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Destiny 2: Datto’s Season 3 Fashion Show and Weapon Loadouts

Destiny 2: Datto’s Season 3 Fashion Show and Weapon Loadouts

Hey guys so we missed out on a Season 2 weapon loadout video and I’ve been working a lot on my armor sets Lately for season 3. I like to change it up every so often. So we’re gonna do a season 3 loadout and I guess sort of fashion show kind of video all the armor sets and all the weapons that I use For everything that I do I have armor sets for both raid and non raid activities for every subclass on Every character I am that much of a loser, you are correct, and I thought it’d be fun to do Something like this if you guys want feel free to send me some screenshots of your favorite armor sets stuff that you’re using on Twitter and I’ll check them out. I’m not really sure how good of a video idea this actually is. I’m just really bored. So Here goes nothing We’re gonna start with my Titan my main my arc armor set is Still the season to PvP armor with full ornaments except for the helm Using the serous modular shine shader on Everything this is also my PvP armor set I basically only PvP on my Titan now for most of my sets in general I’m using ability cooldown reduction mods if I have them available in that slot if not then I’m using some sort of a kinetic reload speed mod instead and if I don’t have access to that I Use whatever I feel like is the strongest thing in that slot I like ability mods a lot to try to make up for the long cooldowns that abilities have in destiny, too That’s why I really prefer exotics that boost ability regeneration Just so happens that most of the good exotics to do exactly that which is good. I really like this armor set I used it last season as well Normally, I like to color coordinate my armor sets with the subclass that I’m using This is one of I believe too that goes against that rule I just really like the red and white with the Souris modular basically inverts the Default colors on this armor and for this armored set I like the shine Over more of a matte finish something like a noble constant red would work for a matte finish Some of the other red shaders don’t really have pure white They’re more of an off-white or sometimes like a light blue which I don’t really like it all or the Crimson shaders which delve too far into the pink side of the spectrum as For an exotic skull fort is still really good. I don’t like how it looks with this armor set But you know, it’s still really good arm and Terry Um is back which makes it so you don’t need to use the top block for double grenades, which is also good But I’m also not the hugest fan of how our man terraeum looks with this armor set either When I want to go into the raid in arc armor, which is rare I swap the gloves and class item for the normal mode Leviathan gloves and class item. The reason why I don’t use the prestige items is Because of the purple glow it just does not work with the red and the white sidenote Bungie if you can make it so armor glows on prestige armor changed with shader Application I and I’m sure many others would really like that So that were not completely locked to only using that armor with basically two or three shaders that actually look good I used the gloves and the class item because they are easily the strongest of the raid mod armor pieces my Sentinel season 2 kit was a mishmash of trials armor flawless and non flawless ornamented and non ornamented it was Not good Not good this time season 3 just opted for the prestige Leviathan armor with the dawning Brilliance shader on basically everything we have calluses selected for the mark simple Looking sleek. The shader works with the glow. It’s purple Sentinel You know that whole thing now that doom Fang pauldrons are getting buffed. I’ll actually be using those more often I never really felt the need to use them because they just didn’t really put me over the top But doom fangs versus raid gloves in the raid. I think either is okay You are very rarely going to use Sentinel super for boss damage Unless you have tracked a can and melting point and then even that probably Valcour is the only one you can actually use it on You’re gonna be using Sentinel super for ad clear and I think with the doom Fang buff You won’t need the damage bonus from the gloves for ad clear I’m using Praetorian village on the doom fangs right now for the white my solar raids at is just a set of the spire of stars raid armor with the escalation protocol shader I have retired the big Dumb gold idiot set from eater of worlds from season two. It was time for a Slight change. I’m hoping for a bit more from Bungie for the Dreaming city raid armor and future raid layers Because eater of worlds armor being the same as spire or spar being the same as eater of worlds Basically, not a good look not good. I used the escalation protocol shader for some of the orange effect There’s not many dark orange shaders out there. I love the NYX, but the vanguard armor shaders I just not a huge fan of them. You have some hockey shaders as