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Desert Boots Review.

Desert Boots Review.

today I'm gonna do a gear update here's my new boot to one I'm getting there's my Red Wings in the middle they're anywhere from eight to ten years old have no idea and there's my new Red Wings and there's diesel what I had to do what happened is these were I mean everything I don't care out in the mud everyday work rain sleet snow I work outside for a living building houses I wore these boots even funerals I would just clean them up I wasn't too much mud and as you can see it literally busted at the Saints I mean here's some of the wear any complaints absolutely not shockingly they didn't wear out said that only call it the supersoul like I said these are the Red Wings but obviously I'm dragging my heels pretty bad just show you the wear on them it's nice little weird angle there but anyway I wound up buying because of them busting I want up having to buy some new Red Wings well if you've ever bought Red Wings before I'll show you where where's the tank to break these things in you see the there Red Wing to break these things in takes about a miracle I mean they are extremely hard to break in once you break them in under house slippers I mean is the most comfortable thing you can have this is the exact boot as you see it does already have a built in a little angle but these are the exact same number as them over there doesn't look like it but the reason I got the army boots up here is these things are so stiff to wear them on the job well just about tear your feet apart even though you're wearing these rough boots to wear these on a job will literally destroy your feet so I pretty much got talked into these army boots he said you got to try them of course everything army is insanely built triple stitched as you can see like you said you're not gonna slip around the trade is much larger which I guess that could be a bad thing if you're coming into the house tracking mud just take them off where you come in but the leather and kind of a Cordura nylon very very loose very strongly I mean it feels extremely strong but what what I liked about him for one a price they run me around fifty dollars our coarser brand-new right out of the box but when I put them on there was no way I was gonna leave without them I mean comfort it was insane I almost just walked up there with price on the other one and kept this on my foot that's how comfortable they were and I've tried other shoes on on the jobsite and I'm up these up there's some of the other shoes of course her sheet rock dust on it and paint and whatever it is on your on the job these are Merrill's love them if I have a little back injury like you said these are real real good for people with back injury if you don't do the kind of I guess you say extreme work I have to do these would be the shoes to go to accept the price they're very expensive I mean I didn't even Holly wear the bottoms out it's just the tops they're busting as you can see right there on the seams and they're actually getting more uncomfortable the longer you worm it's the opposite of a nice boot so Merrill's run me about a hundred and twenty dollars where I can buy three of these almost for what the Merrill's cost and I'm pretty sure the army boot is gonna last longer and not only that bad to say the army boot is just as comfortable and what they tell me is it gets more comfortable the longer you wear it kind of like the Red Wings so just for a gear update if you've never tried them slide some these on order them if you don't like them you know maybe being sent them back I don't think you're going to this would look right in the mall if you're a mall cruiser but out around the yard on the are just simple things you know if you don't do what I do for a living try some these on they are extremely comfortable shocking and one day these will be going out but not right now it's just they're too pretty and of course if you know anything my red ring Red Wings they're a little expensive but just a gear update need to try these out look pretty good one more thing I forgot to bring up when you order your army boots if you can't try them on you and actually order them over the you know internet or something like that I normally wear a size 12 let's see just so you can see it right there the USA 12 the D I guess is the width this 12 is actually tight on me normally I wore just a little bit you know larger and I should have got you know I guess it 13 for these and I was thinking the same for this you know I and when you're working outside you put on thicker wool socks this and that's you know your feet don't get cold and I normally order just a little you know one size larger half size which these don't come in half sizes that's why I said it did 12 to 13 now for this I thought okay same thing 13 he pulled out 13 and it was I mean seriously from the front it was it was this much longer I thought to her there's no way that's a 13 and sure enough I tried to put on 13 ridiculous it was huge this fits me and I have room shockingly 11 and a half you can see that so I don't know which one's messed up I mean you think they'd be the same but they're not eleven and a half fits great I have room left over that's very shocking most of all these other shoes I have around 12 to almost 13 or these are you know everybody let's see I don't know what my Merrill's are okay there you go you can see this is really messed up right there 13 and they were tight so if you order them you might need to order me a little bit smaller than you're used to thanks for watching this is a good way to break in some boots come on y'all run and this was like what is going on who won can you not stand out she's down that's a good way to break ins and boots

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  1. For anyone wondering, standard issue combat boots run a half size to a full size large. I wear a size 13 R in hiking boots but a 12 R in combat boots.

  2. Military boots use a common DOD last and they’re bigger than commercial boot lasts for each size number. I wear a size 8-1/2 or a 9 on the civilian side but I wear a 7w in the army side of boots. It’s because the government kept the same standard sizing since the early 20th century before the industry introduced their own standardized sizes later on.

  3. hello everyone these are the boots that he talking about,Tonyd2wild did a review on them
    5257 Rothco G.I. Type Sierra Sole Tactical Boots – Desert Tan

  4. Ya it would of helped to know what brand the combat boots are… They look really well made with the sole stitched on, 50 bucks was a bargain for those

  5. The only size they had was a 16 and I usually wear a 14-15 depending on brand. So I ordered them anyway as they were only 20 bucks. Holy shit they are the size of boats my feet have like 2 inches of room and my toes don't even reach the toe box lol.

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