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you hello love bugs so today's Valentine's Day so happy Valentine's Day for those of you who celebrated me I'm spending it alone clearly because my husband is actually on the other side of the world so today I'm just going to be trying to find something to do to keep busy I'm dressed I'll put on my workout clothes and hopes of making it to the gym I haven't been in like two weeks so I decided to try to be proactive today I'm gonna head right now to get something to eat and then I'm gonna head to Starbucks to study for a little bit which reminds me I have to make sure I grab my book for those of you don't know I just graduated with my bachelor's of Science in Nursing and I am studying for my licensing exam and basically once you complete your degree you're not eligible to work as a nurse as of yet you have to take an exam to verify that you will you practice in as a safe nurse and that you have critical thinking skills and you're able to navigate through situations that are unfamiliar but yes so I'm gonna finish getting ready and then I'm going to be heading out the door so I'll see you guys in a little bit so I just put some air into my tires I don't know if it's because the weather changes and it changes the pressure I don't know if that's the reason or if I actually have a nail in my tire by the way I'm try to put an air in my tires like I feel like I do it every month so eventually I'm going to have to go to a tire shop so they can check out what's going on who wants to have to worry about that not me as I mentioned in a previous video I actually made a vision board this year it was my first vision board the Sun is beaming and on the vision board I'll do a videos it show you guys everything that's on it but one of my goals is to make more videos and I'm following through with that goal so far I just have to keep it up consistency is the issue of minds but I'm working on it we're gonna get there we're definitely gonna get there I mean it's a Starbucks but there's actually no parking spots well their parking spots but not where I want to park having to be eaten breakfast yet and what time is it my boy maybe get my life together anyway I'll see you guys inside hey y'all leaving Starbucks right now I'm debating whether I still want to go to this dinner if I'm being honest I don't want to go but at the same time I probably should phenomena run grab something to eat so this is how I spent my Valentines Day I didn't even get a chance to show you guys what I got for Valentine's I actually just insert a clip over here I was awakened this morning with a knock on my door and it was a delivery it was an awesome surprise honestly forgot that Valentine's Day was actually coming not sure why right now I'm at McDonald's not really hungry but I know I should probably eat something want to up this light off you guys I still see me oh yeah you probably shouldn't eat McDonald's and then go so I'm gonna get McDonald's because I don't feel like getting off the car because outside they should have a drive-through healthy rush I know the person behind me is probably like what is she doing why does she have a camera I know thank you whenever I come to McDonald's I always like to get fresh fries because if they're not fresh I'm gonna eat them I always got to remember to ask which I didn't I still had to get gas which I probably should have done let me get in this house and I'll check you guys later hey y'all my Christmas tree is still up judge me I don't care look what we watching oh alright guys I just wanted to come back in the clothes this vlog outfit today thank you guys so much for watching if you haven't subscribed yet why not is always room for one more on the posh band on saying hit that thumbs up leave me a comment show me some love and I'll see you in the next vlog later mmm

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  1. Ugggh leave McDonald's alone..lmao I feel u on the healthy drive thru restaurant..I love Rally's fries…when is ma niece or nephew coming 😁 POSH FAM STAND UP❣️

  2. Happy Valentine's Day be u looking good and congrats on getting ya bachelor's love❣️ u did that boo..been missing u, I have meaning to text you butI wasn't sure if you had the same number plus there's been a lot going on from my mother being in the hospital and my grandmother passing and other shyt. But it's life and I'm coping day by day. But I'm glad to see you're back love💕

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