well, but I’m not too much into the rustic look My exotic is hallow fire hearts It is far and away the best exotic for sunbreaker in PvE in general although in very specific instances I will switch to synthesis for the bonus super damage when surrounded namely for Argos This bonus can work on all of the final raid bosses pretty well You just need to coordinate with your team to actually leave things alive Which might not always be the easiest thing the easiest boss to do this on is probably Argos since everyone is just focused on damage harder might be co or or a callous because of Positioning on core and because on callous you typically want to punch a beast In the face for the raid mod bonus on the arms, and there might not be enough of the beasts Surrounding you to proc the surrounded bonus if everyone else on your team is killing them Honestly part of the reason I don’t switch to cyntha SEPs too often Is just because they look ridiculous with my armor set. They just I mean look at him Look at him my Solar strike set is the escalation protocol armored with buffer overflow, I couldn’t find anything that was gonna replicate the wrath of the machine shaders from destiny one and this is just the one that I ended up going with I do also use hala fire heart with this which is Unfortunate because it really breaks the look of the set. I honestly might just get another hallo fire heart and properly match the shaders I do think I care that much Moving to my hunter. My hunter did not have many completed armor sets in season 2. I think I only had Two, maybe two and a half starting with the gunslinger We’re rocking a set of season two fully ornamented new monarchy armor with celestial Nighthawk No shaders in the new monarchy armor as much as it pains me to say new monarchy has pretty strong fashion game and shader game and I really looked the like of the armor set on my hunter not much else to say there Nighthawk caps it off with a prestige Leviathan shader to push the gold a little bit more I’m glad Nighthawk is the armor piece in the helm slot because the helm is just kind of in For the raid we swapped to normal Leviathan gloves with new monarchy regalia and the eater of worlds cloak although I do also use the spire one occasionally also with regalia, the eater of worlds cloak is one of the only cloaks if not The only cloak that I really like because of the hood most of the other cloaks I don’t care how cool the rest of the cloak looks if I don’t like the hood I’m just not wearing it mod wise on this subclass. I’m heavier on the reload speed mods because there aren’t as many ability mods available don’t need melee mods too much because Precision throwing knife kills our instant refresh with the subclass block that I’m using Next up is my arc Strider set, which is among my favorite Sets very simple. Look I think it’s super sleek. We’re using the road calm flex set with precursor vex chrome on Everything except for the eater of worlds cloak which has a normal Avaya thin shader in its because I’m cheap I also have that on my lucky raspberry again because I’m cheap rate and flux I’m using the ornaments because it matches perfectly To the rest of the armor set before the ornament came out. It just never felt complete because of The I guess the ribs on the rate and flux were orange now. I think it looks fantastic for the raid we swap to the Blandest arms of all time the eater of worlds arms with a normal lava thin shader on it Just trying to keep these super slim form, you know, you got to be agile with the arc Strider You can’t be wearing bulky armor just doesn’t make sense Raiden flux is the exotic that I use for very obvious reasons it’s insane the night stalkers set that I use for season 3 is the Bray Tech armor with the mad monk shader with Orpheus rig again Orpheus ray pretty obvious. I’m not sure how much I really love this set though I think we can do better than than what we have right now I might try to finish off my escalation protocol set on my hunter and see how that looks with a darker shade err my old set For season two was the vanguard season 2 ornament set with normal Leviathan Shaders wasn’t really into that one too much though either. I might try out this spire of stars armor set I actually haven’t used either eater of worlds nor spire armor sets for my hunter in the past two seasons So I’ll probably take a look at that very heavy inability mods here two grenade one Melee one class mod, and again for raids we swap to boring eater of worlds gloves Now for my warlock who basically only had one armor set for most of season two, which was for dawn blade But we’re gonna start with void For the void Walker. We’re using prestige Leviathan armor with nebula rose on most of it I wasn’t into Arctic pearl But I am very much considering switching to the new future war cult shader’ war cult scheme It’s got a much heavier purple tone to it more of a matte finish instead of a shine I do not like the Leviathan helm at all So I’m still looking for a new one, but when I don’t have to be wearing Luna fashion boots Which is not very