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Dutch Army Sleeping System

Dutch Army Sleeping System

morning guys I'm gonna go through the same we'll see if what he goes through this Dutch sleep system and that's and every bag that I actually came without taking out their stuff suck alright so you can play just see mumbling up that sees that the filler compressed it's heavy but it's heavy duty its proper headed you it's no cheap crap will through this movie second I said to get make sure I've got the right angle here for my dad why I'm doing all right well hubbub didn't hear and not all day okay this is their stuff sack with the bevy and cedar and the Bibby it's actually attached to the stuff sack okay so you try got a buddy and a lot of sleeping bag normal sleeping bag and st. this look good but I definitely think anything it was good he be actually as good as what and a seat okay have a deep here and I'm able if you can tell this as the real McCoy just touch on the texture you can tell solid let us create a flop for you like G patch notes on top f you wait to put some ice or ID or something that if you got lost or you've got a hot can see who you are okay if you have to be rescued the weapon as old-school proper old-school like the bear growl like the video players back its proper good weather and there's been remonster at some point where's been retouched and but that's his this is used this is new brand-new single thing this is ex Dutch army liner by thanks for money you see us it looks like we're gonna get two videos on one here to this one so let us see it's used this was eaten in quite then you can get cheaper but in my own personal opinion this is well worth every single penny of paper it really is I would never use it by anything as expensive as s for my survival stuff but because that's freezing temperatures up here in Scotland especially Edinburgh it's absolutely vault-tec right now this is ideal for Huseyin system so what we get unwrapped then we've got the stuff sack and it's got this extra clap system system you can use I mean you can just tell Wilma proving the weapon just hang tough that stuffers punkin plasma or the scepter RB so do you want last night was a banging paid to all you veterans are last beyond Park at night and that's it come to this it's like this thing's got bacon on it's on what they've done obtuse this is definitely I can kill the wax your feeling on say that this is a waterproof cover it's all boo p.m. now on their own the actual other ties another the Bible looks gree silver it's actually all of much just doing a baby the Wayne's hat ever now look at that that's a one if you repent stops to get out that's a one you could use this as a Bergen thank you Quorn SWAT resistant [Applause] no this is our no I'm nobody I'm not going to Train get it right but it's fetch out and ring light would that be the name fetch something like maybe you guys some do there make know the name of that it's just that's a tough cookie so this is really the sweet here so as I said I'm not going to use this good use on the hammock but this is more their form and growing system just a handful meat thicken a hand for their that's full if it's off the obviously common our must be a lot of piece it goes with us okay so I'm willing next again Iowa update because there's go stubs on that site and obviously put on the Kalina the stubs on the inside and this is again by the sim make or nest of psychology so it's more different blonde it's come all together so partied I'm alright I got much gonna leave out and today on the bed and just like to fill it here no 1004 my having any problems pulling us up and bug I'm putting out Chad pala cult needs a pillow oh now that's he's just asleep I reward and there's actually a bhoot 1/2 fruit you said I can move my arms easy release you can feel the warmth I might then saved us and suck up like that you feel the warmth right away you just feel less warm comfortable feeling that you know that's pretty ideal every nun we use Bethany or even hold one's the pebble byungjin something just to not quite and save this well so you can pull it tight on your head just serve bulkheads this is the stuff sack that has a puppy game next all the clean the stuff cut stuff sucks you could probably pull over your head just an extent we give it a sitting back I'll just knock over you like that when you're lying on that at night if there's a tie l won't okay let's go on stop all done and it's been the center unlike a lot I come up the st. that she's done the setup that sees made it as easy as possible for the cattle owner to use it [Applause] it's a coot it's it's as good as my dragons egg I would say this is Peter are my dragons egg now there's been at some point there's been a sore thumb tip okay let's just here but Pat's walk don't tell ya there's a seamless a this hidden bag it's been lived on us has done at our professional level because it's just it's just perfect there's maybe that's what you think past you don't like this he's been done professionally ant has been sealed and st. exactly feels just like the seams of a material that's in st. ma bhishan so he can't the military done they were sleeping bag and cedar you can just job pan you can see already how much it doesn't so you can turn and stop that will you keep you as warm arse so this is a gun system I'm going to use this for okay no for the hammock I mean look at this idea I don't need that for inside the hammock and that one de pollo just what I'm saying there Oh bill time you became one and they are we – sure okay let's be me that's nothing so that's half when you bring this round [Applause] see you have a daughter gone gone testing camera be very guys so going postman's been we have received today a vapor nice DPM batter okay again Thomas right so these are ideal just for popping it or using it as a sell-off [Applause] [Applause] well you can't the stops yup if you just stop them off all right you just stop it's not just so are you a way to do this was all of it though so let's devote with the deep then DPM cap well yeah you've got a son you're on the wall ticking ovendonkey really that does one and certainly green this is a good single man battle for a good single night over I'll do the job now I'm five nine I like unfaithful name somewhere I didn't and see roughly half and put on a suit at the bar this is ideal for a one-man wait system and you a shelter system let's do packing a bag I've got my bag which is on the st. that was poked was his son I just felt sent had all Dame and tradesmen till M poked or my bag I'm gonna take a bath shot I can't eat this just again so it's gonna get used normalize cool take together a bobble with us yep right I put this here Bob gah i bobl zap now I'm gonna attach to us and it's gonna make it easier it's going to keep it there so doctor tire and then I can just tie round bring up through the first be that you're done then you're hop that's bad now you should I saw you attach it to your bag bonzi and your big buns you could go up on a tree so Club the buns in here my that bungee normally on my bag that one and I'm Blanche and then you could watch the makeup easily t-piece Taylor one of these canes Taylor the bus I mean sorry guys I can t see what's being done to him the camera because it's not follow me I kindly see this skin so that's her tongue [Applause] you just branch Ohio Merson HD system for seconds makes all when color flowers for us and I think I don't wanna go what to do sweetie soon

