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Dutch Collection Part 3

Dutch Collection Part 3

hello this is luke from Cobourg collectors and i'm back with part three i uploaded part 1 and part 2 and now i'm doing part 3 which is going to be pretty much just uniforms because I've covered all my gear one thing I want to mention is that if everything goes as I'm planning I will have a another video coming up which will have photos of the Dutch military from I think some of them are 70 s most of them are 80s and there are a few from the early 90s but they'll just kind of give you a feel for you know the look of the dutch army of the era so yeah now this video like I said we'll cover the uniforms so uh I don't there's a few details that I'm not quite sure about so if I make any mistakes feel free to correct me feel free to correct me also if you have any information or if you have any questions put them in the comments down below and I'll try to answer them or if you have info you know cool so anyways this uniform I received five of these this is just one the other four are up there all folded up I haven't messed with those they came in a big bag that was already open but I assume the dude who sold them to me said they were from the factory like that so and they were all folded up nice and neat and this one was too but I didn't want to unfold them all no point but I did unfold this one because I use this in my oppression didn't come at the pants so I still need to get the pants for these but this as far as I can tell is the model 1978 or model 70 m 78 uniform so let's see here sleeves have a button here nothing special and then they've also got the Dutch flag on both sleeves and then they've got two pockets here and the buttons are just really just little snaps it's got nuts nuts yes epaulets no I don't and it's got the tag these are nineteen ninety all of these are nineteen ninety but dated but they're Dutch and this is the exact same thing what I have a tease now let me open it real quick anyways I'll just over it just in case there is I don't think there's a internal pockets lacking ever whoa honestly I didn't even know about this there's a little internal pocket I bet this is for like like it a little ID booklet or something I don't know I never noticed that that's kind of cool that's fine okay is the one on the other side as well there is not but these were summer and they were also worn in the winter underneath the winter uniform which I do have which I'll show I mean it's very simple very very simple and then i showed you the buttons very simple now let me grab the alien okay now from what i can gather this is the m 58 uniform this was replaced in a 78 by the other one that i just showed you only major differences are buttons instead of snaps and no flags I mean otherwise it's basically the same I think it's a different material as well I mean I know you can see the light lines but I think this is a and then this also has the past and this is nineteen fifty something day to the date there it's where's the date let me let me unbutton this book I thought this one was 50s as well but that might just be the other one which I'll show you in a moment here's the gate towards the bottom I'm sorry about this I just grabbed these off my uniform rack didn't hear um there is no tag on this jacket but I i think the pants do have a tag oh yeah they do okay I don't see it date interesting okay well there you have that now I've got a second one of these uniforms just zip it up there got a second one here I pick this up from the surplus store it's basically the same it's slightly lighter green it's also missing a button on the pocket and this has the tag it's got k on this one's 1961 and this this in that uniform they both of it let me see here let me grab the wiki now I showed you the pants that I had in the past well I've got another set of pants because those pants like the top buttons broken home so I ordered another set well these pants exactly the same as the other ones that were in my pack that was folded up except they're 1988 d but otherwise they are the exact same so it shows that they use the same exact pattern now there's the field coat which you see and when I do the video with the reference photos they wore these a lot yeah I mean you know obviously but you wear this over the m78 or m58 uniform now from what I understand these were introduced in 1958 as well along with the m 58 uniform but they were used with the m70 as well there's also a name is 76 but those are apparently rare now this here you can see it's 1958 dated very nice coat very nice coat and then they look similar to the Belgian ones but they are different slightly these pockets are more they come to a point where as on the Belgian ones they don't they just come up but they're still slanted but otherwise it's the exact same now I mean that pretty much covers all my Dutch uniforms that's um that's all of them so let's see here am I missing anything no I don't think I have any other Dutch you folks I've got the winter set somerset and spare top and then i've got five of the Imps mba in harm's now I need to get pants for the m78 I need to get boots and then that finishes a basic impression and then i'm done i also need to get the gas masks to put rag and some other details but the most part i've got so i'll probably do another video with all this on just to kind of show you but I mean that's pretty much it I'll probably do a video on my Danish stuff next or I could do a video on my Vietnam stuff I got recently if you see here my stuffs a bit messy right now but there's my records I've got my I got a that fell out that's Pleasant okay let's see here he can go on a date it's a 67 vest it's in 67 with the herb I mean people calling him 16 eyes but they came out in MC 1967 i call him the m67 but they with the zipper instead the velcro so i got that recently i know they didn't really wear those very much in Vietnam but still kind of cool and then I also have the fatigues now let's see here there's a type 2 and then I've got tight three this is the set this is the with the pants yeah but anyways that's for another video so I've also got a full East German impression now which I can show later on so I guess that about does it for this video so that's my Dutch stuff like I said if you have any questions leave them down in the comment comments below so see you guys

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