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Dayton Ohio Survival Gear — Omega Survival Supply

Dayton Ohio Survival Gear — Omega Survival Supply

today I'd like to try to dispel a few misconceptions about Preppers it's a term that I don't really care for because it kind of connotes that crazy guy down the street or holding the sign or cradling his bourbon and his firearms and his in his bunker but you know that's not how it is and since I've opened the store it's kind of unfortunate for me because everybody who comes down here or they're policed or fire they're your tradesmen they're just normal everyday people that term prepper I think has a negative connotation I don't really like it but it you still need to prepare in my opinion and that's what this little presentation is about so you know our parents our grandparents their parents weren't crazy for having food stored that's how life was done in the past you know everyone had food stored you know for the winter more than they needed in case next summer's crops failed or what have you you know disaster and things like this is a common thing in life that's happened since the beginning of time you know that said if you ask ten people you're gonna get ten different answers as to why they're preparing and everybody's philosophy and reasons are fine and they're gonna range from anywhere from something as commonplace as a hurricane or a winter power outage to something serious like an economic collapse or you know a meteor strike or what have you I don't judge people you can be preparing for whatever eventualities you feel as important as a threat to you and your family's security so whatever your particular reason for preparing happens to be manure history a little ways to discover that there are plenty of natural disasters as well as man-made follies which can cause at least temporary disruptions in the food or water supply I mean just in in Toledo here not too long ago the five hundred thousand people out of water for over a week because of the algae bloom and a simple water filtration system would have taken care of that there are things that happen regularly and when they're localized you know that's fine because it's temporary and without getting too gloomy and doomy on you you know we can all imagine what might happen if there was a nationwide issue that overwhelmed look local municipalities ability to cope with that that problem and produce goods or move goods as necessary I mean this there are no store rooms and grocery stores anymore what you see on the shelves is what they have and what they have would be gone very quickly if there was a mad dash to stock up on supplies I've heard people say that stores have three days of food on the shelves I'm not sure I really believe that I've seen power outages here locally before where shelves have been emptied in 24 hours of specific types of supplies water mainly and that type of thing I mean you can imagine what would happen if there was a nationwide crisis where each municipality is dealing with their own problems and hence they're not going to be able to send out that support from a warehouse because every everyone wants it at the same time or even something that's not completely nationwide but even larger than just a few local municipalities in one state or one area when you think about something like Katrina where there's hundreds and thousands of people stranded and a terrible situation the irony to me is that they're surrounded by water and if they just had a simple 20 dollar product like a life straw they would have been less stressed they would have been hydrated they could have been able to think clearly on their you know four days on in instead of being in a life-threatening situation where they're forced to flee their homes or what have you so just a couple of bottles of water back even they they would have been much better off so just these little little things that can make a huge difference if you're going to be a strong member of society and you have the ability in the finances there's no reason why we shouldn't each one of us being you know shouldering the responsibility to make sure that we have life's essentials for us and for our family should a disaster occur the most important resource to secure which is drinking water we can do this through filtration using a simple portable filter like a live straw or we can go to a larger more substantial family water filtering your unit like the big perky's which maybe you've heard of so there's lots of ways we can do drinking water and there's plenty of resources on the internet and YouTube is a good place if you can sift through some of the garbage that's out there and then find some people who know what they're talking about and and they're actually doing experiments with these things to learn how to make your own water filters so a lot you know a lot of this stuff you don't need to buy from somebody like me or buy a commercially produced product there are a lot things that you can make DC motors for power generation you can make your own water filters I do a lot of my shopping for preparedness at the dollar store you know so there's lots of different ways that you can get from A to Z next on the list is food of course and I've had numerous people tell me that it's too expensive to prepare food supplies but that doesn't have to be true just like with the water filtration and the rest of these things there's other are other ways to do it you know just 10 or 20 dollars extra a month spent on the canned or boxed goods that you eat normally every week within a couple of months time you can have two or three or four weeks of food supply that you wouldn't have normally had of things that you rotate through because you're eating them normally anyhow if you want to get more economical about it you can buy 40-pound bags of rice for $20 and put those away in five-gallon buckets with mylar bags we can show you how to do that down here again you can go to youtube or the internet and find a good resource and figure out how to do that yourself I'll be glad to advise you about it so there's lots of ways that you can secure clean water secure a food source without having to break the bank so the the 25 year shelf-life food from you can get from a variety of different companies it tastes good it is a little on the expensive side sometimes but it tastes good it's easy to make you know and with the price surges that we see in food and commodities it could actually be better than putting your money into the stock market five ten years down the road the food is going to taste as good as it does today and that food who knows what could happen with it especially if there was a natural disaster which could interrupt crop supply the last thing that I'd like to touch on is a little bit of Defense things were to get crazy all the people who thought that it was a waste of time to prepare they're gonna be out in force trying to take up all the supplies to get you gather and secure the resources that they didn't secure ahead of time so unfortunately you're gonna have to think about how to defend your supplies not to mention your loved ones so if you're against firearms they're products like pepper spray that can fog an entire hallway a doorway there's tasers and stun guns there's self-defense courses but the point is that we've got a considered offense as part of being prepared I truly want every American prepared hi because when we're prepared you know we're going to be able to do the right thing when the time comes if somebody's behold if we're beholding to somebody and they're holding fooding in front of us you know and our kids are starving odds are we're gonna do whatever they say whether that's you know stand in line as simple as that or buy once you give me your firearms there I'll give you a little bit of food and you know you're gonna do it if you don't have food so you know not only that but it just makes sense to have things back if it's something as simple as a power outage you're going to be more comfortable you're gonna feel good about yourself because you had it taken care of and you don't have to rely on anybody else so thanks for listening good luck you

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