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Don Lemon, sheriff spar over police shootings

Don Lemon, sheriff spar over police shootings

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  1. For anybody watching this in 2019, before you go praising the ex-Sheriff while insulting Lemon I would like you to Google or research exactly where in the public eye/scheme of things that the so-called Law Enforcement officer who allowed an inmate to die from dehydration in his jail ( along with the multiple other criminal acts and inhumane treatment of American citizen's ) and who is not even a blip on the political radar, much less a respected or revered Human Being, is at? Trumpoleon kicked him to the streets like Omarosa's ass after he was no longer effective at making the idiots believe that Clarke represents the African-American community/vote and that he supports Trumpoleon and the White-Right at the same time. Somehow, morons refer to this Uncle Tom, pathetic excuse for a real officer kissing Trumpoleon's ass as proof that Trumpoleon isn't racist. As laughable as the sell-out, wannabe cop that has found himself out of a job, out of politics, out of Republican favor, and definitely out of the Black Community.

    But yeah, keep praising him in your comments, trollsky's. Maybe somebody in Trumpoleon's base is still stuck in 2016 and will like your comment. The rest of us will be in 2019 watching Pride going before the Fall that has already dropped this hypocrite on his face…

    Oh, and he's a plagiarizer that wears fake medals…

  2. Please look at Toronto and how a Minority representing just 3 percent of our population has destroyed our image as a safe City due to their shootings, killings and mayhem ?

  3. This. Man is a national treasure. I salute you sir ! If life gives you lemons any fuck the lemons man ! His smug attitude pushes me off to no end.

  4. What the sheriff was saying is correct but I wish he would’ve calmed down a bit because that played into Lemons hands.

  5. there is always a day of reckoning……the police force for many many years facilitated, covered up, orchestrated lynchings, church bombings, town burnings, and straight terrorism against blacks, and with all the atrocity that blacks have received from whites, did a piss poor job at protecting blacks , or prosecuting the perpetrators.. with all the successful blacks towns burned down, looted, the land reclaimed and blacks shot trying to flee, its always been evident their position in this……..the police have bombed blacks in several instances in history, many using military tactics and weapons against peaceful black religious groups(project move in philly, and tulsa ok) ……we still catch them planting evidence, and the fbi came out and reported a few years ago with a report that said neo fascist, skin heads, neo confederates have greatly infiltrated the force….and last month they caught a couple hundred police officers, many of them high ranking on facebook in those organizations…they were so stupid that they posting in their real names…..76 were desked in philly 2 weeks ago and more to come….do they imagine they can be on FB bragging about violence they perpetrated against minorities, and be deemed as fair balanced arbitrators of justice? ( one quote was, "today is a great day for choking a black to death")
    and hands up dont shoot has been said thousands of times, by blacks since the police force began…is this mope to stupid to realize that?? the police force facilitated vagrancy laws and fed blacks to the prison peonage system, which shipped them right back to the plantation they were just freed from….i know everybody knows about goodman, chaney and shwermer who they straight up murdered for fighting for the right to register to vote which was already granted to blacks in an amendment (the movie mississippi burning was about that)….

    sheriff clark thought he was gonna get a job from trump and saw this as a platform to get some toe grip…..sadly hes a dope, thats speaks along with racist whites, the bs narrative that is meant to justify brutality against blacks, which has really never ceased since 1619…..
    if you find the mangiest, broken down, toothless dog in your neighborhood and kick him and mistreat him enough….he will rise up one day to attack you…blacks been screaming at the top of their lungs about police brutality for decades….thats why the black panthers were created and armed…to protect the citizenry from cops….and the police echo the sentiment of whites in this country…..the moment whites find brutality against blacks abhorrent, just as racism is, it will cease to exist…..

    it was the police that violently upheld jim crow, and fought against civil rights, by sicking dogs and high pressure water hoses on elders and children…..framed blacks and did unspeakable things to them while in their custody……
    last year chicago and new york paid a half billion dollars out to wrongful death suits….this year will be more….the innocence project reports that 62% of it reverses in convictions are black…..

