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Do These Boots Look Clunky With The Slim Pants & Are The Textures Good?

Do These Boots Look Clunky With The Slim Pants & Are The Textures Good?

– Hi, Veritas! I think that’s how you
pronounce your username. I saw that you had a couple questions. Before I start, though,
I just want to announce that for the entire month
of October, I am giving away five thousand dollars worth
of Brooks Brothers menswear gift cards, so click
the link below to enter. Alright so let’s get back to you. You had a couple questions
with your outfit. The first being you wanted
to know if your boots looked clunky with your slim pants. So first off, I just want to
say, I love your fall outfit. It looks so great, the fit
and the colors are spot on. With regards to your boots,
they definitely do not look too clunky with your slim-fit pants. So you then asked if the
textures looked good. So you’re wearing, you
know, slim-fit chinos with a more textured gray sweater, and then you have that great green jacket. Mixing textures is a good thing, and you did it perfectly. The key with mixing textures
is that you want to mix similar weight fabrics. So your pants and your jacket
are more on the lighter-weight side, and your sweater
is also lighter-weight, and it just has a great texture. This outfit definitely
would not look as great if you were wearing, let’s
say, a super chunky, thick, wool sweater. That would look completely off. So you did a really great job with mixing similar weighted fabrics. Now you asked also do
the colors look good. Are four colors a lot? Because you have green, a light gray, a navy and a brown. So normally I always recommend
sticking with three colors, but think of your gray
sweater like a neutral. Very similar to black and white. So it doesn’t really count. What do you have is you’ve
got, you know, the green, the navy and the brown,
which is a really great color palette that
complements one another. So overall, great great
job, love the outfit. Everything is great.

Reader Comments

  1. I've been using these 'hot or not' videos as a kind of practice – pausing the video and trying to identify what's wrong with the look before hearing the answer. I looked at this outfit for a few minutes as was like, 'shit, I can't really see anything particularly wrong with it'… thought I just wasn't getting it still….

    Really liking these early vids. Some very useful content for style numpties like myself who just never figured it out.

    Thanks for doing them them Ashley.

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