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Hi loves Today’s tutorial is inspired by Michael
Jackson I took a creative approach to his signature
military jacket and made a dress For this tutorial you’ll need 1 yard or
meter of stretch fabric. I used a stretch wool with ribbed lines. Place a top or jacket on top and cut the shape Fold it double and cut the rest of the dress Then cut the neckline. Note that the back differs from the front Place one piece with the front side on top I had 3 different trimmings to choose from
and chose the first. These trimmings are from Decorative Trimmings
& if you use the DISCOUNT CODE: PINKCHOCOLATE you get 10% discount on the total sale
I will include all the links below Place the trimming on the front. Pin the beginning and end and continue on
the next row I created 11 rows total Sew along the lines, avoiding the ends as
they stay curled When you get towards the end of the first
line, lift your needle and then continue to sew on the next row. Afterwards you can cut the excess thread Place the two pieces on top of each other
with the right sides facing. Pin the shoulders first and sew it I decided to create shoulder patches using
felt and the other trimmings Place it on the shoulder and cut a round shape Pin the trimming on the outside first and
work towards the middle. If you want I can make a separate video for
this shoulder patch so I can go into it in more detail. Let me know in the comments below what you think Sew the trimming on the felt and sew it from
the outside in leaving a small circle in the middle Place the shoulder patch on the shoulders
and pin it. Then sew it Then sew it all around on both sides Turn your dress to the wrong side and pin
the sides first Sew the sides, then hem the neckline, arm
openings and bottom of the dress And this is the final look Will add the link for the floppy hat below
and I got the socks from Stradivarius Hope you enjoyed this tutorial inspired by
Michael Jackson. Like if you did and share this video with
your friends Thank you so much for watching and see you
in my next video What is your favorite Micael Jackson song? Let me know in the comments below!

Reader Comments

  1. all of his Songs are great and i love allllllll!!!!!!!! but my favorite is the earth song and man in the mirror. by the way ur dresss is pretty.

  2. Beautiful! You are a very talented woman! I love all of Michael Jackson songs (and him) but my favorite has to be "man in the mirror"

  3. Jocy – You continue to inspire us with your creativity and spirit ! Thank you for hosting the designers from Keeco this month. When are we going to see you back in NYC, we look forward to seeing you soon back here in the fashion district.

  4. Your dress is so cute. I love most of his songs. Grew up listening to them but the one that takes me back is "Rock with you" that brings back some fond memories. They don't make music like that anymore 😥

  5. I am a new follower and I have to say that girl you are fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the DIY videos!

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