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Dutch Military Rucksack Giveaway – ENTER NOW

Dutch Military Rucksack Giveaway – ENTER NOW

either folks Luke here this is the outdoor gear review and today I'm announcing a new giveaway and this one's for a piece of military surplus the medium-sized Dutch rucksack that includes both of the sustainment pouches which can also be used as backpacks this is a very cool system and because you guys are so cool I wanted to give away a very cool item and this is definitely pretty darn awesome okay so with that big said to inner you need to be a subscriber of the outdoor gear review and you need to comment down below on what type of military surplus item that you would like to see reviewed here on the outdoorsy review so yes this may take you a little bit of research to go out there and search around and see what you can find see what you would like to see me show off so folks that's pretty much it that's how it's done the winner announcement will be done in roughly one month our guys everybody enter below thank you very much take care strengthen honor you way hm

Reader Comments

  1. Good day Luke,  I would like you to review the current Canadian Army Large Rucksack or day pack.Later John

  2. I would like to see some Milsurp winter hats and field caps. Kind of an odd one but I'm very curious about these.

  3. Hi Luke! Thanks for an awesome contest! 🙂 What about rewiew of the Dutch army bivvy?

    or a tent?

    All best

  4. Luke, if you could, I would like to see you review a TCOP (Tent, Combat, One Person), now available at USRO for $179.99 for new item.

  5. Swedish lk70 is a cool bag, hard to find but it holds more, has more features, has leather straps, more bombproof it's beautiful

  6. I would like to see you do a variety (4 or 5) of the best military surplus small bags or pouches for keeping gear in. Maybe small to large bags and which ones are best for certain uses. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Hey Luke I would like to see the soviet plash palakta shelter half or the east German nva shelter half , or any canvas poncho/tarp military surplus or modern made . atb from jake

  8. I like all of your military surplus reviews so anything would be great but in the spirit of the Dutch military gear theme, how about a review of the Dutch military one man tent?

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