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Diving Spooky Lake Bottom For Lost GoPro 6 While Owner Waits On Shore! (Scuba Diving)

Diving Spooky Lake Bottom For Lost GoPro 6 While Owner Waits On Shore! (Scuba Diving)

There’s our spot where he jumped… and there’s where the GoPro’s at. What’s up guys! Here we are at a brand new location. We are on a very specific mission today. This is Jerry. Jerry: What’s up! Dallas: I haven’t even shaken your hand yet man! They lost something very special and dear to their hearts. Jerry: I was over here cliff diving and everything. My friend jumped off the eagle’s nest with
my GoPro. I didn’t have a floaty on it. It just immediately sunk. He must have
jump from the 50 or 60 foot and soon as, he smacked the water. He like! He let go
the GoPro. Guy: Oho! No! Dallas: So, he was on the car arm strap, you said? Jerry: No! I just took it off my helmet. Dallas: Okay! Well you’re talking about this clip right here, right? Jerry: Yup! Right there. Dallas: Okay! I got my cousin here, Steve. How many years? Steve: It’s been about three. Dallas: Three years. So, we got some we got some experts on the job. So. GoPro 6, right? Jerry: Yup Dallas: We’re gonna see if we can find it. We don’t find it. May be, we’ll find some other stuff too. We could find, you know a big bag of money. What’s the name on it? We could return that. Jerry: Lots of beer cans. Dallas: Yeah! Well lots of beer cans. We’ll take some trash out. So, definitely keep watching to the end of the video. If we find anything else valuable that we can return. We will do that and that’s always my favorite part of the video. So, without further doing, gear on and jump in the water and see if we can find this guy’s GoPro 6. With that make your day? Jerry: Oh! Would. Dallas: There’s our spot. Where he jumped and there’s we go close at. In the water. Steve: With that hoodie you look like the Assassin’s Creed of the water. Steve: Is it right here? This way! This way! So, Where he’s at? Dallas: Okay! Steve: Here we go! Steve: That’s why it stinks down there. Dallas: Did you see all those farts coming out of the ground. Dallas: That last three feet on the top, is just so hot, after being down there. Steve: Crazy! Think that Apple watch will work? Dallas: Naahh! Look at that thing guys. Hey this could still work, you never know. Series 3. Hasn’t been down there too long? Seems pretty; clean. Find any more Oakleys down there? Steve: No! Dallas: Hey I’m going to try to get this thing dried out, turn it on and find the owners of these things. So, if that happens I will have it in the video keep watching to the end if you want to see that. That’s awesome. I am assuming this is yours. Whew! Look at that beauty. Jerry: Yeah! That’s it. Dallas: Alright! Dude! We have to watch the footage, man. I have an extra battery. We can swap out. Wow! We found the GoPro. Here’s the lucky winner of the day. Jerry: Yeah! Dallas: So, that finale for what three weeks now. Since slavery day. Jerry: Yeah! Still dry! Dallas: Totally dry. How did that feel? Steve: That was awesome! Dallas: Have you ever done a dive, where you kind of recover something specific? Steve: I have, yeah! Dallas: How many times you have found it? Steve: The one time that the
propeller. Dallas: You’re telling me about that! Steve: Have recovery dives like we, hey! We lost here propeller. Okay! We’ll go find it. That dive was awesome. Dallas: His battery is dead. It’s been down there a few weeks and it was running while he dropped it. So, we’re gonna pop this good
battery in there, and watch some awesome footage. Jerry: So, to the last movie, this
one right. It ran for an hour and 30 minutes. Jerry: Let’s see it fall Dallas: There we go. Jerry: That’s jump. Steve: It’s a jump. Dallas: oh! He’s gone. Its gone. Guy: Oh! Crap. You lost the GoPro? Dallas: Hey man! Jerry: Thank you so much.
Dallas: Nice to meet you. Dallas: Off course! Drop it again and give me a call, man! Jerry: This time there’ll be a floatie. So, I don’t think I’ll need you. Dallas: Good to meet you!
Jerry: Thanks man! Steve: Cool!
Jerry: Thank you!
Steve: Yeah! Dallas: Hey guys! Well we had a successful day. Now, this is actually my play, my best
find. Paddle Board Paddle. It’s like re-adjustable right here. Bunch of a sun glasses. The best pair being this pair of Oakleys. But, I think it’s seen better days and I don’t
even know, if these were real to begin with. Bunch of the sunglasses, two diving masks. One of them whose name was Chloe. Chloe, if you’re out there and you want this back you know how to find me. You got a good pair, right there! Steve: They are here. Nice little pairs of Gas cans. Dallas: Dang! Hey! Put those things on, let’s see if. Steve: Perfect condition. Dallas: Those are nice. Steve: Not bad. Dallas: I got a lighter. See if that works, when it dries out and then last but not the least. BAM! Apple watch. This is my first Apple watch. I’m super glad that we were able to find that for Jerry. That was really cool. That was Steve’s second time, recovering something successfully and my first time. I’ve tried to find lots of stuff but most of
the time. It’s just like finding a needle in a haystack. Steve: Thanks for inviting me down. Dallas: Of course! Look at this Apple watch. I actually was looking at it and I don’t see any moisture; inside. That actually, might be a chance this thing turns on. My wife has an Apple watch so,
she has a charger luckily. So, let’s see if this thing turns on. Nice and close. Oh my gosh! That thing works. I was, I thought for sure. It was not gonna turn on, because when I founded there was like. There’s murky like scum all over and so. I was like it had to have been down there for at least like a few weeks. Girl: Ahan! Dallas: It says it’s charging so I guess we’ll see, if it actually boots up. Girl: It doesn’t turn on, once you take off the charger. Dallas: Well we run some
errands right now. I’ll leave this charging and I’m gonna come back and
hopefully we can find the owner of this thing give him or her a call and then
well uh! That’d be amazing if we got two returns on one trip. So, we only found two
really good things and if we can find this owner that’d be amazing. So, we just
got home just look at this it’s on. It works perfectly check that out. But, there’s a pass-code. There’s no SIM card so normally in my
go-to, is like to pull out the SIM card from the phone and like stick it into a
different phone and find that phone number. I have never found an Apple watch
before this is my first Apple watch, that I’ve found and so I’ve got some
tinkering to do to see, if I can locate the owner. It looks like they don’t have:
“Find My iPhone” on or anything. That would be my first option is if it like popped up a message and “Please! Call this number.” I don’t see that and so, see what
I can do? Make sure to subscribe. If you want to
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  1. Amazing videos. The 2 kids I nanny for love watching your videos w me. We even play our own version in the living room, hiding toys under the blankets & acting like we're swimming 😂😂 thank you for keeping us entertained!!!