    so somebody hurry up back with the blacks kill 52% of the people in the country bs line you all use, as an excuse to have police interactions, or the blacks are inherently violent, low iq everyone of you say….

    sheriff clark since he has allowed for blacks to die in his custody, he is trying to prove to the mantle of power in this country, he is one of them…the only job he is qualified for is, holding a lantern, in some rich white mans yard, and grinning profusely……

    the police force has always been a bastion of white supremacy, and why should it surprise anyone when we say, they are generally racist….they are the boots on the ground, and always have been for white supremacy, and enforce the under girding of it, since the inception of the police force….even blacks that are on the police force have to brutalize their own kind to prove they are one of them, on the force where being one of the can often mean life and death to black officers, and act as exacters of racism (which one of the few ways blacks can be racist in this country)…..
    so yes you dope, the police force is inherently racist, but i dont think all cops subscribe to the hatred and brutality…..but brutality and senseless aggression by the police against blacks has always been in our experiences as a people in this country…..maybe this hood ornament, clark has retrograde amnesia , or he is just a fucking dope……. like jessie lee peterson, larry elder, jason whitelock. candace owens, and pastor mark burns all think they are sitting at the table as equals because whites allow them scraps and crumbs off the table…..until they dont need them and steve harvey or bill cosby their asses…

    there is no retirement or 401 k for cooning….and there aint no coming home, as far as im concerned….and i say that because its all based on bs what they are trading in their dignity and self respect for….many blacks had to grovel, and sing and dance to eat…but they dont have to get up and recite the white narrative like it has a basis in truth and fact…when none of this bs that racism is based on does…..they have to protect the lies to keep the world from finding out they are afraid to compete with blacks on an equal basis, after all the iq bs, the blacks are violent bs, blacks are lazy and want some free shit that i hear more and more everyday, because whites are launching an anti reparations stance, to deny they damaged blacks for 400 years on purpose, and blacks dont deserve what 5 million blacks gave their entire lives for…everyone of them for 250 in the financing, the building, the maintaining and the fighting for a country they remain second class citizens in……
    i dont have nothing for this man sheriff clark but disdain, as he clearly has for his race…….

    please address all your comments, pro or con…..directly to me…..i await the trolls, racists, mopes and delusionals that spend their time spewing refried white supremacy narratives on black comment sections….

  6. Sheriff speaks the truth…Don tries to shut him up. Typical leftist tactics. The truth and freedom of speech can not be in the same room.

  7. Lol al these comments blasting lemon r all coming from cops. Maybe if u dip shits would stop shooting unarmed citizens in the back and planting things on people to get charges brought on them then stuff like this wouldn’t happen. People r tired of these cops acting like they r gods cause there not. Their pieces of shit!

  8. Poor police. Shitty city cops ruin the other 90% reputations. Some of the best men and women of our country are doing the best they can……

  9. He wants sympathy for a few cops but… they kill us every week this dude is LOYAL to his check and his badge wow

  10. top cop you are I would elect you .commonsense is unheard of in the media world .nicely done sheriff .big respect sir

  11. Am I in a fucking bad dream!!!! The media is the devil!!! Fuck CNN!!!! They are horrible souls!!! Black lives Matter?? Only when whites take them!!! 🤮

  12. I don't think Lemon looks like an idiot! Officers are still killing blacks and have been since the 60s and nothing has change! and they get away with it! because they are under the badge and have lawyers and donations. I'm so sick of officers not being held accountable for their actions.This Sheriff has a police mentality and is a little off.I have seen him before and he makes me sick.

