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Day Camp – The Dutch Army Tent

Day Camp – The Dutch Army Tent

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  1. Hi, I used to be in the Dutch army, I think the guideline-things are like that because you can zip these tents together. Not sure, because we almost never used the tents because of the weight (airmobile brigade, so we had to carry everything).

  2. Nice vid, thanks mate.  But I won't be rushing out to buy one of those tents.  I wd say that most of my camping experiences have been in the shoulder seasons & winter, so I need a top quality tent.  IMV there is NOTHING to beat a proper double-skinned tent with an all round flysheet (also, with an all round flysheet, you can cook in the porch in foul weather).  But the forces need a tent that is tough, simple, quick & easy to erect  (and I do like the camo pattern).  I see that driving rain will easily penetrate the point where the three zips meet, if not the rest of the fabric.    What's the weight of the DAT?   I had an old Mk1 Vango, only lasted 37 years, replaced it with a Vango U/L Xenon – amazing,  1.8kg with additional groundsheet.   (And then there's all those American vids about using TARPS – eyes roll!)  Thanks anyway.

  3. Another brilliant video mate! Definitely gave me more to think about mate, I didn’t realise how big it was! I toyed with the idea of one of those stoves as well, saw a video on on them and the guy stood 2 tablets in the little slots in the bottom and it burnt for a lot longer apparently, thinking of going for a crusader cup set myself, but maybe a hexistove would be a good lightweight option, id imagine you can still use sticks and things in it too.
    You’ve got me planning where to go for my first solo camp now haha, there is a place near by which you pay for but is as close as you can get to wild camping that I’m toying with the idea of popping to

  4. Hello Ant I do like the Dutch tent but but have resisted so far , its a lot of weight to carry.
    Good camp though. Atb Joe

  5. Lovely tent, if you can carry them those old canvas tents are great. Looking forward to hearing all about your first solo camp out. Love the music too.

  6. Another great video Ant 🐜. Love the fact that you just want to get out, think you have the bug lol ATB Andy. Hope to see you gain soon mate.

  7. Hi mate, great to see you out again. I am so relieved that you are aware of the zip weakness but a light weight DPM 3X3 tarp would be a good solution and I feel the Dutch tent is a great protection from wind and cold and a great kit if you utilize it well, think I'll try one, really looking forward to your rain test and wishing you all the best. Really nice film again, keep em coming bud. Atb. Harry.

  8. i thought it was barrow bridge at first. Sunday night would be better for your wild camp, kids are at school and the animals come out to play!! 🙂

  9. Decent tent Ant , looking forward to seeing it used on an overnighter . I guess its not in the ultra light bracket lol bring on the solo wild camp atb Dave…

  10. Nice one Ant, A penny stove would fit inside that esbit thing a treat, or one of those emergency meths burners

  11. I feel that little stove would br a good sort of “second” thing to boil ya brew if ya just stopping for a bit or while ya foods on the go

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