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Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts

Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts

This year, I asked my
viewers to send me some of their bad holiday gifts. So I’ll share them
with you right now. And this is from
Sandy from Minnesota. She says my great
aunt in Ireland always sends me
perfume for Christmas. My aunt doesn’t see very
well and this year’s gifts was a little strange. So these are the
perfumes this year. And the first one– it’s several
scents– white lace and muddy grass. In case you want to smell like
you fell down at your wedding. I mean what is that what? Burnt marshmallow and
leather is the next one. Leather jacket,
burnt marshmallow, some one at the factory is
sniffing too much perfume, I think. This is my favorite. This is whipped
cream and microchip. It’s like if you drop your
iPhone in frappuccino, I guess– we should bottle this. All right, the next one is
from Nina from London, England. I was doing my holiday
shopping and I came across this at TJ Maxx. I didn’t have the heart
to give it as a gift so I’m sending it to you. OK, this is– please
enjoy with me. It says Facebook, and it says
F, family and friends, A, attitude, C, communicate,
E, exciting, B, behave, O, oops, Oh, opportunity,
K, keep in touch. OK, let’s start
from the beginning. Someone came up with the
words for Facebook, OK? Someone said we got to
make a word for Facebook. And then they thought,
we should frame this. And then someone at TJ Maxx
said we’re going to buy these and we’re going to sell them. Somehow Sears is
going out of business? TJ Maxx is OK? But it inspired me to
make one of my own. And where is it? Do I not have it? It’s under the– Oh, OK. It’s just fresh off the press. OK, here it is. Ellen– E is for excellent, L is
for lesbian, L is for lesbian, E is for entertainer– [APPLAUSE] All right, and this next one. Michael from New
York sent this in. My mother bought these for my
father several Christmases ago, but he never opened them. They’re men’s support
socks, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the name. And here they are,
men’s support socks. They’re called Supp-hose. Supp-hose, and they go with
your, Not Much Britches. Please remember to wash them,
nobody likes dirty hose. All right, finally,
this was a gift that I got from
one of my viewers. This was sent to me from JB. That’s all I know. It’s very mysterious– JB. And here it is. Aw. Yeah, that’s what I
said when I saw it. Aw. It’s called Ellen and
Portia, Number 10. He took 10 tries, but
he finally got it. He got it on number 10. This is one Portia and I
would weave our hair together. We would– it’s
actually a good portrait of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. I may send it to them. It’s really scary too. No matter where you’re
standing in the room, our chins follow you.

Reader Comments

  1. I loved the painting. It was really nice. We can't expect the fans to be of highly experienced artists.

  2. Ellen if you at the back of your cat kin rule book. You will see that the historical arkee. Who is creditedfor being the author. Of your cat kin rule book. Is a tan balled man. He is your ceo of your cat kin. He is credited at your founder of your cooperation. And he is a tan bald man. You dont wsnt to follow comic book girl 19s wolf kin. Feminism. Byt you will follow a cat kin feminism. Whos founder is a tan skin bald guy. Tgat is tge feminism you subscribed to. The ones founder thats a tan bald guy.

  3. 90% of the people commenting bout Ellen making fun of the painting probably laughed at it or wouldn’t want a painting like that themselves.

  4. I'm sorry but like dang Ellen that was harsh if someone gives u a gift you should except the fact that someone loves u enough to even get u one that was rude and mean I love u Ellen but please don't do this again

  5. What you call snouted cats was never legally copywrited under snouted cats. These were only legally copywrited under female wolves in America. The characters that was identified as such was always identified as female wolves. You would know that if you learn to read the contracts. Learn how to read the contracts. There are no snouted cats in America. The copyright is female wolves.

  6. Ellen… the moslem royals in the Middle East dont support your catkins crimes. You are wrong for obeying Arkee's orders. They want to hqve a debate with you and your catkins. You can be penalised if yiur explanations are not to their liking.

  7. I am protected by laws, your catkins is not. It doesn't matter if you see me as inferior. Your catkins is copyright as terrorism, illegal terrorism. I don't care if you see Arkee as royal or even a prophet. He's copywrite under none. You said you have legal permission from the government to punish wolfkins for crimes against Arkee's catkins. You have no proof of this. The government has denied this.

  8. The Malaysian stamp of approval is not a picture of a cat. You are breaking the law when you follow Arkee's contracts. It has no government seal of approval.

