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Dutch army hooped bivi and camp

Dutch army hooped bivi and camp

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  1. The intrepid sandy goes forth with little more than a hoop and a prayer. He can traverse the planet earth. The man with far away stare. Thanks sandy.

  2. i love this guy and his friend joe, they put so much effort into the videos, and lets not forget elsa..

  3. that was a wonderful adventure and excellent video. i enjoyed it and i thank you for sharing it. thumbed up!

  4. bought one of these shortly after seeing your superb videos , must say the more I use my dutch bivvi the more I enjoy using it , especially on windy nights such as the one in this video , very cosy bags and great for stealth camping.. I enjoy your videos and funky preppers very much

  5. Hi sandy watching this video again watched it couple of years ago after i watched this i got my self a dutch army hooped bivi

  6. Hi,

    Check these lights out.


    Look at this on eBay

  7. Wonderful video!!!!! Loved every bit!!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure the bivvy your using is the milspec version of the Carinthia Explorer bivy. The laminate is made by Gore tex working in conjunction with Carinthia, and is top top end. Hence the Dutch army bivy’s being so well known for never suffering with condensation.
    Anyway, loved this video, especially all the random bits of info re the ridgeway, beaker people etc….really interesting.
    Kindest regards
    Wales, UK

  8. Watching this almost made me fall asleep in the best way! Your video was do relaxing to watch. I just ordered my 3 season sleepingbag and i'll order a hooped bivi next month. Can't wait to try it out for myself. I've heard some people complain about the zippers getting stuck or breaking, have you had any similar experience?

  9. Hi, can you tell me if you think this bivi plus an army surplus wool blanket would suffice in cold weather, or do you think I would need a sleeping bag (for Scottish winter camping)?  I hope to keep down my weight and don't like the idea of having to dry out a sleeping bag on a long hike.  Thanks.

  10. Another great video.I'm homebound for the moment, recovering from open heart surgery, and can't wait to get back to it. I ought to be able to get out in the next 2 weeks.
    I like the bivy-I might have to settle for the USGI version (no hoops), as it doesn't appear that they're available stateside.

  11. Really like the historical stuff in the beginning. Also I use my wind block to amplify the light from my hurricane lamp too, but a GREAT use is behind a fire box Nano, rite in front of a tarp shelter. I actually found out about your channel through Pete's while researching tarp set ups, but I'm now subscribed to many from the U.K as your camping tactics work well where I live in America.

  12. Hi Sandy.I've never been a big fan of bivvy bags until I watched this video….Now I own one.
    I know this is an old vid but believe you me Sandy, you have been such an inspiration into my bushcraft quest….
    Thank you……

  13. Great video Sandy i have a polish lavu and love it watching you in that video makes me think of my trips out this year 2016 and still time for some more most get a windshield. atb Geoff

  14. nice little set up there, looks super comfy. The dry patch on the ground just show's how dry and comfy you were.

  15. Heyup thanks for your reply mate
    It would be ideal for when I go off wild camping with the lads. Some of the
    Lads prefer hammocks, but I like the idea of this type of bivvi, keep low down
    And out of the wind & rain.
    I really enjoy watching yours & funky preppers video's an would like to join you both on a overnighter.

    My last foray into the wild was back in
    May, me an a few guys had a trip upto
    Keilder water an had a nice weekend

  16. Hello mate enjoyed your video , seems like a good bit of kit that bivi , how come it seems dutch army surplus is far more better than any other army surplus ? .

  17. Hiya mate, liked the Dutch army Bivvy you used! Is it waterproof, and can be used without a tarp or basha??
    Can you let me know where you got it from??
    Thanks Dave Sherwood forrester

  18. Loved your video! It was almost like watching a zen-like adventure… With the nice musique, historic references, nature sights and sounds, and your calm and warm voice. Very relaxing to watch. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

  19. Thank you for a very informative video. I am looking at getting a basha and bivvy set up for my kayak and this seems to be a great option.

  20. @Wiltshire Man Lovely video Sandy. Just a quick question what make is that bergen? Looking for a bergen as I need a new one!
    ATB Tom

  21. Hi there,ive just came across your films and there very enjoyable. Im thinking of doing a wild camp for the first time and it looks a great way to unwind.keep up the excellent videos

  22. Thanks Sandy for a lovely video. . Hope you are well . . . One thing I enjoy about your videos is the information like history of the area your in . . .You can tell which breed a deer is by shape of there rear end. 

  23. Just bought one of those bivvy bags and it looks great so far. Much better than the Brit ones from the 80s. Funny though, that I have modded mine to be just like this with the side opening zips added…

    A little tip is to get a couple of the large tritium glow keyrings and hang them inside. They give out just enough light to see inside the bivvy yet invisible from outside and don't ever run out of batteries! Handy to tie one to your torch, knife, firestick etc etc..

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