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Donald Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists’ Political Ambitions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Donald Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists’ Political Ambitions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. It's getting to the point that if you support Trump, just stop denying your own implicit racism. It's part of the package.

  2. Some of those very fine people were chanting "Jews will not replace us". Pushing racial division to mask the fact the the extremely rich are screwing over everybody.

  3. Not all the people protesting the removal of the statue were white supremist members. Many were protesting "white" liberal political correctness involving "whitewashing" US history. That is the point that Trump was making. He was not giving approval to the white supremist movement. The "white" liberal mainstream media knows this to be true, but, as usual, they are distorting the facts to try, & fool people of color into voting for the white liberal (as they have done since the 1960s).

  4. No matter what these white nationalists/neo-Nazis/other similar groups do or want, an all-white America is never gonna happen. They should have that imprinted in their racists half brains!

  5. DNC Chairman Tom Perez don't steal our Democracy. Let Tulsi Gabbard debate. Money is flowing in her campaign. The polls are not accurate. more ppl have cell phones not land lines.

    This is 2019 not 1953. anybody whom agree please go to Tom Perez twitter page. Tell him don't steal our Democracy let Tulsi Gabbard debate. Please let your friends and family know.

  6. Thank you for laying this history out Rachel. So many ppl don't realize the clan and other racist groups/individuals have been and are still active. It's terrifying, then and now.

  7. Everything that Rachel Maddow says is virtue signaling to Kellog's cereal or rather just Froot Loops. Yes, I did spell that correctly. There is a difference between a fruit and a froot. One is an apple and the other is the derogatory term. I would not want to follow Toucan Sam's nose.

  8. It’s all about pleasing all types of voters, however, he is morally bankrupt, so it’s all about business to him, nothing is matter

  9. Those pictures are really difficult to look at. It's such a nauseating part of our history, but important to remember, especially with this administration.

  10. I disagree with Rachel . Racial hate is taught to us when we are young and are seeking attention and acceptance of our elders and role models . In most cases it is our parents who show us blind hate and gave us irrational ideals . Some towns today make sure that they control "the culture " . And that's what it is . It is a hand me down of hate that is respected more than religion ! It is pure hate and an addiction to hate and once the seed has been plant,ed , very few ever denounce it !

  11. You kept pushing your rhetoric narrative of Trump Russia collusion. That failed & your ratings plummeted! So now the FAKE NEWS MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA (how NY TIME'S just got leaked they were going back to pushing this BS attempting to link Trump to it as well), has to go back to pushing the racial divide. Why? To try to hold on to your constituents.
    Constituents who are waking up to the left's tactics & leaving in droves. They are waking up & realizing that when the puppet masters start speaking their rhetoric, they expect the parrots to start squawking what they're told.
    The Fake News on Trump is coming from what is called the Mockingbird controlled media. 90% of their reporting on him was negative. When you look up who has controlling shares into their companies like NY Times a product of Mexico. The left loves their NPC constituents who like parrots only squawk what they are told. Without putting any real thought into it. When they do start to ask questions about depths of what they are told. They are basically told, shut up, fall in line & think & act just like a parrot npc. Because if you start to have even a few different opinions, that differs from theirs. They will disown you. The left really reminds me of scientology…

  12. Just stop looking for Bigfoot riding that Unicorn. If Trump was dirty, it would have come out already. All you have is hysteric rhetoric, from your mockingbird fake news organizations. This is why their ratings are plummeting. Doubling down on nothing burgers, over and over again. Stop being their NPC parrot, squawking what you're told…
           People are waking up to the BS mudslinging, hoping anything sticks, Democrats politics. The Dems are losing their base in droves. Thus losing their power over their constituents…

  13. Trump opposes racist. The alt right are all racist right? It couldn't just happen like 1% 10% is, NO all must be right? So what is the left's called that have the black Panthers? So all the "alt left" must be racist too???

  14. This alone is a reason to make sure Trump is not reelected. He is a symbol of inequality, prejudice, and racism. It is very sad that the man doesn't know the meaning of the word racism and is incapable of seeing it with in himself.

  15. These groups have been under scrutiny to dismantling through bankruptcy, with the electoral vote to empower politically via economics through D. Trump, now being rolled back.
    Be careful what they do on YOUR NAME.

  16. Why not focused on the country,,like best farmers support ,foreign commerce, find a way to fix America's , infrastructure, it's falling apart ,ok deporting all no problem, how Americans feel to travel the world, but nobody likes you only your money ,,because of one man

  17. i agree Tikab…pretty fricken scary….im so sick of all of him…every f*** day!..Im so embarrassed for the "Office of the Presidency"…NEVER NEVER EVER vote Repub, theyre a national hate group…God Bless America!, will will resist & restore!

  18. Why do White People keep saying 'This Is Not Who We Are' .. This is exactly what AmeriKKKa has always been about … White Supremacy, Genocide , Slavery & Grand Theft .. Birth Of A Nation Was hailed as the greatest film made at the time.. Today there is a viral video of Two White Cops on Horseback leading a mentality Ill Black man down the street tied to a rope.. Statues all over the country lauding White Anglo-European Terrorists & Slave Owners. White people told the world who they were thousands of years ago, when they crawled out of caves.. White Supremacists.. Believe them.