  9. Arkee is not my boss, I dont have to do what he wants. The only motive for hating me is that I have a suntan. That isnt a good reason to go to war. What? You prefer Grace's hunchback?

  10. it’s pretty obvious the painting was created for satire and the skit was scripted, some people are just so naive and gullible.

  11. I never gave Grace Randolph permission to copyright the characters under snouted cats. These were meant to be copywrite under wolves female. My religion doesn't believe wolves are strictly males. Your religion just lies to you. You need to lie inorder to promote your hatred dogs and wolves. I dont care your copyright came first. It was made without the artist's consent. The artisit never worked for your catkins. We have no evidence the artist signed a contact with catkins.

  12. If I had sent her that picture, I‘m not sure if I had laughed about her joke.
    Depends on whether or not I think I did a great job and whether or not I need her to think it‘s great.
    If I‘m okay with having tried my best, I would have been very proud to be roasted by her! I guess I wouldn‘t have felt insulted. Again, depending on whether or not I consider myself an artist whose work has to be appreciated or I just did my best and know it‘s not that amazing.
    Ellen roasts everything and everyone! If she did it to me, I wouldn‘t take it that seriously! I‘d be glad she chose to roast me, that can be a compliment!
    I believe.
    Don‘t know though.

  13. There is no such thing as Malaysian snouted cat. Your arkees copyright are based on lies. The Malaysian government doesnt want to give money to your cat kin. You are not pro the invironment, the artist whi created your snouted cat. Said they were not supposed to be cooyrighted under snouted cat, they were supposed to be copyright under wolves.i dont want to believe in a violent hateful god who says its ok to be hateful to wolves.

  14. Can you explain the difference between your pet snouted cat and the female wolves? Both are white, bushy tail, pointed and have snouts.

  15. President trump doesnt like how you are running your business. He doesn't like all the lies you are making about me and my wolf kin.

  16. cats are not endangered your cat kin is without cause. Brown men are not endangered. Your masculism is without cause. Im talking to you ellen.

  17. Just cause ur famous an all doesn’t mean it’s ok to make fun of someone’s gifts and think you will get away with it 😶

    I would’ve screamed out that’s messed up to make fun of someone’s gift if I was there

  18. Mary owns a black floppy ear dog in the Shia literature. This book also says the dog goes with her to heaven (??) Apparently dogs have souls.

  19. The rule in America says if your catkins converts muslim members into masculine males , your catkins go bankrupt.

  20. ellen i love u and respect u alot cuz im a huge fan of urs but making fun of a gift set u by a fan who spent so much time on is truly offensive and he might have just started drawing and wanted it to be special so he chose u , i hope u apologized to him later

  21. If you guys don’t know all of this is staged. There is no jb that put their heart and soul in this painting. It was probably painted or bought by her staff.

  22. Does the 2 nd perfume remind you of Mackenzie Ziegler?
    She just made an impulse spray of burnt marshmallows and leather jacket

  23. Ellen is sorta mean in this. She shouldn’t really humiliate people like that especially with paintings. I personally love Ellen,but it is still sorta mean.-Zara

  24. Disliked the video for making fun of JB's efforts.
    Nice work, JB. Keep it up!

    P.S. Paint someone who's grateful of your efforts next time.

  25. Y’all can say “omg that was so rude I expected more from u Ellen” when she won’t see it or won’t care 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  26. all y all hoes butthurt Ellen made this as a joke the portrait isn't real it's for comedic purposes she is a comedian it's all scripted

  27. My Channel is Beautiful

  28. For my mother yes for me I don’t get for always make my cud Will way this all I get for her by that on my cimd

  29. Can I get the Parfums they are good. 😂😂😂👍👍👍I wann have Ellens frame please give it to me. 👌🙏🤣👏💪

  30. I have just lost my respect for Ellen. I considered sending a painting of Ellen to her as a gift. Not gonna happen. Eye opener this video was! 🥺

  31. The painting was beautiful❤ That was just too arrogant to poke fun at that person who took 10 tries & invested his time to paint 🎨💔

  32. Alo saludos no se olvide ok ay cosas tan buenas ni se como decir espresar ok alto claro. Les guste ok te call me espage alo saludos pli permi me siento por fi oigo si aplaudo doy grc grc grc así. Mundo.

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