often because they’re just stupid right now I am wearing Nezzer X sin, which gets rid of the helm problem my bond I just kind of swap around whenever I feel like it most of them have Recovery as a mod in them. And again, I’m very heavy in ability cooldown mods The only set that I had Completed for season 2 is my dawn blade set which for the time Being I have still kept from season 2 it is the eater of worlds full set with Luna fashions since Luna fashions do not get in the way of the fashion game with Metro shift on everything the only other set to break the color match rule Dawn believe doesn’t really have any exotics that are spectacular at the moment for PvE specifically for Dawn blade or any exotics that feel necessary Besides luna faction vesper of radius isn’t too bad. The stag isn’t too bad both granting lots of rift energy I think I’d probably go stag over radius since I get myself into danger way more often than I should But if you’re in a raid environment, you’re probably just gonna have Luna factions on the stag works well with the armor sets so I’d probably end up using that for non serious strike farming if we didn’t need Lunas which Spoilers. You’re probably gonna use anyway My arc set has gone through quite a few iterations But I think I finally found one that I am happy with and that is with the season 1 Optimist II set from ever verse using crown of tempest This is the only armor set from ever verse that I use although I do have most of the pieces From the season 3 sets on all my characters and so I’m looking to see where I can rotate those into my game I’m mainly looking at shaders right now Crown of tempest or the Optimus II. Helm if I’m using a faction with the Optimus II gloves and chest armor to round it out Focusing boots from trials if I’m going with crown of tempest The shader is xeno silver, which is a shader I’ve wanted to use for quite a while but never really found a use for it usually ended up being more of a blueish Kind of color instead of a pure silver kind of shine. However, I think it works Well here especially with the crown of tempest ornament which I also use which actually utilizes part of the shader whereas the non ornamented version of the crown barely touches the shader at all now for the weapon loadouts, which is probably the only thing you actually care about In prestige, and I guess normal Leviathan as well. My loadout is midnight coup or an t.o.p If I’m bored along with inaugural address and legend of a curious Legend of a curious works great on the first three encounters, it kills bathers in the baths in two shots It kills beasts pretty darn well in the gardens Although there are better options and it kills Centurions in the gauntlet very easily as well two shots I swapped to a curtain call for Calais. Although you can definitely use Darcy or any other strong item in that slot Midnight coup. I’ve said it a million times It’s just an insanely good gun Inaugural address on PC is also crazy good if you’re on console and you don’t like inaugural address it kind of like an console Positive outlook is nice Pleiades corrector from FWC is good banana and stuff like that moving to eater of worlds I swap the curtain call to Darcy and the main weapons stay the same midnight coup and Inaugural address eater of worlds isn’t terribly demanding in terms of needing to slay a lot of enemies except for the final encounter But even then you’re gonna have a lot of people together, so it doesn’t really matter too much Yeah eater of worlds is just not very demanding in terms of your primary weapons for spire of stars I swap out the midnight coup for the huckleberry and my Darcy for the I close sniper the reason I swap out the Darcy for the I Colo sniper is because huckleberry is an exotic and I find it just Really fun the huckleberries insane for spire of stars Especially if you put yourself in spots where you can really take advantage of the bonuses on it during the opening encounter It’s great If you are not being one of the ball throwers And you’re just focusing on ad killing and then for Coe or it’s great there too and really allows you to play Aggressively you can kill enemies as they’re coming out of the door. You stack rampage up really fast. You never stop shooting It’s really fun. And it’s really effective. It’s Crazy crazy good there before I got huckleberry. I just used midnight ku shocker I know but if you’re doing some spire of stars, and you’re just feeling kind of bored you want to change things up huckleberry is Legit, as I said earlier, feel free to send me your own armor sets on Twitter I’m interested to see what you guys are ending up using I’m looking forward to seeing how season 4 armor sets turnout, especially with the ability to now Actually collect all of the armor sets when Forsaken comes out There’s a bunch of stuff that I would like to try if I had the space for it. I just don’t Hopefully this was a fun watch I know it’s a bit of a departure from the norm. If yeah, if you had fun with this, you know, let me know Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time

