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Do you need military experience to get defense contractor jobs?

Do you need military experience to get defense contractor jobs?

Hey there, Contractor Kev here with Overseas
Contractor Academy and today I�m going to be answering the question �Have I ever known
anyone who got a six figure overseas job without having been in the military before?� I�ll
answer that, then stay tuned at the end for the outtakes and credits that Sunny D adds�
he says they�re the best part of these videos. *Run Bumper*
Have I ever known anyone that got a six figure overseas job that didn�t have a military
background? On the defense side of things, I�d say about half the people I knew working
in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait were never in the military. Don�t get me wrong� it
definitely helps� but it�s not really a necessity. It really (expert pic) depends
on the field you�re working in. If you want a job in intel or counter intel, guess what�
(JB pic)you�re going to need a specialized military background for that. But if you want
to work in the skilled trades or the base post office or as a firefighter, then obviously
you can be qualified to do that without ever having been in the service. The same goes
with the white collar fields� Finance, HR, IT, Admin support� rarely do those fields
ask for a prior military person. Cuzya don�t need military training (Darth pic) to carry
a cup of coffee around an office. There are certain career fields though where
it�s just going to be damn hard to get the right experience without having been in the
military. For instance, it�s not likely that your local school has night classes (MRAP
pic) for working on MRAP�s. Getting the skills to work on an F-15 (F-15 pic) isnt
something you�ll teach yourself in your driveway. So yeah, sometimes the skillset
required will mean you need to come from a military background. But in my experience
working as a defense contractor, I�d guess (half & half pic) about half the people came
military backgrounds and half didn�t. This is true even on the security side of things,
where law enforcement professionals are needed to train foreign police forces and set up
academies, prisons and develop judicial procedures. Having a law enforcement background rather
than a military one can definitely be a huge asset right now.
Alternatively, working overseas but away from the defense side of things, that�s when
the dynamicsreally change. Here�s where it�s actually rare to find anyone with a
military background at all. We�re talking about commercial positions, rather than defense
ones. There are a lot of jobs in the middle east that will still pay quite well, working
in cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. When it comes to finding these jobs (impin pic), it
aint easy, but it can be done with the right knowledge (ding) and effort.
So there ya have it� does working overseas require a military background. The answer,
of course, (yesnopic) is a very clear �No� and Yes�. It all depends on the job type
and the job field. There are literally hundreds of job fields that are needed over there though,
and only a fraction require actual military experience. It helps, but it�s rarely a
necessity. And if you�re on the fully commercial side of things, it�ll pretty much never
be a requirement. So no matter what field you�re in, roll up your sleeves and get
your ass to work finding your next overseas job. It�ll set ya free. The end.
*Outtro* Hey guys, each one of these videos takes us about 10 hours of effort to produce,
from concept to final video. There�s the writing, then the planning, then the actual
filming, then we edit it into a basic video. After that we then review it and make any
changes we want, re-shoot anything we need to re-shoot, then finalize it. The point is,
we�re just (normal guys pic) normal guys�guys that just happen know about living and working
overseas. We�re not actors or slick marketing professionals with huge budgets and awesome
equipment to work with. So if ya dig what we�re doing, let us know our efforts aren�t
being wasted here. Or if any of our videos gave ya a good laugh, maybe help us out by
sharing them on your facebook or something. If you do, (Pedro + arrow) all of your wildest
dreams will come true. Thank you.

Reader Comments

  1. So if I completed a lot of courses at Frontsight, Gunsite, Valor Ridge, and/or other training facilities; would my chances of getting a contract for static security or PSD still be very slim?

  2. if you have VIP protection and armed security experience plus EMT training are you more likely to obtain a security job overseas with no military background? I am very interested in a job overseas in that capacity but have no military background.

  3. if I'm a jungle commando from the French foreign legion and I stayed for 5 years how likely am I to get a PMC job?

  4. hey sir, I have training in 25U army skills dealing with sincgars, FBCB2, CPOF. I got out and became a truck driver. do you think there are contracting jobs for truck drivers.

  5. I have a military background but it's in the Army National Guard. I also work as a normal security guard outside of the military. I figure that it's not much or anything at all to increase my chances in entering this field. I was thinking of going into a career as a police officer and maybe moving into SWAT somewhere down the line. Would this be a better course of action to increase my chances of becoming a PMC further in the future?

  6. I am fixing to separate from the USAF, and I was not combat arms, can I still become a private security contractor? And by this I just mean standard run of the mil security team, just probable basic embassy guard duty, diplomatic security or occasional convoys? I also do have law enforcement training mixed in with this on top of firefighting and EMS training.

  7. What if you're a civilian that got extensive training at Academi Training Center. Is that enough to get a job in Intel and counter-intel?

  8. All these people asking how to do this without military experience. Simple fix is to join preferred branch and get that experience

  9. I can work on guns,cars and have self taught and taught by veterans Military training from multiple Fields and military brand and Militaries throughout the world.

  10. If I have 5 years of experience in corrections would that be sufficient for applying for an armed guard position overseas? Thank you for your time.

  11. I'm currently in the usmc reserves as a rifleman and was wondering is that enough to become a PMC. Also what else I can do in the civilian world to better my chances?

  12. So currently im an armed guard at a aerospace site. Im going through Paramedic school for my national license. I dont care about getting in the action, just want heavy experience in trauma care and transport abroad before starting a long career as a firefighter. Still young enough to spend a few years doing something beforehand.

    What is the likelihood of finding a medic based job abroad with a contracting company with no military experience. Im getting half and half answers on this from others. I'm a very fit 6'4 male. And are there any companies you would suggest looking into? Maybe one that would hire me towards the finish like of schooling so that i can begin work right off the bat?

