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Elite: Dangerous : Free Stuff Military Flight suits for Horizons customersxbox one pc and Ps4

Elite: Dangerous : Free Stuff Military Flight suits for Horizons customersxbox one pc and Ps4

hello everybody this is Ricardo and
this week in Elite dangerous there is a special offer and deal for all those
people who have elite dangerous horizons head on over to the elite dangerous
store online and navigates to game extras elite dangerous and you can see
the military flight suit pack is now free zero pounds clicking on it you can
see there’s a wide selection of military and earthy type colors and variations on
the theme suits so a nice or extra if you are horizons customer so you can
click through some of the pictures and hey why wouldn’t you want this if you’ve
got horizons it’s free how many free things do you get these days not many
and it’s good frontier is actually showing the people who’ve bought
horizons you know getting my little tip bit here and there I think before this
couple of months ago there were some free decals for your ship showing which
faction that you would belong to so you can add these into your commander by
going to the Hollow Me section when you’re in a spaceport and the library
section comes up especially just Hollow me click on Hanah me and you can add
them to your commander well that’s it for me
zero pounds there see no dramas at all you can add that in Add to Cart and then
check out to your normal process I’ve been Ricardo this has been elite
dangerous freebies look out for more videos in the series

Reader Comments

  1. Ricardo you just made my day this is cool many thanks I am a subscriber and a avid Elite Dangerous headed over to FD store to pickup hard earned/free military space suit's that's key word military when we get space legs and these suit's have extras I'll owe you one CMDR josky cheers

  2. XBOX and PS4 players just log into the game and go to the frontier store. from there go to the commander tab and look for them there.

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