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El Proyecto Sansón: Escuela Militar

El Proyecto Sansón: Escuela Militar

Name: Daniel Age: 16 Reason: military school Place: Mexico How are you? – Fine are getting a haircut. Why, tell us Because I am a troublemaker at home My parents are tired of me and they want me to go to a military school so.. that’s my situation Wow.. and how do you feel about that? well.. pretty stressed out So, you are then getting a military haircut style… Yes… I am Ok.. so let’s see how it goes Ok.. so, this is what we need It’s going to be a military haircut. Like a very short fade So, please use #3 all over And then a close fade It will be a razor fade High Use the razor up to here And then longer here and #3 on top and leave it a bit longer here So… use #3 and then in the front with scissors Use clippers all over Should I use clippers here too? The idea is to get a very short fade But… how short? Quite short He needs it for Military School But in order to get something more modern, he will get a fade Go with the clippers first So you said #3, right? yes Ready? Are you prepared to lose your hair? Not really Should I use it on the top too? #3 on top? —- well let’s do a #4 This is #3, it’s going to be like this Ok, use #4 on top So.. how do you feel now? I feel more calm, like new Its the new you, right? But a new person in a good or in a bad way? In a good way I like your new look! Now you can go ahead and dare to do anything in life This was the first step Yes.. I believe so It’s time. Now you have the look strange… You have been served… Thanks a lot Marcos Its a pleasure So.. what happened? It was something completely different. I feel like a new person It’s something I never thouhgt would happen to me And it’s something that I recommend And do you like the way you look? Very much It’s a new me. Neat and with more strenght Nice! I think I will keep this style That’s true. You look very handsome

Reader Comments

  1. Hola, de que se trata estos proyectos uatedes nos graban o como? Tenemos algun beneficio?, lo que pasa que yo me quiero afeitar la cabeza, de hecho lo voy hacer pero vi esto y me agrado la idea de plasmar un porque!!! Que debo hacer o como los localizo? Agradezco su respuesta

  2. Good quality hair to work with, so the end result is stunning, and gives this handsome young man a suitable air of maturity for Military School.

  3. Muy buen video, las instrucciones dadas al barbero son excelentes y el resultado final es insuperable. El chico antes del corte tenía un aspecto algo aniñado, después del corte es ya todo un hombre

  4. I can't stop watching this. I Really want to get my head shaved right now. Why am I feeling like this??? It confuses me so much

  5. Hola qué tal?

    Me gustaría saber cómo participar en este proyecto, quiero un Flattop y de esta manera sería mucho mejor!

  6. In military schools in the US you dont go for punishment you go for a better education. The first haircut in our military schools is just like basic training. Bald!

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