  13. Would I stand a chance as maritime security operator or close protection officer with only three years military experience?

  14. Where would you suggest a guy to look who has 8 years in corrections county state and federal, FLETC BOP Basic honor graduate to look?

  15. I am untrained Pakistani national with know how of weopons operation of almost all calibers, kindly send me links of those private security Contractor firms to whom I am eligible to apply! Mostly interesting in Mari time security

  16. I wish I could find one. Overseas for a minute. Not bad. I'm military on defense and commercial. I like this video.

  17. good afternoon just wondering if i can be contracted as a British citizen and if yes what company is recruiting many thanks

  18. I'm looking to be let loose on a enemy country and give theme a taste of they're own medicine I don't plan on coming back

  19. Can I become a private military contractor if I do PMC courses in places like Euseca or Academi without joining the army?

  20. Shooting someone does not require military training now if the military trained you to shoot someone it's that's a huge plus!

  21. Im going to the Air Force as Security Forces for my AFSP, and I plan on either doing law enforcement after I finish my contract in the Air Force, or get into defense contracting. Would I more likely be accepted into any contracting company if I decided to go in with this AFSP?

  22. That’s not what employers want to hear my pedigree chum. They want experienced qualified blokes endex. Doesn’t mean you have to be I’m hard Bruce lee ex SAS either. Do a recognised CP COURSE, throw in UK and US medical and weapons courses and you will get work. Just wanting to be in the job because you are warry Won’t get you anywhere.

  23. Your Right' because I know someone who spent 25 years as a PMC and through that time
    gather a skillset together that even had extreme violent combat.
    And he built clinic and other medical establishments.
    But he would say to run with guns up you need training and lots of to put with your skillset.
    And then Langues they are always a skill set that is good to have that and Field medical and
    mechanical skillset and the gift of saying something and never saying anything at all.
    Then learn who will be there and who will not show up and who will run and leave you there to
    fight it out or die.
    He would say you'll learn to fight kill because if you get deep in the bush you could be a bile
    movement. YAH'

  24. I cant join the fucking military because of asthema even though i was in the cadet corp from 6th grade will graduation and even now i love doing basic training from personal trainers in the military

  25. I really want a job in South Africa help protect the farmers down their from being murdered. Anyone know where or who or how I could get over there?

  26. Hey @OverseasContractorAcademy, I know you get million of questions everyday, well could I get into a contractor job overseas if I don't really have that great experience? Went to Law enforcement skills/training program for 6 months, dealt with firearms, team tactics, and etc. I also have a EMR Emergency First Responded certified, took two additional firearm classes of fight pistol and fighting rifle(24hrs, each). Very fluent with AK variant, AR15/M4 weapons(full-auto), precision rifles and semi-automatic pistols like Glock and many more. Close quarters battle/room clearing experience, and breaching.

    All the police jobs in MN are impossible to get in for a career and so I would do anything to get a job, specially an overseas job, because I would love the adventure, being armed, helping the clients, the team mates and completing the contract task. I'm Hard working, level headed, team work oriented, committed, trust worthy, and willing to work.

    My dream was to become a police officer in MN, but the issue is that there are thousands of people thinking the same thing. I can't get hired in any other job, I feel that I have a skill that I can use for overseas. Again I feel like a lion trapped in a zoo cage.



  27. I'm watching this video simply because I'm curious about Mercenaries. I would never myself try to do this because I know who I am personally and I know that my inexperience and the way my mind works would put others in jeopardy. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Mercenaries. It's an interesting subject and this video explains a lot of things very well to someone like me who has no military experience and was just looking to learn.

  28. Blackwater owns a contractor company but it's not named blackwater they train you for 18 months and your good to go. Contract work goes from 5k-100k per contract.

  29. i have flight training and can fly anything from a Cessna skyhawk, helicopter to a 777 but no formal military background. i know the ends and outs of how to do things in the military just couldn't get in due to having a GED and needing a 50 on the asvab but i did have a passing score IF i had a high school diploma. i did get a 35 on it 2 days ago

  30. So any Law Enforcement will be a gurantee job on Security Contracting so does that include ICE or Wildlife & Fish ??

  31. I'm finishing my bachelor's in criminal justice at a state university; also in the honor society. I have about 1.5 years working in corrections. What are my options? Need to pay off these student loans.. 😉

  32. Hi I'm looking for a security job and I'm also a fireman as a volunteer but I wouldn't mind working and serving my country I'm 45 years old and I'm still doing the fire departments and also security I have a lot of training and understand how things work I taught myself how to read and write without computers today I would have never learned very well so I'm hoping that I can become somebody important somebody that would need me in the United States are the US I hope that I can become somebody that can do something else that where I'm needed I'm honest and I'm always right and never wrong but at least I'm a fireman in a security officer right now at least I'm serving my country and state as a fireman and a security officer

  33. I sure hope I get the chance to do something amazing which I don't really care what it is but if it's being a fireman or a security person that would be awesome I hope you give me a chance to ever you are in contractors overseas would be really cool

  34. Nope! You don’t need to be.

    Get a paramedic background and you are set. Company’s will pay for the stuff to protect you and the client.

  35. I want to go over there and carry a big gun. My big balls swinging in the wind. Do I need military experience for letting my balls hang?

  36. If I was just in the infantry in the marine corps for 4 years how would I go about getting into private security? Or is it even possible with my lack of all the “special skills” as far not being special forces.

  37. I am a armed security officer with no prior military experience and No degree can I still become a private security contractor overseas?

  38. I have to ask why do you even need to join the preexisting big dogs, why not just start your own? what are the legal requirements? I've heard so long as you abide by the geneva conventions you are legal combatant, but I'm just wondering if there's a fine print.

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