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Deceitful Bias in The NY Times

Deceitful Bias in The NY Times

Do you read the New York Times? This paper drives me crazy! But I’ll keep reading it because it does have some good coverage. The paper spends money to send reporters all over the world. Good for them. This weekend they even did a pretty fair profile of Sean Hannity, except for the pictures they chose. Mostly I read the Times because all my neighbors read it and they believe what’s in here. I need to read this to understand what they believe. Much of is just Trump hatred, day after day. Not just in opinion pieces, in news stories and headlines too. Did you know that President Trump “united the British in anger”? Wow. United the whole country? Actually no. If you read the story, you see it’s just “the opposition Labour party”, “several” conservatives and comedian John Cleese. People don’t want to admit how mad it is. That’s the whole country “uniting in outrage?” Give me a break. Other supposedly objective headlines say: ending Obama’s net neutrality bureaucracy will “hasten the Internet’s death.” The internet’s death? That’s ridiculous. All repeal would do is restore the freedom that allowed the internet to blossom in the first place. I understand some people like the regulation, but without it, “so long to the internet?” Give me a break. The Times hates Republicans so much, they won’t acknowledge the moments when Republicans propose something good. Recently, Paul Ryan said they’d try to do the responsible thing, reform entitlements. That’s good! Entitlements will bankrupt America. But the Times headlines “Next Objective for Republicans, Cutting the Safety Net”. Cutting the net is their objective? Entitlement dollars go mostly to richer people. The Times once applauded cutting that. But if Republicans support it, it’s bad. No wonder President Trump says: You are fake news. Fake news. Fake, fake news. But wait a second, its not all fake. And we need newspapers to expose politicians when they …say… make stuff up. The audience was the biggest ever. This crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. Trump does make things up. He also says: The failing New York Times. I call it the failing New York Times. The failing New York Times. But he’s wrong about that too. The Times isn’t failing, it’s gained readers since his election, 300,000 just last quarter. But strangely, this paper that’s so worried about poor people is filled with glitzy advertising directed at the rich. They promote lavish apartments, purses that cost thousands of dollars, hugely expensive vacations, ludicrously expensive wristwatches. Even more repulsive is this recent full-page story on these Antifa thugs. The Times makes them sound fashionable and fun. “Black is always in fashion.” But these are thugs who physically attack people they disagree with. It’s disgusting. What’s with the Times spin? “What to wear to smash the state” “the look. Black work or military boots… ski masks… jackets, North Face brand…” Wearing all black, says the Times… “makes it easier for saboteurs to take the offensive against storefronts…” Gee, thanks, New York Times. I hate so much of what’s in that paper. But we’ll read it, so you don’t have to.

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  1. 2:21 Perhaps Pres. Trump is merely referring to the paper's failure to cover his Administration honestly, rather than alluding to its financial viability.

  2. Stossel on YouTube is the best! Because of YT's suggestion algorithm these videos may have relatively low initial view numbers, but I predict they will have a very long shelf life. Their relevancy is divorced from their publication date.

  3. The worst thing the New York Times ever did was to win "Sullivan v. New York Times". Without the Supreme Court's protection for flagrantly false, maliciously hyped, fanatically biased, and utterly irresponsible news reporting, Trump would have bankrupted virtually every major media outlet (the NY Times included) with libel and slander lawsuits, all of which he would have won on a summary judgment motions. If the Times had to give its retractions the same space, type (and headline) size and placement as they gave the story they're now obliged to retract, the first 3 pages of every section would be filled with retractions and apologies. Instead, they print their retractions in classified ad sized postings stuffed into inconspicuous corners of the paper.

    OH, and that famous masthead motto of theirs? "All the news that's fit to print"? Let's make sure that gets updated and corrected to match that rag's real worth, something like, oh, let's say "All the news we see fit to print"? That sound more like it?

    I refuse to buy the Times if I can avoid it, but I still try to get my hands on the Sunday edition if I can find one that's been left around. Sunday evening, after all, is when I take out the trash and I need something to wrap the really foul, stinky stuff in. I find that the Times does a good job masking those odors. Everybody just thinks it's the Times that smells that way…

  4. Thanks for reading the Times for me, Mr. Stossel. I'd hate to give them, or most major news organizations these days, any money. I prefer to get my news from competitive internet sources that draw on more information. No worries, I still watch your show. And buy your books.

