will do it? (What is the first one to go home?)
V: Three here! JH: Yoongi hyung, rock-paper-scissors. JIN: No, team Kim Seok Jin doesn’t lose. YG: Rock-paper-scissors.
(Rock-paper-scissors to decide the team for going home first) JIN: Team Kim Seok Jin! YG: Rock-paper-scissors. (Team Kim Seok Jin wins at the end) (Team Kim Seok Jin going home first) (Following J-hope to the office, RM joining team Kim Seok Jin) (Team Kim Seok Jin finished filming first) (While Jungkook fell asleep, V joining Suga’s team) RM: Doing a promise for ten million? (Checking each other’s abs)
JH: They are just bones. JIN: How are my abs? V: Hyung, touch mine. RM: They are an iron plate. JIN: Wow, those are real abs. RM: Oh wow, J-hope. (Suddenly started Jimin and V’s duet) (Singing ‘Love Myself’) (V and Suga finished filming too) JIN: Filming ended. You worked hard. JM: Where did everyone go who was holding my hands? (In satoori) JM: How come only Jungkook is left next to me? (In satoori) JM: There is no Kim Taehyung, no Kim Namjoon. JM: They’re all gone. JM: I don’t need anyone. JM: I will revenge. JIN: Filming is over. JH: LOVE MYSELF. RM: UNICEF filming has ended. JM: I think it’s a deep meaningful event for us.
RM/JH: That’s right. SG: Through the video together with our song, SG: I hope many young friends gain strength. RM: It’s our lake, isn’t it? RM: We will work hard and prepare music and performances, RM: it’s really not a big thing, RM: but if many people see them and gain strength and courage, RM: it would be our honor. JIN: It’s great that our music is used as the background music for a great cause. JH: Everyone, please show lots of love! RM: We will love ourselves more from now on too. JK: Everyone, please love yourself too. JH: LOVE MYSELF, LOVE YOURSELF.
00:05:10,440 –>00:00:00,000
V: Thank you.
JIN: Bye.

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