Reader Comments

  1. That'd b a heavy walk lol. In the good old days I'd tear up and down scarfell with that and more on my back lol. I've never gone past my bouncing bomb

  2. You don't have the goretex outer bag😑. We use the outer bag to put our gear in, when we had to cross a river and put all our gear and stuff in (rifle on top ofcourse). An complete sleeping bag with goretex outer bag still goes for €90,- here in Holland. Very popular sleeping bag

  3. This is the best sleeping bag ever. I never returned my M90 after I left the army and just went for the fine. This sleeping bag is the best comfort I had in 4 years of army. Still use it after 18 years and never broke anything. Now my son is using it. Pure quality!

  4. I have the molle 2 USA issue army rucksack and I can't even fit this in my sleeping bag compartment ..I also have the usgi issue modular sleep system and the stuff sack for it has compression straps going both ways so I may use that to stuff it in ..u was looming into getting the Dutch army 100 liter low alpine sting rucksack to match the sleeping bag as it should fit into that then I may as well get the dutch army tent 😉

  5. I just got this system myself I have not used it yet I hope u do a an additional video after u try it out in cold weather

  6. Congrats with your sleepingbag! This sleeping bag is just awesome. I own 2 myself. You mentioned the colour was greyish on the website, and that is correct. Most pictures are of this sleepingbag with the goretex outershell attached, which is greyish/green. It is attached to the bag with the studs and forms a fully waterproof sleeping system. Inside there can be an innerliner attached which should keep the bag cleaner while using in the field. It sucks big time as you can get strangled up in it while rolling around while sleeping. Trust me, I sleept countless nights in this sleepingbag while in the Royal Netherlands Army, and know all about it. If you want to get the goretex outershell, google "Goretex buitenhoes M90". M90 is the sleepingbag type you have. It is fased out around 2006 iirc and replaced with the modular system (carinthia defence 4 and tropen) which is exactly the same one build under licence as the UK Royal Army uses. Yes, this sleeping bag is bulky and heavy, around 5 kg (>10 lbs) but stays warm till -30 centigrades. I slept in it on a closed cell matt with -25C and stayed warm. Many in the military curse the new sleeping system and long back to this sleeping bag. The sleepingbag with goretex outershell is so waterproof that it is used to cross rivers making a boyancy pack of it by putting all the equipment you need in the sleeping bag and closing it with straps, and by putting the stuff you need first in the stuffsack as it really is waterproof. In order to keep this bag as warm as possible, don`t store it in the stuffbag but hang it on a clotheshanger somewhere dry. That way the microfibres don`t deform and stay warm. If you have any questions just ask. Btw, this sleeping bag is big enough for people up to 2,05 meter (6 ft 9) and still having some space left. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks for the review, very hard to find the Dutch army sleeping bag cover on YouTube! Mostly just the hooped versions shown.
    Am looking for a bivvy bag system to use at the moment but perhaps not with an artic sleeping bag, had the British Army artic sleeping bag down filled and waterproof base maybe forty years ago and while incredibly warm it did weigh a ton, in saying that I was never cold though while companions sometimes didn't get a good nights sleep.
    Can you say how much the bivvy bag weighs? Am looking at the Highlander Kestrel and Hawk bivvy bags also the British bivvy bag but the bloody midges make me think netting will be required. Curious about trying hammock camping myself, old bones you know! Cheers again.

  8. That middle zip is exactly what I'm needing on my bag, hate side zips.. bag looks really good, great find there mate.

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