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Donald Trump Nominates Advocate Of ‘Ethnonationalism’ For Judgeship | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Donald Trump Nominates Advocate Of ‘Ethnonationalism’ For Judgeship | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Look at the eyes of this Menashi. The eyes are dead, the eyes of a killer madman like those  of Anthony Perkins in his role as Norman Bates in, "Psycho". These right-wing types all have the same dead eyes even when they try to look pleasant.

  2. No more life time appointments. Laws need to change. Judges need to be voted in just like any other position in goverment.

  3. The guy's writing style reminds me of the Cornerstone speech, during which the Confederacy declared, in no uncertain or ambiguous terms, that they wanted to create a racist, White Supremacist nation.

  4. Laughing at life time appointments, GOD always have the last word , NOT Moscow Mitch , he might think he fixed the courts with judges for 10, 20 , 50 years to find out GOD have other plans.

  5. Wow! Talk about taking something completely out of context! The definition he selectively lifted from Mill's writings was not a confirmation of those principles. It was a hypothesis derived from the actions and laws of different democracies across the globe. Perhaps he would be better served going back and refreshing his memory concerning John Stuart Mill's critique of governments' using judicial systems to unjustly violate citizen civil rights, in "On Liberty".

  6. Lifetime appointments need to stop. All the judges that the republicans have put in whether they are circuit or federal need to be removed. Everyone of them. PERIOD. These jerks are not qualified. They are the bottom scum of the wealthy, who are racists, ignorant & UNQUALIFIED. PERIOD. When the Dems get back in they need to remove them. Journalist need to start investigating these CRETINs because we ALL KNOW they have dirty backgrounds. EVERYONE OF THEM. Look at that POS Thurman. UGH!!

  7. Menashi? Sounds Italian/Irish to me, I wonder how his ancestors felt a couple of decades ago when they weren’t “white enough” to fit into his ethnocentric wonderland …


  9. Fascists support fascism.

    Targeting minorities

    Supporting racism

    Calling any who disagree with you, enemies of the state

    Militarizing the borders

    Putting people running from poverty and danger into concentration camps with no legal recourse.

    Threatening other countries around the world

    Supporting dictatorships and aspiring to be a dictator

    Undermining democracy

    Using the flag and attire as a symbols of loyalty and hatred

    Behaving like a thug and encouraging thugs

    Undermining the Constitution

    Justifying hate and bigotry

    Lying and repeating lies to to obscure the truth.

    Nurturing fear and hatred of others who don't share your values

    Demonizing those who disagree with you.

    Controlling news outlets (Fox news and Sinclair broadcasting) to give voice to fascist propaganda.

    Trumpism is straight up fascism and all that is required is devotion to the one true leader

    All you need do is put on the hat.

  10. Since "America" was non-white to begin with, sounds like Manashi needs to go back home.

    Right along with Trump, Kelly, Conway, Bannon, Miller, et al.

  11. Y'know, everybody knows some of those legendary "when things were much better" stories, and while one could hope that scholars and public figures would be better researchers, these accounts are often deeply engraven in memory so as to enjoy their own "truth."

    Of course, when the Reagans and Trumps draw wishful details out of their addled minds, there's not much to be done except remember in reporting them to mention that they aren't true.

  12. Well unless your from a Native American Indian tribe you can pack your things and go back to where you came from

  13. #StevenMenashi a Nazi sympathizer judge who wants this country to be a whites only country so it can work properly LOL

  14. Wonder what holiday the all white demons will name this corrupt takeover. Thanksgiving and Columbus day are already taken.

  15. Seriously America, government isnt a game, and the presidency isnt a joke, have you no shame?? No decency?? Come on these Republican alt-right types with the alt-facts are destroying any shred of decencyy along with credibility – my country has stood by yours since long before I was born but Trump is seemingly tearing your country inside out and bringing out the worst angles of your nature! Remember your History, America can be inspirational it can be worthy of leading the world but this is not that. This is shameful!

  16. ''PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE only die'' .in L.A there are only 2 gangs the lapd & the ones we make 2 keep us alive

    a black man might take a dollar or stab a man 4 protection?a brown man might rob a store or shoot a man 2 feed his FAMILY – BUT WHO WANT's & HAS TRYDE 2 BLOW THE WORLD – UP & is always trying to TAKE IT ALL because "their dog told them" I wonder why white people cant have babies with each other ? PEOPLE can be reborn !!!If a "lie" is told to you & never corrected its not a "lie" it's BRAINWASHING? sheriff BACA TORTURED black&brown IN JAIL HE BRAINWASHED US FBI ONLY CARED AFTER 2 AGENTS GOT BRAINWASHED.

  17. it's crazy because i wish everyone could see the power comes from people and instead everyone just says nothing and goes on facebook.. i want to speak out against this behavior in a justice system but whats the point if everyone is too afraid to act..

  18. This Steven Menashi is a future Trump lackey wannabe, so he uses a well-known recipe: write one or more pseudo-scientific articles in several law journals giving a legal validation to policies favoured by Trump/Moscow Mitch/ the GOP, add a large helping of TV appearances as expert in something vaguely legal, hence get noticed and get a head start for the next appointment to SCOTUS.

  19. Is there a legal way of removing/impeaching all these obviously incompetent judges? I can’t believe they are going to stay for life and how much damage they will do with their total ignorance of the law.

  20. The USA is not a country like Euro countries, the US is a bloc like the old Soviet Union. It cannot be run like a single state country. It should be dismantled because like the USSR, it has run aground and cannot and does not function.

