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Eberlestock HalfTrack Military Backpack –

Eberlestock HalfTrack Military Backpack –

My name is Chase from OpticsPlanet and today
I’m got the Eberlestock HalfTrack Backpack, this is the pack that I wish they would
have issued me when I was in the Army. As you can see there’s MOLLE panels
everywhere so you can attach all sorts of different pouches and attachments, on the side you have a hydration sleeve
here, and also here, and they’ve got hooks so you can keep it stable. On the
back of this pack there’s an adjustable yoke system so you can have
it at the proper height they have aluminum stays for added
support, these are also adjustable to fit your contour, extremely padded waist belt, on the inside we have a three thousand
cubic inch compartment. As you can see there’s more MOLLE paneling down here
and you can divide the compartment to an upper and lower space, you also have a radio pouch for a PRC radio with holes up here for the antenna. Panels all over, pouches on the inside
for organizing your small items this is a great pack for the money. Again, it’s the Eberlestock HalfTrack Backpack, thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. Can this pack be a carry on airplane bag if you empty out the side saddlebags and cinch it down?

  2. I have just received an Eberlestock halftrack but It doesn't have the alumium frame. What's is the problem? where can I buy 2 nos of alumnium ?

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