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East German K98k Mauser – From Nazi to Commie

East German K98k Mauser – From Nazi to Commie

hey guys in this video I'm gonna talk about East German k98 K's so like you could say like these are East German reworks or Eastern man-made canine decays or whatever but I just want to talk about the rifles that were used by the East Germans after World War two I don't I don't think there's a whole lot of videos out there there's not a whole lot of information about these East German k98 Ches kept this one like maybe eight years ago something like that so I got this gun and at first I just thought it was a you know regular k98 K you know wartime gun that was just in really really good shape because this kind of is in really really good shape the bluing on it is exceptional the wood you know looks really nice still so I just thought I got you know really lucky finding finding a deal like this apparently my dog wants to make a video so he's just gonna see here while he do this you good boy so there's not a whole lot of things that really sort of give away a king 98k as being East German you know a lot of people probably wouldn't even suspect that this was East Germany I'd probably just think that this gun was maybe reblued there's a few subtle hints that you can look for with k98 Ches that'll sort of help you determine whether or not your gun was the East German reissued gun so we're just gonna do a bunch of up closest of this rifle and we're just gonna house I'll show you what they are so just so you know I used chalk to kind of try to fill in the markings on this gun just so it shows up a little bit better on camera I didn't do a very good job so that's just sort of why there's some white in some spots and not in others but to start off with so we see here that this is a byf 44 so byf is the the code for the the late-war code for Mauser burned or factory 44 is of course the year this was made 1944 we see the little Waffen OMPs on this side so something to note here about this serial number is that as a five digit serial number so so this is sort of a late war thing that Mauser opened or FID earlier in the war there'd only be four digit serial numbers and then after it you know you'd either see like a a or a a or BB or whatever just uh just a suffix after the digit but instead of doing at they just decided to just go one digit higher and then they do less and less of those so physics here is one of the big giveaways on this rifle and that's this crown in here on the barrel so the Germans during the war they never used crown in as an acceptance mark this is a civilian sort of proof mark on the barrel that the the Germans never did during World War two but this is something that is marked on these East German rifles so this barrel is it's pretty much blank everywhere except for this crown n sometimes you'll see crown in or crown see and you'll also find this this marking on bolts and stuff like that so just the fact that this is on the barrel is a pretty dead giveaway that this is an East German barrel and it's an East German rifle you can just sort of tell the overall blue that's on this rifle that it is it is just a very nice blued finish so what they what they would do is pretty much just they'd polish these guns up they'd make them look extra nice and then they would reblued them so they get this very very deep blue and this almost polished metal surface look to it so that's going to be another indication that yours is an instrument used rifle unlike what the Russian captures and other k98 Ches that were used by other nations when the East Germans reblued these they did polish the bluing off the top of this rear sight that way you can just see the see the numbers here a little bit better and this is what the Germans did actually during the war – okay so down here we're at the wrist of the rifle now so down here this is usually where you'll find some sort of cartouche in the stock that the East Germans place there so on this one it looks like a k7 sometimes you'll find like a K and a number so like k7 RK 10 inside of a square you'll find something like that or you might even find a little sunburst marking or you might find a like a tg2 marking and a triangle there so if you suspect your your rifle or at least the stock is an East German rework stock just look right here on the wrist and you can look for little markings so this is another giveaway this is East German so right now I want you to focus on this sort of Nazi ego here this is an actual peened eagle so somebody cleaned out the swastika off of the eagle friend of mine once said this is lovingly pinged and that just sort of means that this eagle was the the swastika is just barely illegible it is just really the whatever was used to to knock this out it was perfectly placed inside of the circle underneath the eagle and it was no other damage was done anywhere else – this whole eagle just barely enough to take out the swastika that's something that I've only really noticed on these East German guns sort of these these lovingly pinged Eagles usually other other nations they if if they pain the Eagles they peen the whole thing this will hole just be a big mess my guess is that the the East German armored or soldier that did this they probably either weren't too crazy about the idea of having to either having to just damage the rifles in general and so they did it real light or maybe they were still sort of sympathetic for the for the German cause in world war ii so they didn't really want to but it was just barely done on this rifle this rifle was in my K 98k evolution video so my K 9 TK evolution video Ian's video on it has like the same title as mine but mine came first so if you do a search for it you'll find forgotten weapons video on it I would just say you know watch watch both of our videos because I think we both sort of talked about it from slightly different angles so I think you'll know more if you watch both of them so this rifle is an example of a what's called a semi Krieg's model so the Krieg's model was sort of late war variation of the german kennedy okay this is a semi Craigs model because it only has a few of those late-war variations namely it has the omission of the the the bolt takedown hole in the stock instead there's just a there's a hole drilled in the cup plate here it's drilled through the cup of plate through the wood that way you can disassemble your Mauser bolt here now like I said in that video don't confuse a German Krieg's model stock with a Israeli stock because the Israelis did drill these holes in it but the Israelis also edit finger grooves so if you find a stock that has finger grooves and this hole drilled in the butt plate that's an Israeli stock the Germans stopped adding the finger groups to the stock sometime in the 1930s so if you learned something about East German k98 case I think these are kind of a little bit of an underappreciated sort of post-war history like this particular rifle it's early enough that it definitely served in World War two but then it's got some kind of cool post-war history which is kind of neat so maybe if you just may be a fan of both World War two and maybe East German stuff if you like you know cold war-era rifles this sort of there's a type of rifle that fits a lot of different sort of genres so appreciate you guys watching I'll see you next time

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Certainly a very nice example you have there, I wish good shape K98k's we're easier to locate here in Australia.

  2. Nice video but u never reply sir. I want some talking about you I want know more about kar 98 k mauser. Because I have this rifle 1937 model. Thanks

  3. Anybody that buys those old relics and pays from $400-$700 for them with cracked stocks and old surplus parts, rusty and maybe unsafe to fire has to be nuts, for that price they can buy NEW modern proven rifles probably chambered for a modern caliber and with a full warranty, they are taking a chance that those obsolete rifles will blow-up on firring…

  4. So interesting, I learn so much from your channel. I’ve not seen an East German k98k. Only East German gun I’ve seen in person is a sks

  5. I miss my Yugo 8mm, I've always wanted a German K98 and I will get one someday but I also want a French MAS 36, but I cant find them anywhere.

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