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Easter Artillery Fire: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 104)

Easter Artillery Fire: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 104)

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Reader Comments

  1. Fuck Kiev Junta Ignorant Trolls, we are freedom fighters that are defending our land from dirty junta dogs like you, come to our land with hate and you will be killed. By the way we are normal reasonable people, we want to be left alone and you keep fucking with us.

  2. Religion and nationalism, at it as usual. Way to be pawns all around for the oligarch who pretends to be sympathetic.

  3. anyone remember chechneya? remember when they voted to be independant from russia just like whats going on in ukraine? remember how russia invaded and lost only to come back and shell the capitol city just die to the fact people wanted to be free from russia, so tell me what gives russia the right to support eastern ukraines indepandance only to say no and invade chechneya when they wanted the same thing?

  4. Isn't there some rule against shelling civilians or shelling a hospital? I though that you only shell enemy combatants.

  5. When will you realize that that Russia is:

    #1 in the world for political murders
    #1 in the world for murders among youth
    #1 in Europe for youth suicides
    #5 in the world for criminal aggression
    #1 in the world for divorces
    #1 in the world for Heroin uses
    #1 supplier for sex workers

    ~1 million people die due to drunk driving, fire, and murders.
    ~200 people/day or 70,000 people each year reported missing
    ~1 million homeless children live in the streets
    ~700,000 orphans (more orphans than after WWII)
    ~3 million of alcoholics (official statistic)
    ~20% of the population below the poverty line

  6. The comments here just show pathetic and hypocritical people are. Half of the video: Ukrainian shells landing on civilians and hit a hospital. The other half: Rebels display a dead soldiers body. Comments: 100% condemn the body display 0% talk about the fact Ukrainian army is shelling innocent people. Because fuck logic.

  7. Юкрейненский пэтриот шпрехает лучше на английском, чем весь днепр на украинском)))

  8. Im just speaking out my ass right now. but does anybody else think that the soviet union is still running the Russian government underground and the current one is just a puppet? Im not looking for an argument just want to know if others are thinking the same thing.

  9. That dead soldier, which is claimed by Russians to be a Ukrainian, apparently is not wearing Ukrainian uniform. At least I have never seen Ukrainians wearing such uniform

  10. That building behind them looks very modern and cool.  Ukraine actually had infrastructure before all of this.  It is a shame to see it all thrown away.

  11. Even though I don't side with the pro-russians in the conflict, I must say I had higher expectations from them than to do something like that. Show off a soldiers corpse to the journalists? That's something i'd expect from ISIS or some other terrorist group…

    Notice how his hands were tied, I guess the russians are so afraid of the Cyborgs that they believe they will rise from the dead and keep fighting! 😉

  12. Russia will loose. Do some research and you will see why. It is almost funny that they are doing this because they can't win.

  13. Dead body was dressed in the uniform that usually wear pro-Russian separatist. You can see alive separatists wearing the same uniform in this dispatch

  14. My cat often used to bring dead mice to the doorstep to show them off and russian terrorists are animals so I think they got their behavior in check.

  15. росіяни ви за це все заплатите! Буде вам дуже велике лихо.

  16. The Ukrainian Officer at 6:00 is the only level-headed Ukrainian official I've heard from in this whole conflict, He didn't go "It''s Russias fault for the escalation" etc he said "Both sides".

  17. Its interesting how all of the locals say that the bombs land from ukr side, yet VICE presents it as both sides doing the bombing.

  18. So let me get this straight. Ukrainean army is shelling its own citizens (every day) at the time of cease fire (signed by Ukrainian president), shells are landing in hospitals and homes.
    Not like its something new, but probably first time vice news audience gets to see the evidence that its not separatists who are shooting at themselves.

    vice news audience is still paranoid about russian terrorists as if they have a hate button in their head really

  19. It's macabre to show off a dead body of a soldier who attacked you and breached the ceasefire by doing so, but it's not macabre to shell civilian houses and a hospital. Western standards…

  20. That's pretty nazi to disrepectful show off a enemies corpse for all to see and they call ukraine nazis it doesn't help dnrp with their argument to show off enemy corpse ok so how does this show that the Ukrainian soldier are the ones breaking the cease fire they could have killed that guy during an assault of theirs and captured the other Ukrainian prisoner so that proves nothing if anything it just shows their idiots with a twisted sense of morality and logic

  21. At list there not as bad as isis bloody isis destroys 50 buildings and kills 100 unnecessary targets for each target they aim for

  22. it seem that the Ukraine military is trying to follow the minsk agreement but the crazy militias just don't care

  23. So, he told the reporter that she should be ashamed and then paraded the dead body around… WTF is wrong with these people? Do they honestly think that parading that soldiers around will weaken the Ukrainians resolve? Morons…

  24. Intressant att liket har samma uniform som de övriga ryska terroristerna? Typisk rysspropaganda som tydligen Vicenews gärna sprider helt okritiskt?

