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Does Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield Work?

Does Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield Work?

Good thing I brought my shield. *vibrations* (Music) (Music) (Wood Breaking) (Wood Breaking) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) *ting* Go. (Grunt) (Grunt) I could do this all day. When captain America throws his mightey shield The foes who chose to oppose his shield must yeild Hey guys, thanks for watching. To see some other cool videos you need to click the links to the side. And don’t forget to subscribe for future projects. Steve did you drink all the cool-Aid? Steve! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I did. Steve you’re such a jerk. (Laughs) Try pulling it off me. Come on

Reader Comments

  1. Captain America Throws mighty shield
    All those who choose to Go against it must yelled

    Unless you’re plane or a bomb Or some ice and brainwash Bucky Or Spiderman or Tony Stark or version of yourself or just plain Thanos then you don’t necessarily half to yelled

  2. Mejor hubieran metido a este wey en end game para que sea el nuevo capitán América
    Ya que según había 2 capitanes pues uno tuvo familia osea el viejo y pues obvio que a detener un descendiente y de ahí meten a este chico para ser el nuevo capitán América ❣️

  3. Hey hello my stem when I was little was to have one shield like that so I made 1 of paper but it braked and I don’t have the money to buy that so I see your videos to almost know how it feels

  4. You guys should build a second one and send it to Chris Evans. Maybe he’ll be like it enough to agree to come on the show or do a cameo with you.

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