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[Eng Es PT Sub] BTS Korean Political News – the youngest Culture Medal recipients 방탄소년단 문화훈장 뉴스

[Eng Es PT Sub] BTS Korean Political News – the youngest Culture Medal recipients 방탄소년단 문화훈장 뉴스

The popular idol group. You should all like them. BTS held a concert at the big scale stadium in New York, USA as the first Korean singers yesterday. The local enthusiasm was also great as New York subway organization extended the subway lines. However, they added one more “the first records”. As the youngest in the history, this BTS will be receiving the Culture Medal by Korean government. Journalist Lee Dong Jae had an exclusive coverage on this. Let’s meet the related news. BTS held a solo concert at New York Citi Field stadium in front of more than 40,000 fans yesterday. BTS continues to rewrite the history of breaking records being “the first” in Korean music industry such as UN speech and No.1 on Billboard charts. And they are setting another record. As the first idol group and the youngest, they are receiving the Culture Medal of Korea. A government official stated that “BTS was decided to receive the Culture Medal at the cabinet council today”. The Culture Medal is an award given to people who set clear and outstanding contributions to Korean Culture for the nation’s development. BTS were nominated along with Kim Min Gi, the president of theater organization, an actor Lee Soon Jae, Lim Ha Ryong who are great sunbaes and experts in the field. They had the honor of receiving the award winning over the great artists with more than 40 years of expertise. The award of Culture Medal is irrelevant to military exemption. Channel A News, Lee Dong Jae.

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  1. LOL they had to note that it's irrelevant to military exemption. I may be selfish but I actually want them to be exempted. Maybe a Grammy can do but it's impossible at the moment T.T Well we can dream. BTW I feel so proud of them. Back in the day, I thought a Daesang would be too difficult, never did I expect they flied higher and higher and achieved so much in merely two years.

  2. You went to bed translating, and you woke up translating. Please make sure you're getting enough rest. Thank you so very much for your kindness, your hard work, and generosity! <3<3<3

  3. i cringed when the reporter said it's irrelevant for military excemption. they mean no harm but idk… maybe i'm still upset at how they framed armys up to give bts a military excemption 👀

  4. When I think of all the achievements of BTS in recent time (2017 to date), achievements that they probably never even dreamed of (like addressing the UNGA – I don't think even Bang Shi Hyuk, visionary that he is, saw that coming), I really think they are happening to BTS because good things happen to good people who do good. They continue to work hard, they continue to have passion for their craft, they never shortchange the fans, and they remain humble and grateful, never forgetting where they came from, how they started, and what they went through to get to where they are now. So i just want to say to BTS, just continue doing what you do best – making great music, spreading inspiring messages, and generally being ideal role models – don't worry about any other achievements that may come next, in the end, you will get your just rewards.

    On a related note, after having watched the latest BV episodes, I wonder if those random people they met and interacted with in Malta have already found out about BTS's achievements, and what they think. Like that group of men that Jin approached and said "nice fashion!" to – they would probably be floored that the blonde Korean in the weird outfit stood before the UNGA. It just blows my mind. 🙂

  5. The Cultural Medal is an award given to people who set clear and OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS to Korean Culture for the nations development.

    Daesang are not even close on how PRESTIGIOUS this award was. BTS contribute a lot in spreading the korean industry, language and culture. They really deserves this recognition.

  6. I'm just so happy for BTS. All of this is possible with BTS hardwork and Armys unfailing support. Purple BTS and Armys 💜💜💜

  7. 방부심에 가슴 뻐근함이 가시기 전에 영상을 올려주셨네요 ~ 빠르셔라
    오늘 정말 행복한 날입니다

  8. Buenos Días..
    Aquí apenas esta amaneciendo,
    Buenas Noches
    En Corea Allá
    Ya es de Noche.

    Me encanta ver Como BTS es Reconocido En Corea Y que les den Reconocimiento a lo que hacen, Jin esta Apunto de ser llamado al servicio militar ya que esta en la edad,
    Realmente Frustra ver Como penden de un Hilo, Ver Como Su carrera puede detenerse
    Por el servicio militar,
    Pero igual entiendo que es un deber y una obligación de todo Coreano.
    Bueno Por mas que sea Un grupo que esta escalando Y logrando sus sueño, Estoy consciente que el cualquier momento darán pausa para cumplir Con su deber, Me suele saber Que Podrían Perder Muchas oportunidades, Pero Corea Tiene Una Costumbre y reglas Diferentes.
    Y yo no soy quien para Juzgar Nada.

    Por otro Lado
    Me alegró muchos por los Chicos.💜💜💜💜💜

    PD: Gracias Por ña. Traducción eres la mejor, siempre estoy pendiente de tu trabajo.✌😉

  9. Being a BTS army I am proud of them. I will continue to pray that one day they will be exempted from military service. It's been a huge name BTS bring the flag of Korea and proud that they are Korean talented singers. Their is no possible in miracles. 💜 🙏

  10. After all this, we should seriously ignore all the kpoppies, haters and antis. Like come on, BTS ARE UNTOUCHABLE.

  11. Im felling so much proud 💜💜
    Its weird right? these 7 men who I've never met & they didnt know i exist 💜💜 but still i became so much proud and happy whenever they achieve something 💜💜💜

  12. LOL, that blurb about BTS winning one of the most prestigious cultural awards in Korea not necessarily exempting them from military service is a little unexpected in a report that celebrates a lot of BTS's accomplishments, but I guess it's whats on a lot of fans' minds.

    My spidey sense might be wrong on this, but I have a feeling that the BTS members would consider it their obligation to serve in the military, so even if they're offered military exemption, they would go and serve anyway. Didn't Namjoon already go for his military physical exam? And during the last election, they posted selfies of them outside of the voting sites. Their sense of duty to their country is strong.

