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Dog Wick

Dog Wick

English subtitles provided by Lucas Vially of the RJCTT I’m up… Daisy? Do you have any idea who was the guy you killed!? Idiot! You killed… John Wick’s dog’s human. That human… Was John Wick. Wooaf! I want this dog dead! No, no no no no! No law here says dog can shoot people. Thanks to Lionsgate and John WIck 2 for sponsoring this video. John Wick 2 comes out in theater this friday. We have a link in the description to buy tickets if you want to get on that. Oh, we got to see an early cut of it and let me just say if you like Keanu Reeves shooting people then boy oh boy this movie is for you. This is gonna be a good time. Check it out!

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  1. Haha, I remember this. Just popped up on my YouTube Recommends again.
    Geez… it's 2 years old….

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