Reader Comments

  1. I have a question, im currently dumped over which is better. The EP Shotgun [Ikelos Shotgun] or Upgraded Legend of Acrius?

  2. I'm waiting for them to let us mass delete the shaders. I have over 400 on some and 5 mins to delete one at a time is to much. The game is already a time waster lol

  3. 7:40 you said “I really look the like” lol you mean “like the look” (and yes I’m so bored I’m nit picking Datto saying something in the wrong order)

  4. Midnight coup, better devils or nameless midnight

    Mananan, risk runner or sunshot

    Curtain call, black hammer or darci

    or if I’m bored merciless

  5. as of now these are my sets:
    full solstice set or
    IB robes and helmet non ornamented,
    SoS gaunlets, and karnstein armlets for health recovery builds and ophidian for pvp
    and for legs lunafaction and SoS legs
    then the SoS bond
    all with malachite shader or dawning shader

    Full IB s3 ornament set with vex descendent chrome
    switching to raiden with ornament and chrome for arcstrider build
    while i switch to orpheus or nighthawk accordingly again, all with descendant chrome

    prestige raid helmet, or iinsurmountable skullford and helm of saint 14 dependiong on the circumstances with malachite shader
    synthoceps with descendant chrome and doomfang with descendant chrome and prestige raid gaunlents with malachiote shader if im running some other exotics ( i mainly run synthoceps)
    Devastation complex and crucible ornament chestplate with malachite and hallowfire heart with malachite also
    legs i exclusively use the prestige leviathan legs with malachite
    and for class item i stick with the SoS mark with the mad monk or the prestige lev mark with suros modular

  6. Nova bomb tractor cannon is the move. Also, sunbracers are fun on dawnblade and if you build right they’re insane

  7. Armor looks like trash in d2. D1 was so much better especially on hunters Jesus the cloaks are absolutely hideous give me back the shattered vault cloak. The toes are hideous too and the body shape barely looks human

  8. I totally understand your fashion show Datto, I obsess to a crazy degree about getting the perfect look for my characters. D2 armor has both some of the coolest and weirdest looking armor for all three classes…

  9. Nah Datto, I like the fashion show. I am just a casual, and do not have enough people to do trials or the raid. This fashion shows helps me see the armor sets I know I can’t get. I can always dream though

  10. 10:53 i run the same style, but with Calus's Elite. u get a nice royal/wizard gold that goes along with the warlock theme that i really like. meanwhile default shade looks really good too

  11. I’m with you all the way Datto. If my characters don’t look good, I am super upset. I picked up another whole set of armor just so I could match the ace of spades with and without the ornament.

  12. I also got every hunter ornament and all the crucible weapons and gear masterworked, except for that helm ornament for hunter

  13. You should use the iron truge helm for the nightstalker no ornament btw but i think i goes well with the idea of a stalking hunter

  14. I would try to make my guardian look good, but ever since they made it so you need masterwork cores for infusion I haven’t been able to look good 😭

  15. Hey! I have to admit: I REALLY "LOOK THE LIKE" of that red Hunter, New Monarchy armor set too! I'm not a big fan of Hunters and I rarely play as mine, but that armor set looks COOL!! If I had that set, I might actually play as a Hunter more often! As it is, my Hunter character is shaded in red armor (cuz I don't wanna look the the enemies on Titan!) but, MY Hunter armor is NO WAY as cool as that!

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