  25. its very interesting how this journalist reports on how Donetsk was bombed by artillery and then goes about saying that BOTH sides are intensifying their military operations . This is absurd,what the DPR bombed their own capital ?
    I mean this is a clear indication of a biased attitude on the part of vice news. thats something that i can't comprehend , if ur a journalist then your job is to report on the truth,and if your not telling it then i would think its a horrible feeling. so i guess it just doesn't make sens,or does money and influence make that all right ?

  26. So much for Russia following The Budapest Memorandum. Russia promised everything to get Ukraines 2000 nukes removed so it could later stab Ukrainians in the back. Although Ukraine has had a puppet president following russian orders ever since and finally ran his ass out of the country. No where he went? Straight to Moscow. haha He didn't even try to hide it. So that agreement was never followed by the 2 faced ivanskaya.

  27. Money behind Maydan
    Simon I have info first hand about cash being payed to protesters on maydan:
    1. beginning  €20
    2. with police involvement  €100 
    3. late stage (with killing and casualties)  €200
    I do not know how money where payed and if this is per day.

  28. I think they should show all dead bodies and half-bodies: women, children ets. Because your fucking Western world doesn't seem to see. They say of war like it is a computer game… Poor pinky saw a dead body and become uneasy, he didn't know people are actualy dying there… fucking wining prick

  29. Seeing that woman at 1:30 sitting alone and disappointed at the dinner table broke my heart 🙁 She was probably expecting for the whole family to get together to celebrate Easter. Then their house got bombed. Really reinforces the human tragedy of war which all too often gets lost.

  30. It's very professional report, very embarrassing for journalist, they show artillery gunfire and Atrocities of it hurting people, they show destroyed houses, they show the people point the direction of gunfire, but always cut off The part: that came from Ukrainian side!

  31. Ceasefires will never work because once the war is over, the pro-russians will slowly lose all their support as they don't have the resources to rebuilt East-Ukraine and it's economy and it won't take long for the people to realize that joining the "Putler Federation" was a bad mistake.

  32. And where is John Kerry, Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary, Jeb, and every other neocon cheerleader when this crime was going on? the silence is deafening.

  33. Is this Ukrainian commander even Ukrainian/Russian?   Sounds like he has been in the USA for sometime

  34. they are getting the blame of not respecting the Minsk agreement but when they do show the other side is doing otherwise they are being blamed of parading bodies,it seems whatever they do they always be guilty

  35. The Ukrainian officer knows that showing off a dead body still in his uniform is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but he didn't say anything.  What can you say about these DPR idiots that hasn't already been said?

  36. Why didn`t he ask citizens clealry who are responsible for this artillary strikes?
    Because he know defenetly, like everybody in Donetsk region, that is 100% ukrain army
    Hope U will burn in hell for tour hypocrisy

  37. Prepaid Journalist-prostitute Simon speaks pretty good Russian and English (good training in Western) language but as usual forgot to show another parts: awful Russian troops and military destructions in Donetsk. Good propaganda of official Kiev NeoNazi.

  38. Jack it used to really bother me to see reporters take pictures of dead bodies. I always felt like it was disrespectful of the deceased and just away of exploiting them for ratings. I saw this as a combatant war vet myself. I hated them for taking pictures of men I loved and knew personally. But now I realize they are doing it to show the level of horror that war is to the people at home who will never see just how terrible war is. Most people who live in a civil area will never even hear a shot fired in anger. All though pictures and video will never do the reality of it all justice. I do realize it is the only for a citizen to connect to what we experience on the battlefield. All though I hate it. It just like war is necessary. Other wise we would come try and explain what we saw and be dismissed as exaggerating.

  39. Yeah lady. I dont think you being here "afraid" for your house is going to stop a grad,smerch, or uragan rocket blowing you sky high.

  40. It's just really sad how all these Pro-Russian internet warriors spend their lives looking for Ukrainian videos and trying to post bullshit comments that doesn't really help them and others in life.

  41. Tjanks for your tough reporting. Bilingial helps English speakers understand better what your reporting. I hope the useless killing stops. Easter they aren't Christian the Russiams or they wouldn't fire on helpless women.

  42. Ukraine officer probably trained in the US or something. That American accent is about to come out .

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