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Desert of Skeletons. Full Documentary | Planet Doc Full Documentaries

Desert of Skeletons. Full Documentary | Planet Doc Full Documentaries

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  1. Wonderful documentary! Learned a lot from it, keep up the hard work and I'm looking forward to see more! Definitely subscribing!!

  2. ธรรมชาติมนุษย์เราดูแล้ววางที่เดิมครับ

  3. I recommend watching,'The Gods Must Crazy'.You'll all love it.As for the documentary:"Holy Mackeral,I'm very very impressed ".How do they find their way back after a long hunt?How do they find the animal they killed after wiping all traces of the hunt away?"AMAZING"!!!Their culture and their way of living is incredible!!!WOW!!!!

  4. tnks for sharing this video, i wasfeeling angry grouchy and spoild and not enjoying my lill life,, after watching this  i felt alot diffrent  woww,

  5. the german race are without doubt the most vilest people that have graced this floating piece of space rock, but today they are quite nice of course and can not be blamed for their horrible history

  6. This was very interesting to watch and see another way of living in the world that is in harmony with it instead of an assault against the natural environment.  Some of their ideas are really quite ingenious and I hope that films like this encourage conservation efforts so that they do not lose their way of life utterly.

  7. This is actually an intelligent documentary. So many of these are so repetitive and/or dumbed down.

  8. because of the so called white man (red people) every original culture was destroyed lol seriously thou that race is the worst race that was later created….

  9. Excellent documentary. Westerners wake up in the mornings wondering if they'll have coffee or orange juice to start. These people wake up wondering how many days they'll be away from their families while they go out to find food.

  10. according to al Sharpton these are the people who built great pyramids, taught us math and science and because of the evil white man we reduced them to celebrating a girl having her first visit from Aunt Mary.. or whatever they call it over in them parts..

  11. Excuse me @Planet Doc Full Documentaries, the voices of the people singing somewhere at 2:22, am interested where you got the voices

  12. They only take one bath in their lives?
    As a lady, I can say if you don't wash the bits, it tends to be very… disgusting. So, I can only imagine.

  13. Nice scenery. God is amazing, he created everythingin heaven and the flat earth 6000 years ago, just like the Bible teaches us.

  14. 45:21 I wonder if that's a precaution for the arrow poison? Because if just a tiny bit of that point can kill a human wouldn't it stand to reason that it still could from eating it inside the dead animal? It doesn't become inactive just because it's gone inside an animal right?

  15. What a happy care free life in one of the many beautiful islands untouched by industry or greed scattered around the globe,NO CARS,FACTORIES,OIL COMPANIES OR MASS DESTRUCTION OF THE PRISTINE & AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL CORAL REEFS,RAIN FORESTS.
    Its just typical & extremely ARROGANT of CITY DWELLERS & Executives think its NO WAY TO LIVE ??!!, Well they ONLY TAKE FROM THE SEA & THE FORESTS They need,making sure to not exceeding limits,to therefore guarantee there food be it plants or fish,meat will not run out
    Instead of us now TAKE,TAKE,TAKE & DECIMATE Wherever there was & the most of its wasted,making even more IDIOTIC,so instead of critisizing a lifestyle we know nothing about,or wouldn't know how without a laptop & phone,the infinite skills the parents pass down to there kids,is invaluable & its necessary to then use in any number of senarios(,ie; big storm).
    Over here now,we dont even still have apprenticeships for a skilled trade,like a joiner,plumber,builders etc.
    They have NO MATERIAL POSSESSIONS to worry over unless its handmade from pare ts to kids,to then pass to they're kids.
    We SHOULD PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE,AS WHEN THE OIL RUNS OUT,or many more of forests destroyed,with devastating implications on the insects,that WE ALL NEED,If we dont STOP MAKING ANIMALS EXTINCT,OR THE ANTS,BEES,WASPS,BEETLES & SO ON,WHICH TO PEOPLE THINK IS PREPOSTEROUS,Would be best to start paying attention !! If we get to 8-9 Billion,thats it over with us white folk,as theres not enough food now with approx 7.4 billion,these islands islands will carry on & WILL SURVIVE,AS THEY HAVE NO GREED,CAN CONTROL THEMSELVES,NO POLICE,NO LAWS,ETC,ETC & THEY LIVE IN RELATIVELY PEACEFUL VILLAGES THEY BUILT THE WOMEN BUILD !! With a Chief,If I see it coming whilst alive,I will be off to one to ask if i can join them as they look perfectly happy to me,with the most important thing to them being handed down knowledge from father to son!!

  16. this coast is no were near the commercial routes between Europe and the West Indies , it is how ever the very coast that sailors who plied the commercial routes between Europe and the "EAST INDIES ," feared .

  17. I should remember NOT to read comments.

    That said, I DID read the comments.

    1. those beautiful people who use fat and pigment to cover their bodies don't stink.

    You can't bathe in a land without extra water. But, the fat and pigment will neutralize odor-try it.

    2. Yes, we whites have done more harm to all who AREN'T white, than they have ever done between themselves.

    Genocide throughout Africa, Europe, America, and several islands. Nothing to be proud of.

    The more I learn of Africa, the people, and the land, I can believe the Garden of Eden was somewhere there.

    Nothing more to say.

  18. Have watched ' The Disappearing Male ' how modern life with its toxins are poisoning males in the womb! Rejecting nature will wipe us out sooner than I thought possible! To say nature is angry with abuse we have inflicted, as all aboriginal people believe, and mother nature will seek revenge is an understatement, when you consider what we've got coming are way its a karmic debt!

  19. This is beautiful real families making there own way! At least they don't depend on the government

  20. Whoever believes this retarded nonsense is just plain stupid, a million years ago lmbo, 7 billion people were created 3,000 years, but you all believe we were around for millions of years lmbo, flat out stupid.

  21. A great example fo how non Africans spread false information about Africa.
    This made me cry… a Namibian who has traveled alot throughout my country and grew up close to Himbas. I was sad to see how Africa people (non africans) spread false information about Africa. Most of the scenes are fake….people are not allowed to hunt in Etosha, the wild animals were at a waterwhole in Etosha while the bushmen were walking in the dunes …..the next scene the animal was shot in Etosha and found dead in the dunes after 3 hours?????? i can mention all but please next time be real (tell the truth as it is) or let african stories be told by Africans.

  22. what the fuck kind of humans are all of your if you complain about going for a drive in your modern fucking car to a modern shop thats 100x the size of their homes to buy food, useless cunts making useless comment proving our incompetence piss' me off to no extent, if i were in America i'd go on a spree and slaughter all of you just for how you all act with no second thought.

  23. Australian Aboriginals; Native Americans ;- they are almost gone.  There are many more ancient tribes still around on Earth. They too are part of God's mighty Creation and He loves them too. Somehow these tribes respect their Creator in their own way. Leave them be.The thumbs-up people here understand that. (2019 Holland-EU)

  24. what an shame,.. 40 miljoen blacks are ruled bij not even 3 miljoen white's. bizar. stand up kill the 3 miljoen and have a good and rich life. so simple

  25. '' You have clocks but we own time '' .. that's brilliant!
    Time/ clocks own the so called ' civilised world ' or haven't you noticed?!

  26. Talk about living at one with the environment .. the beauty of nature is not striped from their day to day life .. its beautiful!

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