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Deep Blue Watches – DeepStar 1000 Watch Review

Deep Blue Watches –  DeepStar 1000 Watch Review

hey guys This is Andrew with my watch Addiction
com bringing another watch review for a watch that I’ve received in this week
this week we’re going to take a look at a deep blue watches deep star 1000
diver before we get started though guys can you do me a favor down there in the
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course because we are reviewing a deep blue I had to throw on my depthstar
3000 automatic that I received in and reviewed in a few videos back definitely
go back and check out that video if you want to see more about this other deep
blue that I’ve got on my wrist today anyway guys let’s get started and jump
into this deep star 1000 Swiss automatic so as we take a closer look at this deep blue watch
that I received in comes in a standard deep blue diver case real nice abs
plastic open this guy up and actually take this watch so this is my newest
deep blue watch which is the deep star 1000 swiss automatic diver now we’ll take a
walk around this watch in just a second but this watch is powered by a Selita SW
– 200 swiss automatic movement and it they actually have in the design
there they have the date display at that 4:30 position which is I think pretty
neat if we talk about the size of this watch a little bit this is 45 millimeter
width on the dial it’s 53 millimeters lug to lug so it’s
it on the longer side but not anything that’s out of the ordinary and this
watch is 15 millimeters thick now while I’ve got it on this side of the watch
that is a helium release valve at that nine o’clock position this deep start
one thousand swiss automatic has a water resistance of 330 meters or a thousand
feet and as you can see this watch does have that steel mesh bracelet on it
which i think is a really really neat design and then that steel mesh bracelet
goes into the links for sizing this locking deployment clasp or double
locking clasp does have micro adjustments on the band itself now the
one thing I did think that was kind of interesting on this watch compared to
the depth star 3000 that I have is this one she does not have that divers
extension in the clasp for fitting over wetsuit while we have this open we can
take a look at the back here and they have a nice almost an etched case back
on this it’s got a diver there and it tells the model number now this does
have a ceramic 120 click unidirectional bezel which does have loom in the bezel
so be interesting to see that under backlight posted up in the pictures at
the unit this watch this dive I’m sorry deep star 1000 has a sapphire
anti-reflective coating is scratch resistant crystal on it with vintage
super-luminova hour markers and hands so I think this watch is going to have some
great night timer low-light visibility they call this a sunray dial and with
mirrored indices and if you can kind of see there you can see on the outer edge
of those three six nine and twelve O’Clock indices you do have some
mirrored metal or material right there which is kind of a neat design the steel
mesh band this I don’t remember if I remembered
mentioned but this is 22 millimeters wide and it’s actually a four point five
millimeters thick on the band itself so that was the deep blue deep star 1000
definitely guys let me know what you think about this watch post up in the
comments below let me know do you like deep blue watches I let me know your
experiences with them have you had good luck with a deep blue watch company do
you hate owned do you like them just let me know post up in the comments below so
that I can learn along with all of the other viewers anyway guys if you have
any questions want to reach out to me you can always reach out to me at my
watch addiction com yet as always if you want to see what’s on my wrist on a
daily basis you can follow us on instagram at instagram / watch addiction
dot us thank you guys and have a great week you

Reader Comments

  1. This one is stunning. I've been thinking of getting one but their constant 40-50% sales has me skeptical like if your watches are that quality why discount them so often.

  2. The DeepBlue watch is awesome . I have owned a Juggernaut3 for a long time and it is a tank. The only thing the brand lacks is better customer service. There is no support once the watch is purchased.

  3. I own two Deep Blues as well. Mine have Seiko Movements one is green with the mesh Bracelet and the other has a Beautiful Blue Color Dial like a Squale. CG at AWC Modded it for me. She did an Awesome Job. Your Deep Star 1000 is amazing with the Sellita SW 200. Oh YA! Both mine have what I refer to as Anti-Fart Valves. "Helium Valves." We seem to have some similar watch Tastes. Great Video Sir and thanks for sharing. "I wouldn't be surprised if Invicta owns a part if not all of Silleta."

  4. Very good review. I am on my second Deep Blue Deep Star 1000 Swiss. The first one I received had serious issues. It would loose two minutes time ever five minutes if it didn't stop even when fully wound. Also the crown threads were not cut properly making it frustrating to use. The watch was returned and I ended up buying another of the same model. My second watch has been perfect it runs about +2 seconds a day and all of the machine work, fit and finish are perfect. They have a bad reputation for customer service. I purchased mine from an authorized dealer and that took good care of the situation perfectly. I am happy with my Watch and am looking forward to finding a good deal on a recently discontinued Military Diver model. I think if you buy from an authorized dealer that you have a relationship with the deep blue watches are worth considering.

  5. Deep Blue is garbage , just another company that buys movements and copy’s designs the opposite of a ground up company , just another Invicta

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