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dutch army knife review

dutch army knife review

hello youtube this is Welsh knife not doing a review of my 38 year old Dutch army knife now I know this isn't Victorinox this is made by a company called Amitha see let me show you now right stamped on the blade Eric focus camera focus school I will focus on this camera someone else moves but it says I'm a film there from what I've been able to find out that KL and 74 and whatever else numbering that comes with it as far as I can tell the KL model from why I've been able to find out who's been around since um I think it was around like the 1940s so it's been around since the forties and I don't know if we're for when they stopped making these this one as you can see the date stamp is 1974 and its aluminium handles with them they all also a common name for these bail I just call it a lanyard loop for myself okay line your loops up you'll call it bail or a clip I don't care really but anyhow I'm going to Gallants with a bit the most knife nut jobs like the actual blade the blade I haven't gone cool of steel but looks like it's a full flat grind on both sides with a small tiny little edge tiny little touch of a hollow grind on there but from what you can tell us a good edge holder holds an edge for a while takes a fine edge as long as you sharpen it rightly and it's got pretty good back spring tension if you're wondering without clicking noises you can hear when this opens and closes it's from the actual spring bar here that's how tight it is on here actually clicks when you open it and when you go to close it when the spring bar moves it clicks tells you just how tight it is and they have a I can dig it out in it a nice large cap lifter with a shit like a chisel ground wire strip I guess you caught she'll drain is no double-sided grind just one side has been ground as a wire stripper and it does work it's also got a large screwdriver which is significantly larger than the Victorinox and rather pick up – I'm just gonna reference that by my Victoria Knox climber that you dig it up on that clip the camera lambda you can see I mean by its thicker as well as if I can rest come together like that you can see the size difference on the screwdrivers as well as it's wire strippers on the curve whereas the Victoria Knox has it behind there so it's like there on the on the Victoria Knox my dual tool comparing I don't know but you also have a one-sided reamer I think it is a reamer or a leather punch one or two focus camera come on so go one-sided grind and then little this one it's pretty nice that when I use now and then like don't have anything like a really demonstrate with a pot and old coal about right now okay so I'd have to bear with me call a bottle lid I just push and that just digs right in there then if I turn there you go throw your whole so I've I find this pretty useful especially when I do electrical installation on a college course so I can use it to drill a pilot hole for a screw which is good and well I like this one the back Springs for the two tools on that side the OL and the cat lifter isn't very strong but um heck it's an old tool you can't expect it to be in super condition but then if you picked up on this we also has a rather thick blade on it as well so not bleed I don't have a measuring tool already not see it measures so I dig my tape measure I might be able to measure how many millimeters thick thighs so on the tape measure in millimeters it would seem to be I'd say three point five millimeters I'm just gonna take a measurement on the V Victorinox just so you know the thickness difference for now so that was like three point five millimeters the Victorinox it's bang-on millimeters thick or at least that's where the tape measures are saying I might be slightly off but that's where it's reading on the earth is a couple of millimeters so like a millimeter or so thinner than that one that's pretty good as they go I might do a Victorinox comparison to the Dutch Army knife video depending on feedback so if you can let me know about the feedback and what you think of the Dutch army knife I'll do a comparison so um yeah thanks for watching and have a nice day

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  1. They made them till about 1992 I believe both amefa and victorinox made them for the dutch army, now it's zwanenburg. They make victorinox knock-off now.

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