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(Eng/All sub)[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS to form a band – BTS (방탄소년단)190826

(Eng/All sub)[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS to form a band – BTS (방탄소년단)190826

[Before the rehearsal V Pic up the guitar] Jk: that’s all I knew. V: holding someting like that? Shaking it about. St: you are right press down on the side V:(Playing guitar) JK: there this also right? This V: but there is this (V having fun) Jin: ah.. he just let out a really softness-O-, JK:O… ,Jin: A soulless Oh… St: No ,there was soul Jk:(Playing guitar) Jk: oh, was it always this high ? Jk: oh this Five, St: this originally has five strings Jk: That’s all I knew. Jk: (playing drums) Jk: This, st: you have not forgotten this? JH:where would Jungkook passion for the drums have disappeared off to?, JK: it’s disappeared-2 St: the passion is disappeared , JH: The passion SG: Let’s go-2 SG: this is not you do it ,V: why? JM: Let’s Go , Let’s Go jk., SG: I already said let’s go , JM: Let’s Go jk

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