  5. Thank you John for helping to expose this trash rag of a paper and the looney corrupt socialists they truly are disgusting.

  6. You're so off base Stossel. What about the famous New York Times headline: "Comet Strike Ends All Life, Women and People of Color Hardest Hit". Show me the bias, lol.

  7. Thank you John for your reading the repulsive, treasonous, hate filled, violence promoting, discusting, perverse, communist NYT for us. Best to burn the rag and wash your hands after to get that repugnant stink off after reading that shiit. I suggest gloves next time.

  8. That is why alternative media is so popular. We should thank the Times for helping to motivate alternative sources like this one.

  9. The N.Y. Times is good to line bird cages with. If I had a choice, live with a mouse or live with a beat reporter from the N.Y. Times–I guess I'll tolerate a rat (and when I say rat, I mean a literal rat, not a rat from the Times).

  10. Personally, I don't like John Stossel because of his RIGHT-WING bias. If he doesn't like The New York Times, then he doesn't have to read it. Furthermore, I admit to checking out Fox News just to find out what those pathetic conservatives are up to, and if they say something I don't like, I say "Goddamn right-wingers!"

  11. One of the ways propaganda works is by repeating something over and over and over and over and over……………………………….

  12. 2 days before the Nov 16 election, <<<<< the NYTwits >>>>> published an op-ed masquerading as journalism headed: DONT KNOW WHERE TRUMP CAN WIN? DONT KNOW HOW TRUMP CAN WIN?
    They had crowned HRC as #45, days before the election!

  13. Its time to pass legislation under the patriot act to make all antifa scum domestic terrorist so we can send them to gitmo and execute them

  14. Stossel is excellent. He used to just go after the flakes he saw, which in the 90's were republicans and conservatives. But now that the leftist Progs are dominating the media and govt, he goes after them with reality checks, something the leftist media will not do to their own. And they hate him for it, but he brings us the clear,unbiased truth.

  15. The only incidents in which you criticized coverage was in the headlines. You did not expose any fake news in the body of the articles. You know headlines are designed to attract readers to a story?

    And you must have been short on content to include a diatribe against their advertisers. Undoubtedly the Times sees itself as highbrow and so will have highbrow items being sold there. This isn’t a local newspaper where you cut out coupons….lazy analysis all in all.

    A bit disappointed because I like your show a lot.

  16. Here is a short list of who owns the American Media:

    Jew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name Hoch – US News – Zuckerman.
    Jew – ABC – Stuart Bloomberg and George W. Bodenheimer
    Jew – ABC News – David Westin
    Jew – CNN – Gerald Levin, Reese Schonfeld (co-founder)
    Jew – FOX – Gail Berman, Rupert Murdoch Crypto
    Jew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name Hoch Jew – US News – Zuckerman.
    Jew – New York Times – Sulzberger
    Jew – MGM Chairman – Harry Sloan
    Jew – BBC – Michael Ian Grade, Mark Thompson
    Jew – Sirius Satellite Radio – Scott Greenstein
    Jew – Sony Pictures Chairman – Michael Lynton
    Jew – Paramount Pictures – Bradley Alan Grey
    Jew – 20th Century Fox – Sherry Lansing
    Jew – News Corporation – Peter Chernin
    Jew – Columbia Pictures – Kaufman
    Jew – Warner Brothers – Barry M. Meyer
    Jew – Reuters – Rothschilds
    Jew – Associated Press – Rothschilds
    Jew – The Young Turks – One Turk and 2 Jews. Creators Cenk Uygur (Shabbos goy), Ben Mankiewicz, Dave Koller
    Jew – Clear Channel – Andrew Levin
    Jew – Warner Co – Martin S. Davis
    Jew – Dreamworks – Spielberg
    Jew – Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television, Buena Vista Television – Micheal D. Eisner
    Jew – VIACOM – Sumner Murray Redstone, real name Rothstein
    Jew – MTV – Murray Rothstein
    Jew – Nickelodeon – Murray Rothstein
    Jew – Universal Pictures – Stacey Snider
    Jew – Universal Studios – Ron Meyer