    I just hope that they get to serve during peacetime, so their lives would not be in danger. So I hope they serve soon, because the future is so uncertain. I hope they're allowed to train together and serve where they can easily go to each other for support. And yes, I'm one of the few who think it's best that all 7 of them serve at the same time.

    I have a feeling BigHit has been saving content to be released while the members are in the military. The Five, Always exhibition might be a litmus test for a traveling exhibition that would hit major cities across the world while BTS is on military hiatus. By the time its run ends, the BTS guys will have finished their military service.

    The members have been hinting about unreleased music that they have already written. That demo with Adora that Taehyung played for us in his last Vlive broadcast sounded ready for release to my ears. And we know that Yoongi has a whole library of songs he has already written. Namjoon too.

    In addition, there are thousands of hours of footage to keep us fed with Bangtan Bombs and BTS Episodes while they're gone. Who knows, because they're national treasures now, they might even be allowed to post to the fancafe or Twitter while they're inside.

    BTS has touched millions of hearts across the world, so a 2-year absence from the limelight is too short a time for that love to disappear. Here in the US, legends like Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson have taken breaks longer than 2 years, and were able to make successful comebacks.

  13. I'm so proud and happy for them. They came this far! 💞💞 They have done so much for us and for themselves, I can't thank them enough. They changed my life and my old self. Thank you bangtan for making me a smiley and bubbly person, for making me fall in love with music and the passion I have now for music, thanks to them. They are my role models I can look up to and follow their footsteps. I don't care what the society says because they don't have anything else than hating BTS and their music. They can seriously rot in hell and that they should get a life -.-

  14. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Me siento feliz y orgullosa por ellos. Quizás la medalla sea irrelevante para que no cumplan con el servicio militar pero, en el
    momento de hacer un recuento, cuenta entre los ya varios méritos para que no tengan que cumplirlo, sigan produciendo
    importante música, contribuyendo a la economía de Corea y haciéndonos felices a las ARMYs.

  16. 1st idol to recieve korean culture medal and yet haters say that bts achievements aren't great enough to deserve military exemption. iam not saying i want that but just for arguments sake i wanted to point it out.

  17. Again, thank you for keeping us updated with current South Korean news reports regarding BTS. You have been working very hard translating for us I-ARMYs and we truley appreciate it!! However, I hope that are getting your proper rest. Your health is most important to us. 💜

  18. OMG siento que mi corazón va explotar de orgullo. 😭
    Gracias x esta hermosa noticia. 💎💜

  19. Oh come on, Korea is just constantly putting more public pressure on bts by putting them on even higher pedestrials and showing them off as public idols claiming their success as the countries own…

  20. Behold BTS, The Breaker of Records, First of Every Title, Voice of The Youth, Pride of Korea, Unifier of The Divided, Musical Intellectuals, Inspirational Artists, Dearest in The Hearts of ARMYs, Bearers of Hope, The Seven Living Legends.

  21. They deserve it because a lot of young generations today save by BTS and their songs…. and I am one of them 😊

  22. The sad true is “before BTS I didn’t knew anything's about South Korea” but now I know about they’re past, present and hope for future. And SK is now one of the countries I want to visit

    Shame on me, but at least now I know

  23. Other recepients has more than 40 yrs of experience while BTS is just 5 yrs but incredible years tho so I'm proud of them..BTSxARMY let's continue to soar high💕

  24. Im so proud of my babies… I dont know what to say im just so happy that they became a part of my life… Keep fighting #BTS keep up and keep flying #Army is always be your wings…

  25. Thank you for all of these Korean new coverage videos! It's great to know how how they are being received in Korea. 🙂

  26. Could you explain to me what they meant by the military situation? I don't understand. By the way I'm so proud of them! 💜

  27. I've had a lot of interests in other country, and I've always like Korea cause of their culture and webtoons, but liking BTS has been such an experience that I express so often that even my mom and dad look at korean things now. Like my dad's search history is filled with korean cultural videos cause he's curious why I like BTS and now korea so much and more. Even all my relatives have heard of BTS. I have a lot of respect for the older generations of kpop, but you have to be honest, their reach was never this massive.

  28. 빅뱅의 GD도 태양도 모두 군대가있는데…정부입장에서 이 그룹의 특별함을 알면 병역기간이라도 좀 획기적으로 줄여주었으면 한다

  29. Been waiting to hear this news since they were nominated. Tbh I had my doubts. Wasn't sure how they'd do against the more experienced persons but they did it. So proud. BTS always defy the odds.

  30. I start try and like Korean food , because of Jin ‘s cooking. South Korea is I must visit one day. I learn many Korea words from watching Run BTS .. Yes ,, BTS bring me to interesting Korea.. They must receive it .

  31. The last line though 😆
    They were very cautious with their words, but it’s a great move to avoid misunderstanding 👏👏👏

  32. just what else should they achieve to get a military exemption….like seriously there's no a 1# artist or olympian had achieved half of what BTS achieved and still got a military exemption -_-

  33. Conclusion.They brought korean culture to the world. performed in stadium n arena with energy, endurance, termination, dedication, passion, sweat n tears .but still its not like winning a gold in olimpic..the end.

  34. Extension of NY Subway, Culture Medal of Korea, Citi Field concert with 40k in attendance..BTS are living Legends👑💜

  35. proud of them…….i still remember that not so good guy call B-Free insult them….hope there's no petition from useless person anymore….congrats BTS

  36. To think these seven guys dreamed of receiving Daesang now got culture award
    They grow so fast
    i feel like a proud mom

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