  21. The biggest "problem" the right wingers have had in past years is the 9th circuit court ( and others) stepping in to block so much of their nefarious power grabbing, civil rights violating and race baiting moves they have had the audacity to attempt to legislate into law on the local level. Not to mention environment destroying, self dealing moves that clearly indicate corruption by local officials to bypass the public good and protections to reward instead, the financial interests of powerful business entities and bit players who bought off those local authorities. In would ride the circuit courts like shiny knights with the rule of law to say, " nope, aint gonna happen. There are laws in this country and here is what they say!" Now we have become a corrupt state. A 3rd world country. The appellate court is more than an attempt to place White Nationalism to the forefront of everything they decide on social and civil rights issues, its also to put powerful businesses and the wealthy 1% in permanent control of every labor, every environmental, every public lands use, every financial and market manipulation dispute that is brought against them by individuals, communities, workers, environmentalists, and the public as a whole seeking fairness, privacy, and justice. The courts were always our protector of individual rights and community needs over the financial ambitions of the rich and powerful. Not anymore. That was Moscow Mitch's long range goal all along. 30 yrs patiently waiting. Our only hope is to change the constitution's rules on lifetime appointments so we can rout out the corruption in the courts.

  22. It's like the Republicans new that they were going to win the president in 2016. It's Like they had a plan in making this happen a Russia maybe………..

  23. Shocker that the Dump likes to talk about fake retribution stories [sort of like the myth of the noble wild west] since he's had no military or service experience.

  24. Deleting my comments again. Seems kinda silly when it is a quote from the declaration of independence. MSM has ruined youtube now. See you all over on bitchut.

  25. Put me in jail if you want, for exercising my freedom of speech, but Mitch McConnell needs a bullet in the head to make this country great again.

  26. And THIS person will be on the federate appellate bench…… in NYC 🤔Now who could be eventually facing that judge?

  27. This bare repeating: The FAKE AZZ President of the United States is a lying racist criminal who is trying to have an authoritarian regime… His only asset as a human is to lie, cheat and steal while in the oval office

  28. This is just a simple misunderstanding. The Orange Fuhrer though he had to nominate a fellow clown for the Second Circus Court.

  29. Waw, who could have thought that the US would just copy the Nazis… US which so called ‘freed Europe from the Nazis’…
    So whites are Ubermenschen again? ¡Wake up Americans!

  30. Nahhh, the crimes are from OBAMA and His Administration and Rachel just talks Crap! Over and over with nothing but BS!!

  31. Why a lifetime appointments. It is easy to see the end results. These judges should be approved by a certain percentage of Congress with a 5 year appointment, not renewable.

  32. I can't with all of this. Regardless of my personal success, earning a PhD, the fact that portions of my family lived in the Americans before the Mayflower and others became Americans after the Mexican American War…despite the fact that portions of my family were brought in bondage to the Americas as chattel and survived, and whose struggles for selfhood helped make this Nation live to the higher truths of all people being created equal…and despite studying classical liberal political philosophy at some of the great schools of Europe and the US and being able to quote the great thinkers whose work undergirds our very notion of nationhood, I will never be seen as a true American by these yahoos (the Jonathan Swift kind). And all because of the "mere distinction of colour". Oh well.

  33. You are such a frigging liar and full of crap it's coming out of your ears

    Did you even read his article?

    You are so terrible at your job. Do everyone a favor and quit

  34. The actual article from Menashi, whose family are middle eastern Jews, was a defense of Israel. Specifically he was countering arguments that Israel identifying as a Jewish state is inconsistent with claims that it is a liberal Democracy. Menashi argues successful nations need to have some unifying purpose. Maddow only uses quotes that refer to race and ethnicity, but Menashi specifically says those are just a few of many potential things that can unite people, including history, geography, economics etc. As you can see, the actual argument he is making doesn't even remotely resemble Maddow's portrayal, which is hardly a surprise. She does this all the time. Other people should know better.

    THIS is what Maddow and Leftist morons (redundant I know) call "white supremacy" and "advocate of ethnonationalism"

    I can't decide who is more stupid. Maddow, or all you sheep eating this pile of crap

  35. Stephen Menashi is a white nationalist. If Menashi gets accepted by the Senate, destroy the GOP party. They are all racists because Menashi is a racist promoting genocide. His recent paper said there is no stability in government without ethnocentricity. Ethnocentric means one race. He is white so he is promoting genocide of non-white Americans.

  36. Once more trump and his base are a bunch of hypocrites and bigots and the republicans party are going along with trump racist thinking by putting people in that thanks like him America time to vote trump out and all that support him that McConnell and Graham and any other republicans that support trump

  37. Mean to say but it would really be nice if Mitch got testicular cancer and croaked. I never thought I’d see the day when my own government was full of Russian agents. Very sad.

  38. I mean… Hitler got his ideas from America and trump is Hitler redux.

  39. Trump appoints "good judges". He never worries about the prosecutor he focuses on in a judge who will let him twist the law to his benefit.

  40. Can Amerikkka just ADMIT that black folks havent been "crying" wolf about it being racist? From police to judges to store owners… to thier very own employers. We've been saying the "fix" is in for years now. This appointment isnt new or how many of them have been missed when you all weren't looking! It's easy to find. Just go find the cases where a judge sentenced a young black man to 30 years in jail for having a pound of weed! There rascist.judge right there! Like DUHHHHH!

  41. OMG RACHEL. . . ITS NOW LIKE 1:48 INTO THE VIDEO AND UR STILL REPEATING THE FACT THAT THE CIRCUIT COURTS ARE THE HIGHEST MOST PEOPLE WITH A CASE WILL LIKELY EVER GO, Can you please get the f' on with the actual story already? I swear, I understand your core audience might be made up of senior citizens and they may have a hard time hearing or understanding what you're talking about at any given time, BUT THEY ARE NOT STUPID! We get it, stop wasting everyone's time peat and repeating ur stories and get RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT into the news. . . .lol


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