  17. Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
    I'm a woman's man, no time to talk
    Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around
    Since I was born
    And now it's alright, it's okay
    And you may look the other way
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times' effect on man

  18. At 1:13, "The internet's death?!". LOL. I can see it all now. The internet cones to an end. We all have to shop by mail-order catalog, typewriters make a comeback, we'll have to write paper letters and send them via USPS because e-mail no longer works. Your grandkids will ask you "Grandma, what was the internet like?"

  19. I L-O-V-E the NYT!
    It's soft, extremely absorbent paper is IDEAL for wiping my behind after taking a massive dump. My only complaint is perhaps that it DOESN'T come in an 84 ft long, two-ply roll.

  20. Ah god dammit. I just started watching your videos and was liking what you're saying. Even questioning some of my opinions because what I learned from you proved that I was too little informed to hold that opinion. But then you had to go and try to feed me a load of bullshit that removing title 2 from ISPs will just "restore the freedom that allowed the internet to blossom in the first place." You have no fucking clue what you're talking about and I highly doubt you even understand how the internet works. In case you want to throw the same accusation back at me; I'm a Computer Systems Engineer and one of my disciplines is networking. And last, if you were so obviously blatantly wrong about that, I seriously have to question how wrong you might be about everything else. How the FUCK can you possible reconcile that point of view?! Let me put it this way; if ISPs like AT&T and Comcast DON'T introduce VIP services (nicknamed "fast lanes") like they claim they won't with them being removed from Utility status, then their CEOs need to be fucking fired. They have an obligation to their share holds to introduce a system that is the equivalent of taking a bribe. "Oh herp derp. If Comcast introduces a system that allows large corporations to pay a fee for prioritized traffic, then the market will respond by using another service that WON'T not prioritize the traffic from the sites I want to go to!" That's not possible BECAUSE COMCAST OWNS THE FUCKING LINES YOU YOUR HOUSE AND STUCK DEALS WITH MUNICIPALITIES TO PREVENT ANOTHER SERVICE FROM LAYING LINES!! I can understand you absolute fucking faith in a free market system. And you were even starting to persuade me. BUT IT'S NOT A FREE MARKET!

  21. We don't need to censor the press, we need to educate the public.. teach real statistics in schools, teach how words can manipulate.. teach real things, not the crap we see now. No wonder the media doesn't care whay they print.. Like the Guardian, they just have a great sales pitch to appeal to left wing suckers.. They have never shown any interest is writing anything credible because the people who give them money have no idea what they are reading in the first place

  22. I'd love to read the NT Times, but I won't pay for bullshit like in those examples cited in the video. Frontline on PBS seems to be one of the most impartial journalistic efforts in America, just wish they had a print publication…

  23. The Brits did tell Trump to fuck off. That there was to be no state visit and that he sure as fuck was not going to meet the queen. Why do you think he canceled? Have you heard of any plans for him to visit the UK? So how is that headline not accurate? A fuck more accurate that 75% of what comes out of Turds, I mean Trumps mouth.

  24. Trump is not lying or exaggerating when he says the times is "failing"…IT IS. Along with all other "print news", because the internet is killing them. Imagine what goes into those "subscription" #'s. Somebody who pays for a day, or a week, is listed as a "new subscriber". Come on stossel, you know this stuff

  25. The NY slimes! Lol pathetic! The fact is president Trump is the best President America ever had! The left is a cancer to the USA! And people like the ones who run the NY slimes are anti American! Everyone with NY slimes should be arrested!

  26. You're doing great dude! Just keep throstling! Next time I get my game up. People will see me and say, "he be Stosselen!"

  27. Liberals complain were becoming a police state where cops wear tactical gear and combat boots, then cheer on a bunch of dumbass overprivledged college kids when they do it to fight an "oppressive system"

  28. I quit taking the paper 30years ago. I served on the police force in a small county and saw incidents up close. When I read the newspaper story it was nothing like what happened. If something did not fit the reporter's viewpoint then he left it out. I found the newspaper was propaganda, and rarely just showing the facts. Tosday it has gotten worse.

