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Diary of an Army Girlfriend: Something Out Of The Blue Care Package & Mini Deployment Update

Diary of an Army Girlfriend: Something Out Of The Blue Care Package & Mini Deployment Update

hey guys welcome to another Diary of an army girlfriend video I'm currently in the car about to drive to the post office to drop off my second care package there it is it's right over there along with a package for my friends in Hawaii Sharon and Tony one of these two I think it's this one make sure it's this one it's for you guys you're not gonna watch this video because you are not military significant others but that is what I'm doing right now I filmed what's inside of this care package so I think I'm gonna insert that clip right here no this is what care package and number two is going to look like before I fill it with a bunch of blue items unlike the doughnut themed one there are not going to be hundreds of doughnut stickers all over the place but it gets the point across it's simple and it's blue so let's put a bunch of blue stuff in here so the first thing going in is a blue themed box is going to be some coconut water I just I highly doubt that he's that coconut water where he is and I know that he likes it and hopefully it survives the trip the next thing going in here are some rice krispies treats of course as well as some lightly salted rice cakes actually I can show some stuff underneath here so let me read eyes this better in a second but we are putting in some rice cakes as well as some Skippy peanut butter because peanut butter and rice cakes are the bomb I introduced him to this magic and he loved it and they both happen to be blue so that's perfect now this is not blue but I feel like it'll go well with the peanut butter and of course who doesn't love Nutella so I'm just gonna hide some Nutella in here and just like cover it with blue stuff then we've got some mixed nuts they're blue they match I put a bunch of these or water drops in the first care package but you can never have enough good flavored water and all of these happen to have blue on them so I thought they would be perfect now he's over there trying to lose weight and I'm over here sending him junk food and just snacks and Jolly Ranchers happened to come in a blue bag so in they do a couple of things of gum about two of these a denting ice that happened to be blue as well as some mints we've got some icebreakers mints let's try to shove these in here perfect I've got more random nuts there's some peanuts and almonds here I'm just trying to fill up as much space as I possibly can so I'm just gonna shove these in here I got a whole bunch of chocolate chip Clif bars that come in the blue packaging then I got these kind of Anila blueberry bars now this one is going to be a test because I'm pretty sure these are probably going to melt in transit but honestly like even if an almond joy melts it's kind of gonna reform in the same shape that it was and he loves almond joys so we're just gonna we're gonna see what happens that might end horribly but at least I can say that I tried and there's still just like a tiny bit of room over here and I'm just gonna stuff that with these blueberry and nutrigrain bears again these almost feel like they might melt cuz they're kind of squishy but they're kind of baked so maybe they won't I don't know we're testing some more things out here and there you have it something out of the blue to remind you that I love you stuff to the brim with a whole bunch of blue packaging if somehow you guys think that my handwriting in that care package actually is that beautiful it is not the way that I made it look so nice is that I typed this up printed it out and then I took a pen and I pressed it really hard against the letters as you can see here just to kind of make an outline and then I use a sharpie to fill it all in and then it just evenly looks like I have a really nice handwriting when in reality I have chicken-scratch handwriting so there's my secret and now that you guys know what's inside of this box let's go a ship it out and up onto the first care package that I sent out it took about nine or ten days for him to have it in his hands guy who picks up the mail in his group but he only goes on I think it's Mondays and Fridays so for all I know the package could have gotten there on Tuesday but he didn't have it until Friday so I could have taken six or seven days to get to him which is crazy but I mean the tracking didn't work so I have no idea as far as things melting goes surprisingly nothing melted except for the packaging on the doughnut holes like the seal kind of like popped open so that's why he brought that in to work first because he wasn't just gonna leave like an open container of food laying around and I mean all the guys ate it within the day so honestly by the end of this deployment people are gonna know me as the girl who sends just way too much junk food that's okay junk food is great my camera's blinking that it's gonna die on me so I'm just gonna try to update you guys on like the deployment a little bit I'm probably gonna have to refill this because it's probably gonna die but as far as the ployment goes we are about two months ish down and surprisingly it's not as painful as I thought it was going to be I thought it was going to be so much harder and so much more painful plus we had time before he deployed apart and so far so good the best thing is that since it is 2017 and there is such a thing as the internet he does have an internet plan where he is and he gets to talk to me on our phones like every single day like we text pretty much every