  19. Prohibition… Let's not mention those people that went over the borders to Canada to produce bootleg.. The gangsters that ran the rat line through the US cities, especially Chicago… The monopolization of Alcohol production all over America and the World after prohibition… Let's not mention what the money was used for by the family that were designated this 'privilege and the famous Court case involving children and trafficking in New York today. It depends on who tells you history🤔 listening to insane people leave you uninformed.

  20. Meadow maybe you should pretend to be a mexican like beto or an indian like warren otherwise your gonna be white the rest of your life.
    Can you live with that?

  21. I knew 45s father was a Klan's man. Now everyone who has seen this knows as well. Dump Trump 2020🇺🇸😈🔎

  22. Bottom line an example needs to made of Trump…he so anti-American he's shocking Putin…😕 When he steps down, the payback begins on him and all his enablers..🇺🇸DUMP TRUMP 2020!!🇺🇸

  23. The fact that Trump keeps on saying he is the least racist still means he is a racist. It's either you are or you're not. It's like saying I'm just itty-bitty racist still that itty bitty means u are a racist.

  24. Rachel. THANK YOU SO MUCH shi ning light into this Klan history. America needs to see the pervasive thread of hate in its ugliness. You are vital in this country, Rachel. Our natio n needs to remember what made it great. It is found inscribed om the base of the Statue pf Liberty. And other places.
    .. ….Let's put a little love in our hearts.


  25. An interesting note in the history of the Klan – it seems to have been invented by the Scots.

  26. There is none of America to wreck it is been wrecked and the laughing stock of the world😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻🇦🇺

  27. When I pay attention to the segment that includes the Trump/reporters, ithe obvious thing is that Trump continually interrupts reporters with " excuse me, excuse me" and proceeds to then take over the platform. And no one pushes back. No one. It's exactly the way Limbaugh or O'Reilly works.

  28. Trump has hung around too many despots . And worships their so called power. Trump has no power and is weak person and a weasel. Trump will lose in 2020! The world and america will be better for it!!


  30. By supporting these groups he is just honouring his father and keeping his memories in his heart, a true loving son

  31. Can you imagine all them thousands of white hudded haters how they raised there kids and there kids etc .and you think Russia is the main enemy .more like enemy's WITHIN!!

  32. Did any of them nazi bast.rds grandfather fight nazism like my father bombing England to a pulp.LOCK THEM UP or they will grow from Hitler type retoric,that getting spouted.out by trump Netanyahu Bolton pompeo there mindset is the same make no mistake

  33. I love how Rachel connects the historical dots in politics to show unfortunately, we are bound to repeat the horror's of the past if we don't recognize and terminate them in the present for the sake of the future generations.


  35. democrats ARE the KKK, they founded it and support it to this day. democrats are pure evil and so are the media terrorist organizations

  36. Girl you don't understand who you're speaking out against how many black people are members of the NRA you are playing with fire

  37. Run the clip of the catholic church torturing people…like burning them at the stake…or torturing Canadas orphans in mind control experiments.

  38. Please do not replay long segments of Mr. Trump!! You are giving him a lot of publicity that way. Plus. I love listening to you but I cannot listen to Trump, so when you do this, I have to turn it off…

  39. Donald Trump must be a Klansman, because the KKK lies about their crowd size as well. That was more like 500 Klansmen not 50,000. Now we know where Donald Trump gets his exaggerating crowd size lying habit.

  40. 13:25 Donald Trump refers to non-Nazi Americans as Alt-Left, using an offended tone defending the Nazi. Donald Trump is so racist he couldn't keep it in anymore, today he has no shame hiding it, because he's losing in 2020, so what else does he have to lose. This is more than 2 years ago, and there are still Republicans insisting that he is not a racist. Amazing.

  41. As a black man this just boils my blood. Everytime a reporter brings up a valid point Trump talks over them and says "excuse me" and yammers on about good people protesting the removal of statues. Its as if he is some sort of king that must have the last word. I dearly hope this corrupt thug spends his last years in jail once he is removed from office. This is the worst President ever!!

  42. he is already a part of them. When you want to accomplish your mission you don't outright come forth. you do it gradually. This didn't start with Trump is dated back when people became relaxed on who they chose for government jobs and positions. Trump is just the way to make it popular.

  43. Why do u find it so hard to believe there are so many KKK guys? They were all hiding until Trump came along n ramped up hate n division n that has given the KKK a reason to ramp up recruitment. If Trump can't be kicked out in 2020, my bet is the KKK numbers will explode. Don't want that to happen?? Then everyone who is against the KKK better get out there n vote.

  44. yes… and they fought each other for the right to own another human being, they STOLE the land they call theirs… everyone and their dog has an AR-15… shall I go on about how much they've screwed OTHER countries ?… 😐

  45. So you are still selectively edited out where he says “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” in the same speech

  46. Propaganda and falsehoods to indoctrinate. She lying. And trying to encourage others under control that it was so they can. NEWYORK DONT LET'EM!!!!WAKEEEE UPPPPP STAYYYY ALERTTTT.

  47. Here we go. End the russian collusion hoax and start with the white supremacy narrative!! Rachael you truly are vile! So is this sockpuppet network!! Your ratings are going in the toilet" as we can see why" divide and conquer" keep the people fighting amongst themselves" the true racist appear to be on the left" i see google has you at 572k views" manipulating algorythms much?

  48. The Democrats mentioned here were conservatives and go by Republican today, those Dems were Southern racist bigots as they are today.

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