  29. I have said it before, and I will say it again.
    Only criminals and terrorists feel the need to hide their faces.
    Which one are you antifa?

  30. I got a NYT magazine trial subscription for 6 months, it has been over a year and they continue to send them even though I have not extended the subscription. Each week it comes it I throw it in the garbage and think how crazy it is that all they put out is propaganda.

  31. It is because New York is large a bunch of A-holes, as established fact by Ghost Busters 2 movie, and as such should suffer the same fate as Thebes.

  32. Since they cloak their protection as a good thing, but really it is the opposite. To take Goggle as the savior against AT&T when we know what we know about Goggle means Net Neutrality is at its core a deception, and notice how it is a regulation. The whole thing is progressive propaganda to get you to completely support it as necessary and good. The thing is it is a testable idea. If they took net neutrality away and people started hating it, and not loving it, it's not like you can't then re-institute it as 'necessary' but it is all premised on a 'trust us that is bad' sort of logic. These champions are the same people who banned Alex Jones for example and so many others. They are a wolf in sheeps clothing, and are on a pathway to create a social credit system in the West so let's experiment by removing the net neutrality regulation. Trump uncork the genie's bottle.

  33. That is how it works John 2:48. If you look in magazines and publications targeting 'urban youth' they are about Bling. It is targeting them so if/when they actually get money as some do via the rap game and other methods, like drug dealing or pimping they spend on those flashy high dollar items.

  34. UPDATE: Yes, the new york times (lower case by choice) is in financial trouble, it is loosing readers and advertisers and will be firing some staff. That is a good start. It would terrific is it was bought by Murdoc.

  35. 300k my ass, the NYT may have 10 years at best. People just don't mess with the paper anymore, only if you have a bird


  37. Net Neutrality is important because:
    American ISPs are monopolies, and monopolies should be regulated because they have every mean and reason to exploit us.

    Say AT&T want to kill YouTube and bring upon us their inferior costly video sharing website. Say you want to move to Verizon. You have 100 mb/s at AT&T. Verizon offers only 5 mb/s. A full one out of twenty. Fuck that. You're going to give AT&T permission to do this kind of shit, because you have no real choice.

    So now every random dude that wants to provide something on the Internet has to be an ISP?!?! Because without regulation they would be the ultimate Internet gatekeepers.

    I realise that net neutrality is more of a temporary solution but until anti-trust does it's job and breaks these monopolies it will have to do.

  38. Someone needs to inform the NYT, if you have to wear a ski mask to get your ideologies across to people, you might want to rethink those said ideologies!

  39. They're not promoting those ad's for themselves you moron, that's how they make money to continue to survive as a business you goofball. How are you conservative yet not understand this..

  40. I have a friend who was an analyst. He says if news doesn't run somewhere near 50% positive/negative for most things it is usually being manipulated to support a narrative.

  41. A capitalist newspaper publishing a story praising communist proponents while selling ad space to other capitalist corporations…
    Aren’t journalists supposed to understand irony

  42. I thought Trump was nuts calling respected media outlets as fake news.
    But then I actually tried to understand where he was coming from and now I think he was right.

  43. Sad thing is most of the people I've talked to from NYC are rich, out of touch, racist, liberals. They have an terribly self-conflicting set of beliefs that falls apart under even the slightest questioning. Forget how crazy you have to be to want to live in NYC (the pollution, the cost of living, the police presence) just reading the times is enough to doom someone.

  44. God bless Trump, CNN = Fake News! Good job Stossel, you're going to be rewarded in the netherworld; if not in this world.

  45. Till this moment, I have never seen rational normal thinking fascist or nationalist. you think national white supremacists listen to their counter parties or even accept people from different backgrounds?!!! haven’t you learned a lesson from Germany yet? Give me a break

  46. "we read it so you don't have to".. That was so unnecessary at the end… just read both side, try to stay connected to reality.

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