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Delivering Boots to a Special Unit in the IDF

Delivering Boots to a Special Unit in the IDF

Can I speak Hebrew? Yes, Hebrew. Ok, so we’re here because we needed special hiking boots I originally spoke with Elisheva, and with… what’s your name again? Gedaliah. And with Gedaliah. So they agreed, with the help of all the contributions from overseas to get us these boots We’re really happy… My staff was SO happy to hear about these contributions Because the army issued boots wear out very quickly. They get destroyed very quickly. These special hiking boots are much better suited for us because in the field we’re always carrying a lot of weight. We carry the army robots, and all our special equipment And these boots help protect our backs, our knees They add much needed quality [of gear] to our missions Yes Exactly. We deal with operations relating to the [Hamas] tunnels Specifically all the tunnels discovered in this current operation, “defensive shield” We deal with them And that’s about it… The army doesn’t provide these boots, So it’s up to us to find caring people who can provide them for us My father passed away 3 weeks ago.. My unit decided I was not to join in the operations So my mother shouldn’t have to worry… I was left off the field I’m currently working at getting my unit supplies and ammunition. Anything they need from the home front- I get to them They’re definitely going to be excited! I mentioned to them, that there’s a slight chance that we may have gotten these boots I wanted to surprise them We MAY have gotten boots… They’re going to be so happy… These boots are something that we’ve been trying to get for almost a year It’ll be ok. Something like that. Yeah, so these boots are something we’ve been looking to get for a long time Thank you so much to Elisheva and to everyone who contributed Wow! Ok, so thank you We’re extremely happy So that’s it.. We’ll get together, have a group picture wearing the boots We’ll say a proper group thank you Right now, part of the unit us still fighting [in Gaza] They’re a little busy dealing with the [Hamas] tunnels As soon as they get out we’ll all meet I’ll tell them this story How you and all the contributors got to us And they’ll be very happy. Firstly, like I said, they [the boots] protect our backs and our knees They help keep a high quality performance level Because, if you know you’re going out to the battlefield with quality equipment your performance is going to be quality as well. Going to the field- you can depend on these boots, you can depend on them to bear the weight you’re carrying You don’t leave with concerns about your shoes not being good enough You know you now have excellent boots And, knowing that, you can do your job to its best. Yes… 25 pairs We are so, so excited! These are the best boots that you can get. Exactly. Good luck Thanks so much! Thank you, we’re extremely grateful I’ll tell them. Thank you- so much. Thank YOU

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  1. The IDF get the most comfortable boots…. Very functional and they can hike following proxy targets for over 5 to 6 kms with a solid pace…. Highly recommend ! Strength to the peaceful Torah when you can find it !

  2. Stop asking these guys personal questions. Screw op-sec. It's just rude to jump from his loss to combat boots without so much as offering condolences.

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