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Dyeing a DPM Camouflage jacket black

Dyeing a DPM Camouflage jacket black

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  1. It's pretty easy to do ,I've uses RIT dye in the past and turned a military camo jacket pure black. Use hot hot water mix ingredients well and put jacket into 5 gal container, weigh jacket down with rocks etc to keep submerged. I've never experienced fading but hangdrying outside thouroghly then put it through a dryer heat cycle then dip again ensures desired effects

  2. desert dpm dyes best, black covers most of it and your left with a horizontal brown pinstripes, nice effect, you still get camouflage showing threw but more subtle then the woodland dpm,

  3. haha wow, googled "black dye on camo" for an idea of how this would look, find this video and you're using the exact same dye and smock as me. cheers for uploading

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