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DIY ( ASAP ROCKY) Slimming Vintage Camo Pants

DIY ( ASAP ROCKY) Slimming Vintage Camo Pants

what's going on YouTube with you boy aid what's going on YouTube with you boy hold you back with another video and today we're bringing you another T by Y so this deal where is gonna consist of how to slim down a vintage pair of camo pants me around – Parris oh I have vintage camel pens are actually thrift in these oh geez probably worn in war you know a good good and then here we have that pair that's super hot right now that Rothko they're bringing these back and super cool and you know after that whole ASAP Rocky I think it's under Guinea high video that these blew up so I have a pair of these and prepare the yellow which were green but I wanted to do one of the new ones and one of the old school ones so I hope you guys enjoy this video by the temple so let's go all right the procedure I want to do is sleep those pants inside out you can have the pants flip inside out and as you saw in the little preview of the on-body of how these actually fit on me you can tell that these orange ones they really don't need a much of a alteration think about an inch and a half off if that but it should be fine I'm in despair about the tape are they right I'm probably taking on two and a half almost three inches so person you don't get your your seams lined up so you get an even even even so right I'm like we always do we're gonna grab our measuring tool we're gonna measure I'm just I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna just do an inch and a half honestly so just measure up to inch and a half grab that marker and just like on the t-shirts man if you have watches videos go back and watch the videos so we do here we just put up a seam and then we just start making a line with the market let's go so there we have both pant legs with the amount that we're gonna take off both legs as you can see right here we have both one and then on this one so now it's the fun part – all right guys so here we have the pants all sewn up and actually off-camera when I was sewing I I know this one like they look a little bit too skinny so you can see that first line that I made I went ahead and sewed this pant leg and I tried it on mine it was way too skinny so I had to go back and de thread it and then now I did a second line you see that right there to make it a little less skinny so yeah mmmm but there's the are there also DUP no no we just cut off the excess flaps and what important thing to note about these that I'm noticing right now you notice the first time I do a camel pant is the draw strap at the bottom right a little drawstring to like cuff it in that everybody likes I didn't want to go ahead and sew over them because I don't think it would have had that luxury anymore so what I went ahead and did and I just left that little flap so what I'm gonna do is just cut along that little flap don't cut it off so just go ahead and cut along the edge of that flap to where you to where you sewed it now you see that right there you see how it's not like that's the line that we sewed and then here's a little flap so this can still be able to do this little straw strap motion plus the excess flap now cut off the pants as you can see all nice and sewed up all together nice and sturdy that little end piece it all right guys there you have it the DIY how to slim down pair camo pants I hope you guys enjoy it I hope you guys found it helped when I hope you guys like them as much as I admit I'm really feeling these orange ones I still got a ball but if I go take a dope IG paid later with them the whole fit and yeah man if you guys would be interested in any of these pants like I said in my last video please contact me send me a DM or check out my ID I'll pull it out of the bond a lot of people sell these kind of pants on depop you guys can message me through there be like you already have them and maybe we can I can just charge you for the service you guys pants I'm gonna don't bring you just ship it back to you guys we gotta man I hope you guys enjoyed this video with fun and helpful and please stay tuned to the next video because of a big announcement of another pop ups that I'm having and yeah man just thank you guys for the support you guys are really killing the likes and views and everything and that really means a lot so if you guys like this video like this context the thumbs up like comment and subscribe please and I'll see you guys next time thank you to an end peace Oh J

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  1. Man, I wish I saw this video sooner. I just bought the smallest size of the Rothco pants online and they were still wayy too big. So you just saved me from taking em back. You totally deserve a sub for that!!

  2. Thank you! This video really helped me. I bought camo pants and they were waaaay too wide because I’m just 13 years old. We were just about to return them and then I found this video. Now they’re perfect

  3. damn i been sliming pants for a while but never tried your tech..  i like your way mush better.  u earned a new sub.

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