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  1. spent many of nights at the Axiom!! I am stage diving in one of the videos for the
    Dead-Horse video shoot! always a memory of good times!!!

  2. how long it's been! i used to live in cottage grove off ten and tcjester. went to see these guys regularly. vatican, afterdark, fitzgeralds and the basement.

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  4. Fuckin love bands like this that didn't give a fuck about genrs, just played killer music.. Ala Righteous Pigs, Unsane, L7, Melvins, Nailbomb, Keehaul, Kettle Cadaver, Grip Inc. etc

  5. Testament, Savatage, and DH opened, Las Americas arena, 90, maybe? Houston. Fucking killer show, it was one of my firsts.

  6. If you love Dead Horse you all should check out PND. Pasadena Napalm Division unleashes pure old school thrash fury on its self-titled debut for minus HEAD Records. The Texas group counts genre vets Kurt Brecht [vocals] of the legendary D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), Greg Martin [guitar], Scott Sevall [guitar], and Ronnie Guyote [drums] of Dead Horse, and Bubba [bass] among its ranks. In addition to the first single "100 Beers with a Zombie", the album boasts a vocal duet with Tony Foresta.

  7. am away from the U.S. if am not wrong texas tapes and records were located in pasadena, tx.
    i still remembering a night at the axiom,.,., that night was performing DEVASTATION,.., is long time ago too,.,., grettings from some place in the world,.,.,.,

  8. Hells yeah, those were the days. I remember picking this up at Huff N' Puff' ( formally Texas Tapes and Records)

  9. yeah dead horse at the axiom,.,.,between houston downtown, and second ward,.,.,.,.,. nice place to jam,.,.,.,.., i remember a guy with a big beard who used to be the lightman in the axioms bar,.,.,. fuck!!!! long time ago,.,.,..,.,.,

  10. I loved these guys in the early 90's and I just found out the drummer's daughter is my son's gymnastic instructor.

  11. They had the best flyers, I used to get them in the mail every time they played Joe's Garage in Fort Worth or any of the other venues in the Fort Worth Dallas area.

  12. I miss the day in Houston when dead horse was playing the vatican and Axiom. I lived in NYC for the last 16 years and brought my old tapes up there and got people liking dead horse in the East Village. lol

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