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  14. This sheriff is a sick tail wagging fool🙊that does not have the real concept of what's really going on in black america today.A true (SELL OUT)💯

  15. The moment LEMON and CO started to LOOSE MONEY for their wold class fake anti cop triade that some will go to jail over!!!! HAHAHAHA CNN is so broke! Your DNC $$ gonna dry up soon. Goodbye 🙂

  16. This officer is right
    It is a "hate" causing movement that does increase the attacks on cops
    No big cop fan here, been harassed myself a lot but w/out cops "NO LIFE MATTERS"
    If I, a white man who a) never owned a slave nor did my father or grandfather, b) accept that their are instances where white or Hispanic cops wrongfully shot blacks, and c) actually think all humans are equal , know how racist I would be labelled if I perpetrated a "white history month" or started a "white life matters too" movement and I would be a target
    Lose the hate and change your fate if life isn't grand…

  17. I cringe every time I see Don Lemon reach to someone.  Who knows how long he has been into "stinky finger".  Keep those disgusting assaulting hands to yourself.

  18. I'm not even black and I know for a fact blacks are threaded different by the police then white folks!!!! It takes a delusional dumbass like this black deputy to come on national TV and say that there's no data, then his stupid ass then said the data was wrong, then he said Obama's data was wrong and so was Washington Post data!!! Seek help please….you have zero business been a police officer!!

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  20. I'm not sure if CNN understands just how much the majority of the western world don't trust a story they air.
    God bless the POTUS.
    Where's Frado?
    At least CNN allows comments on their yt channel. Here in the uk every msm channel on yt has the comments blocked.

  21. Well, another tyrant cop with a piss poor attitude. Cops get shot because it's a hazard of the shifty career they have chose? Police brutality is out of control. 2019 research shows black males are most likely to be killed, then Hispanics then white americans. I'm sure there are good cops, but the videos I have seen in youtube/tv expose power trip tyrannical cops abusing their authority.

  22. I wish i can post the excerpts from the media, black lives matter and all black people that say white cops are racist. It's even in the media when they report that a white cop killed an unarmed black man, if that ain't racist, then i don't know what is. People have been now saying that all cops are racist even if they're black, white, hispanics or asians. And even Indians.

  23. All people in this world life's matter. If people really want to prove black life's matter they need to spend as much effort, time, and protest out in the streets educating black people that they need to stop black on black violence which is worse. I mean think about if people. How stupid is it for black and Latino gang members to be killing each other over claiming terretories that aren't even theirs.

  24. Sheriff keeps trying to divert. He do3snt want to stick to the topic at hand, so he keeps changing the subject.
    White folk got their boy trained good.
    Don killin him cuz hes not letting the sheriff switch like that

  25. Don Lemon is an underpaid son of a bitch who insulted Kanye's mother. He is under-paid to keep the Bull-shit that Black people in USA are treated differently alive. This is the B.S that the left wants you to believe in because their entire political movement is build on it but people are now seeing through the Bull-shit.

  26. Liberals be like “we need to have a conversation” and conservatives be like “OK, here are the facts, let’s talk” and liberals be like: “I’m not having this conversation!”

  27. Don lemon is a joke, I watched a cnn broadcast where he started out saying old white men were the problem, a few seconds later said all white men, and it's time to do something about it, if white guy's are so horrible, why did you marry one?

  28. Too many videos..public is seeing police murder innocent ppl ruin lives and be racist ..and yes we are mad…

  29. Clark is a bigoted racist against Anybody who isn't a police officer.
    In our eyes,Black people like him are full of shit.

  30. It's TRUE that a black dude is more likely to be shot by a cop than me.. because statistically a black man is more likely to commit a crime that a white man.. therefore proving and solidifying the fact that more black men are shot and killed.. coz day do mor crime

  31. It's TRUE that a black dude is more likely to be shot by a cop than me.. because statistically a black man is more likely to commit a crime that a white man.. therefore proving and solidifying the fact that more black men are shot and killed.. coz day do mor crime

  32. It's TRUE that a black dude is more likely to be shot by a cop than me.. because statistically a black man is more likely to commit a crime that a white man.. therefore proving and solidifying the fact that more black men are shot and killed.. coz day do mor crime

  33. It's TRUE that a black dude is more likely to be shot by a cop than me.. because statistically a black man is more likely to commit a crime that a white man.. therefore proving and solidifying the fact that more black men are shot and killed.. coz day do mor crime

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