    Edit: omg I wasn't even finished watching this video before you hearted it, THANK YOU 💖💖

  2. just found out ur chanel yesterday and i became a huge fan of ur work instantly i think ur work are even better than pew hope ur Chanel grows even bigger and man u have a heart of gold

  3. I dont know why i addicted watching your videos 😂😂😂 but i would suddgest you take bag with you when u dive in PLEASEA HAHAHAHAHA thanks

  4. I'm from Germany and I love watch your videos❤ in summer holiday I fly to America and I want to search also in rivers😂⚠️

  5. The bubbles are coming out of the water is because air is trapped and which causes those bubbles which are called air bubbles

  6. the accumulation of organic material at the bottom, probably many feet deep, could be 50 foot deep, it slowly breaks down and in the absence of oxygen and creates methane, just like the long term process of making natural gas fields. when the pressure of the gas pockets get high enough it is enough to push the mud away, if you see the bottom is riddled with the holes where the gas keep seeping up

  7. Possible methane gas from decomposition below the lake bed.  Could also be percolation of water through porous formation under lake bottom.

  8. Try 1234 or 1359 or 0000 and it does have find my iPhone tho all apple watches do they can’t be put in lost mode unless connected to Wifi/data

  9. What I learned from these videos: never ever ever take anything valuable/important with you when you're going to the water

  10. Kalo diluar negri org makenya yg anti air semua ya :v kalo di indo beli merek China auto jadi rongsokan,.

  11. helo bro you have extra cam because i have no camera too vlog please give one camera only for vloggings please

  12. Love your videos. This was a wow one. Weird question. My son would like to know the brand of the blue hooded shirt your cousin is wearing in this episode. Thanks.

  13. Finds diving mask…."Chloe, if you want these back, you know how to find me"….. throws them away right after…

  14. The bubbles are methane gas building up under the sediment from stuff rotting. Methane gas smells like farts, hence the smell.

  15. Dallas, u are amazing like u do so much it’s so amazing like u find stuff for other people. It’s so amazing how u do it!

  16. In an aquarium that has soil you get bacteria that break the soil down, they breathe oxygen and respire c02, which can build up in the substrate until there's enough to make a few bubbles come popping out, maybe it's that

  17. OMG! I had to check twice to make sure you said "my wife"!

    I didn't realise you were old enough to be married. You look so young and sweet! 😄

  18. Is this the sequel to the Apple Watch wrong owner vid where you found a other Apple Watch, not the one you were trying to find? Because in that video the watch owner said her friend lost a GoPro

    Also lol the first mission was black band, and you find 2 white bands

  19. Seriously, does anybody notice this location? It’s canyon lake, right next to the Superstition Mountains. I went past the spot you guys went past

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  21. I was always afraid to dive … But I love watching your movies! Thanks to you I can see this underwater world I am always excited! Greetings from Poland🤩

  22. My sister found a Apple Watch series 2 and lake pleasant but the screen was broken and water damaged☹️⌚️☠️

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