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Dps 1700 !! Machine gun witch doctor ult feat .Chen // 머신건 위닥 궁극기 feat. 첸

Dps 1700 !! Machine gun witch doctor ult feat .Chen // 머신건 위닥 궁극기 feat. 첸

This guy is the GOD of fountain kills [Fun Dota with FoREv]
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Shaggy(FoREv) : I Shaggy(FoREv) : need to create Thomas the tank engine : try the one we failed
Shaggy(FoREv) : something for Shaggy(FoREv) : my Youtube Shaggy(FoREv) : my Youtube
Thomas the tank engine : Witch Doctor Chen gogo? (Testing WD + Chen out) ?! What… Why? Wait WTF? Forces an enemy unit to move slower and for
[allies to attack it more quickly] (this part works on the WD ult) Oh… Hahahahaha AWESOME 30k damage… lul 1st pick ez! He’s already dead let’s get this guy What is he doing? Ha ha! Big damage Hahahahahaha (WTF you doing here son) +1 kill (Coming back after dying) (Runawayyyyy) (Hello) (I’m dying with him) (Where do you think you’re going) LUL Manly dive right there You’re next Ahh! ‘Casket’ bounced to a weird direction! Wooooaah!! Yeah they’re so bad But I’m pretty sure even if you played here you’re gonna do the same thing Ah F**K! I have no tangos!! Shall we go on him? (Maledict) It didn’t hit on him!! I want to use my ult, but I can’t find any targets ROFLMAO One shot for your head (From : ZionT&KUSH – Machine Gun) BAM! Use your Q, Q when you have it back up Chen Ready your q, q, q, q He dies too fa… …aaaaaaAAAHHHHH LUL F..**k…. Hahahaha Rhasta : F**k I think we’re gonna lose this game while trying to do this machine gun thing It’s fun though Chen? I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming! You don’t have mana..? Use your clarity get mana! Get mana! Mana mana mana mana Let’s go go go go go (Stun!) WTF (Chasing to the ends of the Earth) I will 1v1 this Ember! (I’m heeeereee) WHY ARE YOU NOT USING YOUR Q! You Korean dude! MK : Sorry sorry It’s OK! You can use it next time (Yes)
(Ah I did well)
(Radiant used fortification) (Cute xD) The damage on this is insane Let’s go let’s go (But) I don’t want to kill them yet Nevermind.. Let’s just kill them.. WTF is this guy doing ROFL Go? Are you ready? I’m gonna go This guy has Remnant though (Fire Remnant) We can’t go for this guy because of Remnant Ah… No…. What lul Shall we go again? Not yet, I’m not going to use my ult yet (STFU NOOBS) WHAT! F**K! (ult got canceled) My God… I didn’t even use my Arcane Rune… Should’ve just given it to the Shadow Shaman (Diving deeeeeeeeeep) Ayayayayaya It hurts hurts hurts (……) (Waiting Chen to use Holy Persuasion to summon him) (I brought some water with me) LMAO This is SO F**KIN STRONGK!! Ooooohh!! (I will protect you!) Am I dead? (This time I will protect you!) (Take some urn too!) I’m gonna go now…! [POWER OF FRIENDSHIP] 15 seconds I’ll wait for the Chen Chen use ur skill! (Penitence) Use it on anyone! Chen use your skill! The time is now! Do it! Do it! The guy who got the skill died… OOOHHHHHH!!!!
(RATATATATATA) Even when the main target dies the buff is still alive~! Wait Wait Wait Wait my ult When my Aether Lens arrives, when my Aether Lens comes Whatever just ULT ROFL This is so f**kin strong! Let’s go go go These two? So strongk (Last one) Let’s go! I have 8 seconds left on my ult I’m gonna use it up in the fountain What if I get hooked by Pudge? (Nope I’m using it now) Okay! Nice! Time is now! Brilliant! So strong! Subtitles by Xenonian

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