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  1. I have a question, im currently dumped over which is better. The EP Shotgun [Ikelos Shotgun] or Upgraded Legend of Acrius?

  2. I'm waiting for them to let us mass delete the shaders. I have over 400 on some and 5 mins to delete one at a time is to much. The game is already a time waster lol

  3. 7:40 you said “I really look the like” lol you mean “like the look” (and yes I’m so bored I’m nit picking Datto saying something in the wrong order)

  4. Midnight coup, better devils or nameless midnight

    Mananan, risk runner or sunshot

    Curtain call, black hammer or darci

    or if I’m bored merciless

  5. as of now these are my sets:
    full solstice set or
    IB robes and helmet non ornamented,
    SoS gaunlets, and karnstein armlets for health recovery builds and ophidian for pvp
    and for legs lunafaction and SoS legs
    then the SoS bond
    all with malachite shader or dawning shader

    Full IB s3 ornament set with vex descendent chrome
    switching to raiden with ornament and chrome for arcstrider build
    while i switch to orpheus or nighthawk accordingly again, all with descendant chrome

    prestige raid helmet, or iinsurmountable skullford and helm of saint 14 dependiong on the circumstances with malachite shader
    synthoceps with descendant chrome and doomfang with descendant chrome and prestige raid gaunlents with malachiote shader if im running some other exotics ( i mainly run synthoceps)
    Devastation complex and crucible ornament chestplate with malachite and hallowfire heart with malachite also
    legs i exclusively use the prestige leviathan legs with malachite
    and for class item i stick with the SoS mark with the mad monk or the prestige lev mark with suros modular

  6. Nova bomb tractor cannon is the move. Also, sunbracers are fun on dawnblade and if you build right they’re insane

  7. Armor looks like trash in d2. D1 was so much better especially on hunters Jesus the cloaks are absolutely hideous give me back the shattered vault cloak. The toes are hideous too and the body shape barely looks human

  8. I totally understand your fashion show Datto, I obsess to a crazy degree about getting the perfect look for my characters. D2 armor has both some of the coolest and weirdest looking armor for all three classes…

  9. Nah Datto, I like the fashion show. I am just a casual, and do not have enough people to do trials or the raid. This fashion shows helps me see the armor sets I know I can’t get. I can always dream though

  10. 10:53 i run the same style, but with Calus's Elite. u get a nice royal/wizard gold that goes along with the warlock theme that i really like. meanwhile default shade looks really good too

  11. I’m with you all the way Datto. If my characters don’t look good, I am super upset. I picked up another whole set of armor just so I could match the ace of spades with and without the ornament.

  12. I also got every hunter ornament and all the crucible weapons and gear masterworked, except for that helm ornament for hunter

  13. You should use the iron truge helm for the nightstalker no ornament btw but i think i goes well with the idea of a stalking hunter

  14. I would try to make my guardian look good, but ever since they made it so you need masterwork cores for infusion I haven’t been able to look good 😭

  15. Hey! I have to admit: I REALLY "LOOK THE LIKE" of that red Hunter, New Monarchy armor set too! I'm not a big fan of Hunters and I rarely play as mine, but that armor set looks COOL!! If I had that set, I might actually play as a Hunter more often! As it is, my Hunter character is shaded in red armor (cuz I don't wanna look the the enemies on Titan!) but, MY Hunter armor is NO WAY as cool as that!

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