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[ENG SUB][EPISODE] BTS 방탄소년단 LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ Jacket shooting sketch

[ENG SUB][EPISODE] BTS 방탄소년단 LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ Jacket shooting sketch

V: Hello, everyone. We are BTS. V: The jacket shoot is starting soon. (O of YOUR) RM: Finally, we are shooting the album jacket again. JH: It’s O concept out of YOUR. JM: The photo concept is related to good-byes. JM: We are shooting photos of expressing the different stages of good-byes. JM: And we are shooting O. JM: Please look forward to it. SG: The start is always hard. SG: Because we have to test everything. SG: It’s oil. RM: I think it came out nice. JH: Aren’t you curious about J-HOPE’s beauty of corruption? V: To be honest, it’s my first time having black hair since debut. V: I was saving it a lot. JH: Jin, his shoulders worked hard. JIN: They worked hard. You worked hard x2. JK: I was told to cry (by a director). JK: I couldn’t get into the emotion, so I couldn’t cry. JH: What was the shooting for today?
It was shooting for O, everyone.
JIN: O shooting. V: Now, our point is all black hair. JH: Oh, we became all black. RM: Wasn’t this ARMY’s wish, all black hair, everyone? JIN: Yes! The all black hair they wanted so much. JM: It suites us well. JH: We have shooting tomorrow again, so should we move forward? JIN: One, two, three!
V: Bye~! JIN: LOL (U of YOUR) JM: Hello~ JM: Today is the second day of jacket shoot. JH: Everyone, today is the day of shooting U. JH: To be precise, we are shooting U and R. RM: If I go to Garosoo-gil like this, you can become a fashionista right away. JK: A completely opposite concept from yesterday. JK: I will take a photo at three, so open your eyes wide.
JH: Okay. JK: One, two! LOL JIN: Look. JIN: Jungkook-ah, Jungkook-ah, look at me! (All members teasing Jungkook as if taking a baby photo) V: I have snack for you! SG: Stop, you’ll make him cry~ JM: You did well~ RM: We got a great result! A great result! JK: Ah, it’s hot. (R of YOUR) JM: All the members dressed up in all denim today for the first time. V: I didn’t expect tears to be in the album. JM: It’s also a problem for being good at staring match. JK: It’s hard to express reserved sadness. JK: I can do crying aloud. JK: Crying doesn’t match with my life vibe. JH: Should I start the fancy acting? RM: I am still sad. I keep thinking about sad things now… RM: Jin hyung’s those expressions are just… RM: It’s too sad… (Jin sobbing) JIN: The remaining members, fighting! SG: It’s not easy. SG: I think the photos will come out nice. V: No matter how it comes out, I believe ARMYs will love it V: We worked hard on the shoot, so please show lots of love. RM: From U, R to O.
JH: That’s right. RM: We finished all except Y. JIN: That’s right. SG: We shed tears, crying and laughing! JH: It could be a mess tomorrow. We all could be bloated? JIN: Oh, you might be right.
RM: Seriously, I am a little worried. JH: Fighting! SG: Let’s meet tomorrow.
JIN: For the shooting tomorrow, fighting~ (Y of YOUR) V: Hello~ everyone. JM: It’s the last day of jacket shoot. SG: We are in Booan in North Jeolla-do. JM: I will work hard again today. Fighting! RM: Originally, we believed the love was destined from DNA. RM: But the narration now is about the moment realizing it was ‘Fake Love’. RM: That’s why we are at a lonely place. RM: Also expressing despair. RM: Like the title of the album, we are showing tears too. RM: We are shooting Y today. RM: We are shooting the first version the last. RM: Including me, all the members came out the best today. JH: I think it will come out pretty and nice. JH: First, I am pretty. (Embarrassed laugh) JK: The spring is here, everyone. SG: I finished shooting just now. SG: I am leaving to have a proper meal. SG: Bye~ JM: It’s the only photo shoot outside. JM: I was told that this is the same place as the shooting location for ‘Save Me’ MV. JIN: I think this photo shoot is very clean. JIN: Shooting from different angles from the same place. JIN: It could be more comfortable to look at. RM: Falalala~ V: ARMY, thank you for waiting. V: Thank you. RM: If no one tells you, this place could look like Savannah Africa instead of Booan North Jeolla-do. JH: Savannah Savannah~ JM: It’s an album which I put my soul in. JM: I think the photos will come out really pretty.
RM: The will come out nice. JH: You can expect high. JIN: Even from now on, BTS will go on. JIN: BTS! JH: Wow~ We finished the jacket shoot! SG: Where are we now? JH: It’s Booan. (Car sound) JIN: We came to Booan by a car like Booang~ JH: It feels different shooting outside. RM: Do you think the jacket photos will come out nice? JH: I like all of them. YOUR, I like them all. JM: I am curious how the photos will turn out. JH: I am sure all will like the photos, YOUR. JM: It’s an album with our soul in. RM: That’s right. JH: Please show a lot of love! JH: Bye!
RM: Y! JIN: Bye! Y! JM: We will meet you soon everyone!

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