single day he does have to pay for the amount of data that he gets so we're not really like facetiming or anything because that eats up a lot more data and I don't want to have like no data by the end of the month but texting is fine it's way better than I thought it was going to be I thought we were gonna be writing letters or like just emails once a week I know that even nowadays like certain branches and certain deployments you don't get to talk to them that often like you'll get an email maybe once every two weeks or something and that's it but I've been so grateful for the fact that every single day basically like when he has his lunch break or when he's off of work we get to talk I feel like that's what's making this deployment feel not as bad because since we were long-distance before this and we weren't living in the same space we just went long distance from him being in one place to him being in another place and it doesn't feel as real even though like I know it's real I know he's deployed I know he's somewhere else it's just the ease of communication is making it a little bit less painful so there's that and I think that's pretty much the only update that I have for you guys right now I mean let me know in the comment section down below if you have any questions about deployment and I'll see if I can answer them and now that I've got a few months of deployment under my belt I'd be glad to try to help so as always any comments questions suggestions topics all of that leave it in the comment section down below and I might talk about it in a future diary of an army girlfriend video I feel like I'm gonna be doing a few more of these now because I actually have things to talk about again and let me know if you guys are okay with this whole like vlogging style version of my diary of an army girlfriend videos because I'm used to like setting up my camera and my tripod and my lights but I kind of like bring you guys along with me so I'm gonna go ahead into the post office right now drop these off and then I'll say goodbye to you guys and yeah so see you in a second and just like that package number two is on its way I never think you guys into the post office because it's just it's the post office but just finished mailing it off and I was trying to think of other things to update you guys on I mean honestly the deployment so far has been going okay and I'm super thankful about that I surprisingly honestly have not cried and normally I like sob forever for at least like a day or two I'm surprised I did not cry when he left or really I haven't cried this entire time I've been doing a really good job at distracting myself and keeping myself busy with like jobs and creating these care packages and so my camera died earlier when I was trying to film my outro clip and since then I have changed but not a tiny bit more makeup I think that I covered all the little updates that I had for you guys there's really not that much to update you on that I can think of hopefully my camera recorded everything that I had to say I'm pretty sure that I was saying something about how I haven't been crying I've just been keeping myself super super busy and not letting myself dwell on loneliness and the sadness that were so far apart for so long but I'm trying to think of it positively I've always told myself that I wouldn't have liked a countdown app on my phone but I have a count my phone but I think that's just about everything that I can think of at this moment I would love to keep up with you guys across all of my social media platforms I always have links of them all in the description box down below and if you're not already subscribed to my channel you totally should I post new videos every Tuesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and I will see you guys in my next video I'd keep blabbing at you guys but actually my family is like waiting on me to walk back inside the house because we're going out for all-you-can-eat sushi right now and I was out taking pictures and they don't know that I'm just sitting in the driveway just blabbing away to my camera so when my mom watches this vlog whenever this goes up in like a week or two she's gonna be like oh really this is why I was starving from sushi what's up mom this stuff alright we're gonna have full bellies in a few minutes and we're gonna be super happy I'm watching a giant bee we have like these carpenter bees and it's inside this giant flower it's huge okay put a stop laughing because all-you-can-eat sushi it's my reason like we're going out for sushi because I wanted sushi yesterday so honestly this is all my fault yeah

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  1. My boyfriend just went on deployment, and i'm in the same situation where i can text him everyday kind of a deal, and omfg yes. It feels almost "dream" like, where it doesn't feel he's that far+in deployment even though i know he is. I was starting to feel a bit crazy tbh 😂 but i'm happy i can relate with you~

  2. I can relate to you. My bf received a care package from me every month and it made his day. My boo comes back very soon.

  3. Definitely being long distance and then going to a deployment is easier since already use to being apart.

  4. Always look forward to these💕Getting so many flashbacks to my guys deployment. So thankful for modern technology. Texting and every once in a while facetiming was amazing. Where as my best friends fiancé is Marine and she didn't hear from him as much.

  5. Stay strong girl!!!!. I feel u, had a long distance relationship b4 and i know how hard it actually is… but u'll be ok 🙂

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