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East German Raincoat

East German Raincoat

all right everybody I've got another review for you it's the East German raincoats and like the army shoe type of raincoats probably police issue as well as I was looking for a raincoat that looks a bit nicer than I collect arms like one and I found this and they're surprisingly good and they're quite cheap on eBay I've got mine for about ten pounds but postage so probably about 12 pounds 13 pounds so you put it on and it basically goes on like a normal codeword officers code whatever great comb and then you've got the buttons underneath the flap so they stop on Seymour to get them through that way so button it up then there's also about on there so you can get it to be a better fit for the problem is despite this being the one in most right size chest size for me the belts obviously still too big for me but it's not too bad fit so that's basically you have that done up there we go there's the actual coat on then you have the bout it just sits on the front put that broom I think that's got tangled action there we go so pull that through you can see that would be the actual size for it to be tight on me but it's bigger than I am so after I've got this size just put it through the little bracelet there we go there it is on with the thing we have said it's quite a nice-looking raincoat it's more like a Macintosh or whatever the eventual raincoat because I have a big flecktarn and also have a woodland DPM big heavy raincoat but they're good for keeping the rain off but they look a bit you know weird which is it can be good in some occasions but you kind of want a nice raincoat so that's what this does I think there might be a nother button at the top there is if you wanted to really have it up tight and the thing of this is as far as I can tell there's no actual hood on this so it kind of be worn with a hat or whatever or a helmet but it's quite nice just over rain coat so yeah I quite like this and I said there are only about 10 pounds 12 pounds so I'd recommend getting one

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  1. Nice review. I ordered the armed forces version of this raincoat (olive drab instead of green – green is for the police!) from Germany; it came to Canada surprisingly quickly. It was actually the exact same price as yours, even with the shipping!

    Only problem I had was this weird gray stuff inside the lining that disintegrated…and I had to shake all of that dusty stuff out. Did your raincoat have that material?

  2. This is the first video I've seen of one of these coats. I had only seen pictures of it, so nice review.

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